Cat Got Your Tongue?

Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue?
Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue
Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue
Investment Piece: Cat Got YOur Tongue

Is a neutral
Is the new date night
Is found everywhere
Is my new favorite.
Is tongue- catching.

Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue

This dress is a little bit of everything I love. Comfy- stretchy, and there’s even a thumb hole for you to wear it all the way down your arms! Sexy- it makes me feel good, and enhances my curves in all the right ways. Leopard is thought of a bombshell look, but I’ve found it to be just as perfect on the couch! More than I thought it could be, this dress makes me tongue-tied in just how easily it fits into my life.

Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue

Happy Feburary! The shortest month of the year, often the coldest month of the year, Black History Month, and the month of love. I don’t know about you, but since the middle of January I’ve been getting emails about Valentine’s Day-sales, gifts, date night ideas, and outfit suggestions. (I’ve made my feelings on Valentine’s Day made known here).

This year, there’s a great chance that Valentine’s (like so many other things) will look and be different than in years before. Which may be great! Without the pressure of going out, maybe you and your loves can do something really personal and really special. (I am aware that there’s a chance you may not be able to be with your loves-both platonic and romantic- this year, for many reasons. If it’s a hard time, I’m hoping it lands gently for you, and that you get to do something for you.) Usually, outfit suggestions for Valentine’s can range from pink to red to hearts to sweet. I have a daring suggestion: leopard.

Especially leopard that’s comfy. Especially leopard that fits.

Hopefully this leopard catches someone’s tongue 😉

I’ve linked this dress for your shopping pleasure below!

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Investment Piece: Cat Got Your Tongue

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