End of Summer Sales

If there’s one thing I love more than wearing clothes it’s buying new ones! Labor Day weekend brings the traditional end of summer–but it also brings some amazing sales. Check below to see some of my picks!
Happy Shopping!

Asos- 10% off purchase including sale!

Loving this dress and skirt! Shop Asos here.

Shopbop Dog Days of Summer Sale

Find great deals on summer items for next year and transitional items to wear now. I’m eying this Mara Hoffman skirt and these cropped jeans!

Jcrew-30% off order over $125

And as this applies to new fall arrivals you can’t go wrong. I think I need these flats and pink (for fall!) skirt!


Also check out Tibi, Mara Hoffman, Net-A-Porter, and Kate Spade for great deals. What sales are you shopping this weekend?

xo RA



It’s hot. Case in point: my top, even though it had been pressed, wrinkled just by my going outside–so it’s over stated, but yes, hot. And all I want to wear are things that are as cool as possible. This combination is so light the heat is almost bearable, but the classic stripes, and pop of red on the shoes make me feel pulled together–and hot in the non-weather way!

Hope you’re managing to stay cool these last few days of summer! XO RA


Skirt, BCBG, old, similar here
Top: HM, similar here
Purse: Vintage

Jumpsuit Love


I think it’s no secret that I have a thing for jumpsuits–who doesn’t when they can be this effortless and chic? Even more difficult is resisting this Mara Hoffman number–it’s linen so you stay cool, yet the embroidered stripes keep it from being anything but simple. I think it’s safe to say it’s love!

Hope you have a great start to the week! XO RA


Jumpsuit:Mara Hoffman
Shoes: Schutz
Purse:Clare V.

Sunday Chronicles: Ready for Football


Fall is coming and I love it for many reasons–the cooler weather, the holidays, and football. You may have caught on that I’m a big football fan, I was raised on it and come from a long line of men and women who love football and have made watching it an almost religious experience. However, there are times when being a female football fan isn’t easy.

Even if you’re not a football fan you can’t help but notice that both the NFL and the College system have issues with domestic abuse, rape, and the handling of the men who commit these crimes. Being a female who believes that there is no excuse for this behavior and someone who is a huge fan of the sport it often leaves me in a difficult position. I don’t have answers. I’m a Cowboys fan and I hate that we signed Greg Hardy. Jerry Jones wouldn’t take my calls about that issue. Recently in my college team’s conference a young man with a known history of violence transferred to a school where he subsequently raped a young woman–I believe the coach and school should be held accountable. But I love the sport. As much I want the men who commit crimes off the field–I love watching the game. It is a hard line to balance that I sometimes struggle with–and again I don’t know that I handle well. My thoughts below are not meant to diminish the seriousness of the issues with women in the NFL or a sign that I ignore them. I simply don’t have the words. here are articles about the situation if you care to read.
Now to things I can speak to.
I mentioned in piece that not only am I a football fan but that I think that we’re all complicated and no interest makes you dumb. Not only does this mantra apply to fashion but to football. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is as a woman to tell people you love football and have people assume that you’re saying that to be attractive to a guy (not true). Or that you really don’t know what you’re talking about–ask me my opinion on the 4-3 defense. Or that you use football as social time–ask me questions or try to have a deep conversation during a game and see how well that works for you. Or that most of the gear for women involves sequins and pink–yes, NFL I’m looking at you, and yes it’s getting better, but I’m a fan, not a Barbie. So yes, I am passionate about it. But that doesn’t mean I will shove it down your throats (I swear, even though I’m so excited for this season!)

I can tell you that if you want football rantings following me on twitter @adeliciamorris is a place to get them. And that every Friday my college team (TCU) has “Go Purple Friday” and every Friday on my instagram I will be sharing my purple. Most of the time it looks like this:
as I sometimes interpret the day as “wear amazing purple shoes day”!
I do hope that if you celebrate the season or not that the following weeks go your way (unless you’re rooting against my teams) and again I promise not to make this page football central.

Hope this week brings amazing beginnings and even better shoes! XO RA


Summer Swan Song


I’ve been so focused on fall coming that I’ve completely ignored that summer is ending! Ok, not really-the heat is a big clue, but it’s been so easy to think about cooler weather and football (and is it me or does school start super early now?!?!?) that I’ve been pushing aside my sundresses in the hopes of fall wear. Not this weekend–I plan on enjoying the last of summer with swimsuits, sundresses, flip flops and shorts– in all their glory. What are you doing for the weekend?

Happy Friday! XO RA


Dress: H&M, old, similar here, here, here, and here
Worn with an old Ralph Lauren Bikini top and Mark and Graham hat

Fall Florals



Not all florals are sweet, summery, and pastel. Just in time for fall dark, broody, romantic florals are showing up in stores–and I love them! They’re both sexy and feminine with a smidge  of mystery. Shop below for some of my favorite ones!

Happy Wednesday! XO RA


Dress: Clover Canyon, sold out,might be on eBay
Shoes: Louboutin

My Fave Fall Florals:
Adrianna Papell
Ted Baker
and I’d be remiss not to share:
this dreamy Valentino

Fashion Math



It may come as no surprise to you that I love planning outfits-thinking what goes with what, keeping things for special occasions, planning days in advance. However–life happens, outfits don’t work, I get tired–and when that happens I like to have “go to”s that I know will work. Call them security blankets, call them safety nets–call them great outfits. Any jean, any button down, any shoe (seriously-heel, sandal, wedge)= magic. Any tee, any skirt, any heel= you will kill it. These combos save me and leave me feeling pulled together no matter what! I’d love to know–what are your “go to”s?


Happy Monday! XO RA


Tee: Clearly well loved vintage, also love this one
Pencil skirt: Zara
Shoes: Louboutin, old, similar here
Jeans: Jcrew
Shirt: Dresshirt

Fall Feelings


Did I mention I’m of the “if we build it, it will come” mentality when it comes to fall? Well, I am. And this week has me longing for cooler temps–and all of the fashion that comes with them. It did rain by my mom so I was inspired to put on this fall(ish) dress and booties. Because if we wear outfits like this enough, it will change to fall. Right?

Happy Friday! XO RA


Dress: Trade-Mark and on sale!
Booties: Jerome C Rousseau
Lipstick:Tom Ford

Fall Trends: Is Fringe a Thing We’re Doing?



It’s a thing we’re doing.

I know, it’s hot and the last thing on your mind is what to wear this fall–you’re trying to get through today! However, fall is fast approaching, and I’m of the “if we build it, it will come” school of thought–so maybe if we all concentrate on fall trends it will get cooler? If nothing else we will be prepared!

Fringe has been on and off the shelves for the past few seasons, but take a look in any magazine or on any fall runway–this is the season to truly rock it. And here’s the thing–Fringe is fun and easy! It’s an instant statement piece, provides movement,  and most importantly is fun! This skirt I got on Etsy last season, the bags are vintage, and I plan on buying these Sam Edelman stunners. Shop below for some of my fave fringe picks!

And I’d love to know–are you planning on rocking this trend?
Happy Wednesday!

Shopping Picks:
this one, this one, and this one this one and Etsy is a great place!
this one, this one, and love this one
I swoon for these Paul Andrew boots, another short boot,and love these sandals


Dog Days



We’re smack in the dog days of summer–I’m dreaming of fall clothes, but ya’ll it’s hot. Which can make outfit planning difficult, to say the least. To try and satisfy my longing for cooler weather, and the reality of the blazing heat I’ve been living in outfits like this–shorts and some sort of a jacket (preferably short sleeved) worn as a shirt. I love that it feels just so slightly safari (without the commitment to green and utility) and allows me to feel pulled together and chic–and most importantly, it lets me (somewhat) keep my cool.

Happy Monday! XO RA


Coat (worn as a shirt): Alice and Olivia
Shorts: Zara, old, similar here
Shoes: Schutz