Being Cool

Investment Piece: Being Cool
Investment Piece: Being Cool
Investment Piece: Being Cool

What’s your definition of being cool?

I feel like so much of my life has been spent trying to be cool. From following trends (we moved my freshman year of high school and I read that knee socks were in, I wore them to my first day with this inspired outfit. I was the ONLY one at my school remotely dressed like that. Which was one way to make an impression) to trying not to care too much, or at least show it (when the truth is usually that if I care, I care a lot). But what is cool? An outfit? An attitude? A combination?

Investment Piece: Being cool

This graphic tee (Which I like to think is cool) is all about the iconic picture of Faye Dunaway the morning after winning her Oscar. For years, I’ve thought this was the epitome of cool. The caftan. The pool. The uncaring. (I’m sure there’s a whole another essay/book about why not caring is seen as cool and why we should change that, this isn’t that essay, but I do love this shirt. And I would read it if you know of it!)

I’ve wanted to be an actress like Faye since I was a little girl (maybe that’s when my definition of cool started). Yes, I would like to think that I’m cool- and mysterious- but the older I get the more I think that being cool isn’t something that you can try your way into. I’m a bit sensitive, awkward, passionate, and I like to think that all makes me cool. I am no longer aiming for being completely on trend (I wear what I love and what makes me feel powerful) and instead of going for a “non-caring” attitude, I aim more for effortless.

Maybe that’s what Faye had. Effortless-ness. She just was herself and everything flowed from there. Or at least, that’s my hope- that being effortless (or cool) comes from just being myself.

Investment Piece: Being Cool
Investment Piece: Being Cool

In a completely cheeky way I will also tell you that wearing shorts helps you stay cool- but thinking twice about that, it doesn’t sound as cool as it did in my head. One of the traps of coolness?

(This is where I’m praying my sarcasm lands and is cool!)

I’ve linked these exact shorts and top for you! The shoes are vintage Gucci but I’ve found similar!

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Investment Piece: Being Cool

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