Over night it’s summer. It’s hot. It’s sunny. Which aren’t necessarily bad things. It’s just that sometimes you’re hot, and running late–and the thought of putting on make-up and thinking out an outfit seem too much. The only thing to do? Keep easy basics like these on hand; the outfit requires zero effort and delivers maximum impact–all while keeping the chic minimalist vibe.

Hope you’re staying cool and your summer is off to a chic start! xo RA


Sleeveless Jacket:Zara on sale! I’ve been wearing it with everything–jeans, sundresses-it’s great!
Jeans: Zara, old, similar here
Top: Camisole from Target
Shoes: Emerson Fry

Star Power


Every post I tell you I’m in love with some thing–but internet friends, it’s true. This dress. Can I tell you how long I’ve wanted this dress? It’s DVF, a season old and I’ve been in love with it from afar for what feels like forever. We’ve all been there–something comes out and it’s either too expensive at the time or our size sells out–for whatever reason it cannot be ours at the time. There are solutions though! I’m a vintage shopper so I have no qualms about “recycled” clothes–and lately I can’t tell you how much I’ve been loving sites like Tradesy and The Real Real. It’s consignment shopping–so people are reselling their design wear, it has to be up to the site standards, but it’s a way to find steals from seasons past–often you can find items with price tags still on.  Both of these sites have return policies so if you do buy something and you don’t love it, you can return it. I can’t tell you the deals I’ve found on both of these sites–I can’t recommend them enough.

What are your thoughts on consignment shopping?

Happy Friday! Wishing you great deals and great shoes! xo RA

Dress at Tradesy

Shoes: Brian Atwood, old, similar here

Also the crown braid I’ve been rocking all week? It’s thanks to Nicolette at Drybar Beverly Hills–she’s amazing. Her Instagram is @NICOLETTEJK_ if you want hair inspiration!

Are Monograms a Thing We’re Doing?

Yes, it’s a thing we’re doing.


I’m a Southern woman–there is no answer, but of course they’re a thing we’re doing! I know some people don’t care for them –but I love a good monogram. I think it can personalize any item; and there are so many options out there you can find elegant and classy items–and literally put your name on them. I’m from a place where we monogram towels and pillow cases (yes, I have both) and love anything with my initials on it–as a child I was obsessed with the show “Laverne and Shirley”, and am still searching for the perfect monogram sweater!  Above are some of my recent fave monogrammed items. Let me know what you think! Do you like monograms?

Happy Wednesday! xo RA


Shirt: Dresshirt I’m completely in love with mine and have worn it with everything.
Skirt:L’Agence old
Night Shirt and Hat: Mark and Graham
Jewelry: Vintage pin, Max and Chloe
Other initial jewelry I love LuluFrost

Hidden Gem


I really don’t think the pics here do it justice–but ya’ll this dress. I wore it the other day to an event at Saks and got literally 100s of compliments–even salespeople wanted to know where I got it, if it was Chloe and some even if they could grab a pic of it. Flattered? Of course. And the best part–this is an H&M dress. Yes, the embroidery is beautiful, it’s a soft cotton, and it flows amazing–and it was less than $100 at H&M. There are hidden gems to be found at every “fast” fashion store. The secret to finding them? You have to look thoroughly–be it in person (not just the front of the store) or online (not just the front page). You have to pay attention to material, cotton count, etc. And you have to be consistent–most of the “fast” stores don’t have set days for new clothes and the inventory can change every week–so you may have to glimpse through more occasionally (and that’s only if you’re shopping regularly, don’t need something don’t look–just don’t cross it off your list to peruse!) . Does this sound like work? I guess so–but the pay off is you can get lucky and find hidden gems like this one!

I’d love to know–what are your “fast fashion” secrets and big steals?

Wishing us all a Happy Monday! xo RA

Dress: sold out online, was told it might be in some stores still.

I do love this one and this one
Shoes: Rag&Bone

Summer Black


Who says that black has to be left to the winter months? Yes, you have to watch material choice. Yes, you have to make it summer-y with your shoes. But black? I can’t find a time where it doesn’t work. And this romper is no exception–it moves and breathes well, and yet made me feel pulled together. So summer black? Yes, please.

Happy Friday! xo RA


Romper: Zara, old, similar here
Shoes: Banana Republic

Pattern Play


Summer isn’t coming easy in LA. We have days full of June Gloom (overcast), days where it tries to rain, and days where it’s already unbearably hot. Sometimes these days happen within the same 24hr period. The only thing that’s getting me through? Having fun combining these patterns. The coat is perfect for Spring/Summer–and gives such a great option to a jean jacket–it also is almost a neutral. I love the subtle bug pattern on the shirt, it’s just fun. And together–I have outfits for days. Even when the day involves crazy temps!

Happy Wednesday! xoRA


One: Jeans (Madewell) Jacket (Nordstroms and on sale!) Shoes (Valentino) Tank from Target
Two: Jeans (7forallMankind) Shirt (Equipment) Same Jacket, Old Nine West Heels
Three: Same Shirt, Old Zara Skirt, Shoes (Soludos)

New Favorite


If you follow me on Instagram (@racheladelicia), you might remember this dress from a week or so ago. I wore it to an art class, and since then I’ve worn it to an impromptu cocktail party, a brunch, and a shower for a friend. Anytime I find something that can be so versatile (heels, sandals, wedges) and be worn to so many events, I can’t help but give it a prime spot in my closet rotation! I was a little worried that the pattern would make it stand out–but it’s managed to get compliments each time, and still feel like a fresh outfit. Until my next purchase, it’s my new fave!

Hope you’re having a great Monday! xo RA

Dress: sold out, similar and on sale here
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent, old, similar here

A Cut Above



I couldn’t help but fall in love with this Mara Hoffman dress. It is so ladylike–but the cutouts give it just a little edge! The linen is perfect for summer and even on a hot day kept its shape! I added one of my grandma’s vintage hats, and a steal of a pair of shoes!

Hope your weekend is amazing! xo RA


Dress: Mara Hoffman, also love this one
Shoes: H&M

DYI: Painted Jeans


Everywhere you look recently there are painted and embellished jeans or cargos for your wearing pleasure. Jcrew has these , JBrand and Siwy had style for years, and I recently fell in love with these from Preserve. Then I looked at the price and realized that I could easily do this myself, for a fraction of the cost.

Fair Warning: I am not crafty, if you are and like to plan and test paint, etc, my method may drive you crazy. I’m more of a “decide to craft and wing it” person–and yes, this does mean there are unfinished projects here (sidebar, if anyone wants to finish the t-shirt quilt I started from old college shirts the project is all yours). But back to jeans. I know I’m not the most artistic, but looking at the pictures on Preserve I thought I could make due with pain splatters and “flowers”. I ordered Vintage Levis from Etsy, I already had paint and brushes, and this took about an hour of painting time and 8 hrs each side of drying time.image

I decided on a color palette (gold and navy) and just began to get paint on the jean. I knew kind of where I wanted my “Flowers” so I sketched out those, then just added as I went along. I added paint splatters, and once I liked the front I let it dry. I decided that I only wanted one big flower on the back–so that was easy.




All in all I think the painting took less than an hour and the drying took about overnight for each side. I’ve loved wearing them–and have gotten so many compliments!



Hope this inspires you to do a pair–we can wear them together! xo RA


Jeans: Etsy
Shoes: Brian Atwood, old, similar here
Shirt: Jcrew

Sexy Overalls


I don’t think it’s any secret that I love overalls–they easily pull an outfit together, are super comfy, and if you find the right ones super flattering and sexy! I love the little flares on these-I’ve worn them with heels and flats and it looks great with both. They come up just high enough on the sides that I can get away with just wearing a bandeau underneath–but I’ve also worn a variety of tops and that looks amazing. Basically what I’m saying is that I haven’t worn these in a way yet that I don’t love–and I feel attractive in them, it’s a win-win!

Frame Overalls