Ruffles and Stripes

Investment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes
Investment Piece: Ruffles and StripesInvestment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes
Investment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes
Investment Piece: Ruffles and STripes
Investment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes

I’m not one for things that are too sweet; that includes desserts and fashion. Bows don’t do much for me, embellishments have to be just right, and I usually am picky about ruffles. However, some times things come along that are the perfect combination of sweet, classic, and fun, and I can’t resist them. Like this dress! I love the ombré blue stripes. I love the ruffles that aren’t too sweet. I adore the neckline and how low the arm hole is, I even love the bows (or knots) on the shoulder. Perfect for a bbq, wear it with heals for a night out, this dress screams fun and summer. This is the type of sweet I can’t resist.

Ruffles and stripes are such a classic combo, but I love how this dress feels fresh! I couldn’t help pair the white and blue with a pop of red, but it would look just as great with tonal accersories. And if you’re a little shy on top, I think this dress layered with a white tee or tank top would be on point! Don’t forget your straw bag (this one is my mom’s from the 1970s, moral of that story is don’t give anything away), add a hat, and you’re set for the last few weeks of summer!

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Want this exact dress? You’re in luck! Free People just released it and you can find it here (it’s on sale!).
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Investment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes

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