Not Getting The Memo

Investment Piece: Not getting the memo
Investment Piece: Not Getting the Memo
Investment Piece: Not Getting the Memo
Investment Piece: Not getting the memo
Investment Piece: Not getting the memo
Investment Piece: Not Getting the Memo

I’m ready for fall weather- that crispness in the air that makes things feel new, not being comfy without a sweater, and everything that goes with it. The weather? It’s not really getting the memo. We’ve had a few days of “cooler” temps, but then we’ve gone right back to days with temps in the 90s.

However. There have been fall mornings. Early, there’s moments where it’s cool, and just a little foggy, and you can feel the fall in the air. I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier to soak these moments in, shoot looks, and wear all the sweaters I can before the temps go up. This practice has been both invigorating, and a little surreal. These fall moments in the morning seem to be in totally different days from the afternoons with scorching temps and where I can barely be bothered to wear sleeves.
But, these fall mornings do have one meaning- the memo is getting delivered and change is coming.

This is where I wish I had something profound to offer about patience. About letting go. About change and timing and all the things that fall can symbolize. I don’t. I’m not a very patient person, can have a hard time letting go, can resist change (even if I want it), and can struggle trusting timing. If anything, I understand days that want to be both summer and fall, I can be that way, too.
What I am focusing on is the good that I believe is coming (even if it’s just great outfits). The hints of change in the mornings can be full of promise, and maybe waiting a few weeks to get to wear all the sweaters isn’t the worst thing (it gives us one last chance to wear sundresses if nothing else).

So. While I’m waiting for the weather to get the memo, I’m working on my own issues. And I’m trying to hurry change by layering turtlenecks under everything, and wearing loafers with attitude.

How are you handling these days of both summer and fall weather?

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