What Color Shoes Do I Wear?

I love shoes, LOVE them. And one of the things I love about them is the power they have to make an outfit pop. I don’t believe your shoes have to match your outfit exactly, they can make a great statement, but let’s be honest–some colors go better together than others. In fact, the question I get asked most often is what shoes should I wear with this color?

Now, these are not hard and fast guidelines, the best bet is always to try and see. Remember in theory shoes should be darker than your hemline (there are exceptions!), and factors such as hem-length, how thick the shoes are, etc will affect the look. But here are my thoughts!


Black Hem: I actually think this option gives you the most freedom! Even nudes can work – although that is something to test, but I love black with prints (like leopard), bright colors (red) and you can’t go wrong with black!

Be cautious of : pastels. If the dress/skirt/shorts are on the shorter side a pastel shoe might work but in most cases black looks better with a brighter shade


White Hem: You still have a surprising amount of freedom with white-you can do a print or a color, white, or a neutral.

Be cautious: Sometimes black or bright shoes can overwhelm white. They can be a great statement, but make sure to check the look as a whole!


Blue: I have a friend who asks me about this combo often! I think blue looks best with a neutral print, or a neutral/nude shoe

Be Cautious: Unless you’re a bridesmaid matching blue shoes to your outfit can be overwhelming (I’ve seen it work but you need to check it). Black shoes can also work–again just check the look as a whole


Nude Hem:  This looks best with a nude, neutral or neutral print

Be Cautious: Of going too dark with your shoes. There’s nothing sexier than nude shoes making your legs look longer–make sure you don’t break up the line!

Red Hem: Usually looks best with Black. Anything Else can be tricky.

Printed Hem: Safest bet is to go with the darkest/most prominent color in the pattern. Nude and blacks are also a good bet!


I’d love to know–what are some of your fave shoe combos? Are there any colors you have issues matching shoes to?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA

Some similar shoes I love:
Caged Nude Schutz
JCrew Brown Mules
Valentino Rockstud
Great Leopard Print

9 to 5


It’s been ages since I’ve worked in an office. However, I love a good suit! I know, not something that I have a great need for in my life–but I just can’t resist the clean lines, pinstripes, blazers, vests, pants, skirts–and dresses. This Jcrew number is a God-send to me therefore–just enough of a suit feel (little pinstripes) but fun enough (flirty pleats) for me to dress for meetings, lunches, and whatever the day brings.

Happy Friday! xo RA


Dress: Jcrew
Shoes: Alexander Wang, last seen here

All Palm-ed Up


And everywhere to go!

This summer everywhere I look I see Palm print–and I get it! It’s fresh, it speaks to the season, and can make even the dreary weather we’ve been having in La seem bearable. This skirt is JCrew from two years ago–but it fits right in with the current trend, which proves great shopping is always an investment (at least that’s my theory!)

Hope you’re managing to stay cool! XO RA

Some of my favorite Palm Prints out there:
this bikini
this jumpsuit
this jumpsuit
this apron
this set
and this dark take (that’s on sale!)

Racing Stripes


Sometimes you buy something on a whim and it becomes an instant favorite. I actually found this dress on a Facebook ad– but when I looked it up, I was immediately charmed by the sweet stripes, comfy linen, and pockets! It looks great with heels, flats and wedges–in short I can’t wait to wear it again!

Happy Monday! XO RA


Dress: Oliver Grace

It’s a Short Thing


You may remember this denim jumpsuit that I’ve absolutely loved. So much so, in fact, that I made it my mission to find a short version for summer. And, good news, mission accomplished! This Jcrew version has seen me through BBQs, road trips, brunch, sandals, flats, sneakers (yes), and fancy wedges. It may be my fave summer workhorse!

Happy Friday! xo RA


Romper: Jcrew
Shoes: Tibi and on sale!
Purse: old

Are Jean Skirts A Thing We’re Doing?



They’re a thing we’re doing.

The  withsaying goes that everything comes back into style (a good reason to hang onto investment pieces if I ever heard one)–and whoever started this saying is a genius. As a kid, I vividly remember jean skirts being a thing. My mom remembers jean skirts being so in in the 70s. And now? We’re back at jean skirts. The secret to their staying power? Just like jeans they can be whatever you need them to be–dressed up, dressed down, long, short, distressed, classic. I’m loving mine with heels or boots–but have also been known to throw on a sweater and flats with one for errands.

I’d love to know–are you embracing this trend?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA


Skirts: Distressed Zara, old similar here, Current Elliott
Also love this one and this one
Shirts: Alice and Olivia and Rachel Pally, both old
Heels: LK Bennett, old, similar here
Flats: Rag and Bone

Architectural Detail





There’s something about a piece that has such structural detail, it can be beautiful in its own right- and paired correctly they can make you feel so incredibly special. This skirt is the heaviest thing I own- and needs no help to stand out; making it perfect for everything from formal events to casual events where your presence needs to be felt. And the shoes! I cannot count the number of compliments I’ve gotten- or tell you how I’ve worn them for a week straight (with everything) – and that the only thing better than this wedge might be the heel version!

Hope that the Monday after your holiday wasn’t brutal- or that you got something special to wear to help you through the day! XO RA

Shoes: wedge, heel, and flat version Schutz
Skirt: Eddy Anemian for H&M try eBay
Shirt: Target

Causal Friday


Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned. Sometimes your clothes wrinkle no matter how much you iron them. Sometimes your hair decides to take hours to dry. But it’s Friday, and it’s gorgeous, and I found it hard to complain when I could sit in the sun, let my hair air-dry. And then there are these fabulous shoes. So sometimes things not going the way you planned still work out. I hope everything goes your way today, and your shoes make you feel amazing!

Happy Friday! XO RA


Shirt: HM, old similar here
Jeans:Citizens, old, similar here
Shoes:Clover Canyon