Investment Piece: Disco Baby
Investment Piece: #discobaby
Investment Piece: #DiscoBaby
Investment Piece: #discobaby
Investment Piece: #disobaby

The thing about a classic? It can be anything. One of the most versatile things you can invest in for your closet is a wrap dress. **

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But back to the disco (baby). Why did I feel like disco? A little bit of Halloween, a little bit of holiday party season coming, and just a little bit of needing to dress up. Sometimes, that’s all it is. The thing about a wrap dress? It can be ALL of those things. Just take this look–you could have been a #discobaby for Halloween, it’s perfect for all those upcoming cocktail parties, or just a fun look on the weekend. Or weeknight. I don’t judge.

And the thing is–the next morning you can throw on sneakers with a wrap dress, you’re good to go. Or boots. I happen to love the hose with sandals look, it’s so chic (and a little disco). And the thing about disco? It doesn’t have to be big or over the top. Disco can be the little details, or metallic accersories, or anything that implies you might be down to dance. I know, I know, disco implies a lot of things. What if we took the meaning of the word back?

This wrap dress is from a few years ago (I love the gold detail, yes, it inspired the disco), but I found you similar ones! I am a firm believer that hose are a thing you should always have on hand, it’s part of my Texan upbringing. And these shoes? My go-to’s. They’re from quite a few seasons ago, but I got your back and have linked similar ones below!

What kind of disco will you be hitting?


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Investment Piece: #discobaby
Off to disco!

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