Sea of Lavender

Investment Piece: See of Lavender
Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender
Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender
Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender
Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender

Word on the street is that lavender is trending for fall. Yes, according to the trend reports, we’ll be swimming in a sea of lavender. What I love about this “incoming trend” is that I’m on it. (Yes, this is why cleaning out your closet can be difficult, everything always comes back.) The above dress was one of my favorite pieces from about 5 years ago. I loved the color (lavender), the POCKETS!, the lace details, and the simple elegance of it. I still do.

My theory on why lavender is a trend that we can’t stay away from?
*It’s a pastel, but it’s not overly soft. You can be tough in lavender.
*Lavender works in all seasons (for winter and fall, try colorblocking with wine accents (or red!), or wear the lavender in knits).
*It’s soothing. Maybe all the thoughts about color therapy aren’t true, but allegedly lavender helps boost our moods. I know I always feel better when I like my outfit. And I’m a huge purple (of all shades) fan.
*Lavender is also a statement and a neutral at the same time, making it easy to mix, match or pop in outfits

Another side note- this is not a warm weather dress but with the right shoes (boots) and blazer, it could be. How can you not love a piece like that?

Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender

Another theory about things that come back? Sometimes, they never left. Once I got this dress, I never stopped wearing it (not to get on a soap box here, but that’s the power of buying investment pieces). As you can see here, this lavender number is one of my constant go-to’s. So, is the sea of lavender something that’s coming, or something we’re already swimming in? Does it matter when it looks this good?

Yes, this dress is a Self Portrait number from years ago. However, I’ve linked similar styles and all the lavender you can handle for your shopping pleasure below. What sticks out for you in this sea of lavender?

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Investment Piece: Sea of Lavender

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