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a woman in a white dress, a leather blazer, carrying a train case and a fur muff

It’s summer and it’s the season of vacation. I know right know there are a ton of tips and tricks, and people who can tell you how to pack light. And show you all the cubbies and packing systems that they have. I am sure that those are all great tips. If you’re looking for that, this isn’t it. Of all people, I am not the one to tell you to pack light- I can’t even leave the house for the day without an extra set of shoes. Actually, I think adding an extra outfit- and pjs and underlings is always for the best! JIC! While I do have a system for me, I don’t know that it would translate to anything resembling advice.

What I can offer? Ideas for your bag that will make you feel chic- even on the days when you’re ready to come home!

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Vintage Luggage
Ok. A lot of vintage luggage doesn’t have wheels.But, so much of it is well made, and roomy. And a bit chic! I personally am partial to a great train case- they are perfect for your toiletries and small items (and count as a personal item on planes!). While these may be best for road trips, I have never regretted vintage luggage. And if they fit all my shoes I am sure that they can fit all of your things!

One and Done Outfits
a woman in a black strapless jumpsuit

I shared on Monday that I bought this jumpsuit for travel (and beyond). As with anything, when I plan what I wear to travel I want something chic that’s also comfortable- and this jumpsuit is it! It can be dressed up or down and could go from beach to dinner!

Get your own here

And speaking of one and done- I am also a fan of packing things that can be styled in oh-so-many ways.Not just talking about with different shoes or tops or whatnot- but outfits that can be completely new and different depending on how you wear them. For example? A smocked skirt! I got this one recently and have worn it as a dress- for poolside and beyond. But it also looks great as a skirt! With tees or button downs, crops or long sleeves! Change out the shoes and it’s new each time!

a woman in a smocked skirt worn as a dress with flip flops
a woman in a smocked skirt with a long sleeve white tee and kitten heels
Shop some of my smocked options here

Stock Up on Travel Size
a close up of mini SuperGoop SPF and snake sandals
This seems like a given- but I can’t tell you how many people I know from family to friends that have a separate stash of travel toiletries and products that they use on trips. Most of the the things you love to use? They come in mini sizes. If not, the one “travel tip” I do while heartedly approve of is buying a set of mini bottles to fill with your go-to products!

What are some of your travel tips? How do you travel in style? I am open to anything other than leaving a pair of shoes at home! XO RA

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