Shorts with Heels

Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels
Investment Piece: Heels with Shorts
Investment Piece: Heels with Shorts

I put together this outfit thinking of this one question: Are Shorts with heels a thing we’re doing?

The thing is? Shorts with heels is a thing I do.
Without thinking about it.

Ok, I wear heels with everything (even one time with sweatpants, but that’s a different post), but shorts with heels? A thing I do.

Want the proof? See here, here, here, and here.

So, maybe the question isn’t are shorts with heels a thing we’re doing, but rather are shorts with heels a thing we SHOULD be doing?

Any guess to what my personal answer is?

Investment Piece: shorts with heels
Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels
Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels
Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels

And before we dive deep into this issue, I have to let you know:
Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels
This is not an affiliate link. This is one of my most favorite blouses- I love the print (yes, those are tanks and airplanes) with the silk. It’s from a company you might love Emerson Fry, where I’ve gotten some great pieces (including shoes!!). Check them out!

Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels
But, back to our question about shorts with heels. Clearly, I think they are a thing we’re doing. Do I recommend pairing heels with your favorite cutoffs? Maybe. I would need to see the outfit.

But in general? Yes. Again, I wear heels with most everything, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt, but I see nothing wrong with shorts with heels.

But, again, I believe in “dressy shorts”. Is that a term we’re using? Just like you can make almost anything casual, I am a firm believer you can dress almost anything up. What I think works best? Shorts that may be a little bit longer (long live the Bermuda short), and shorts that are of a crepe or silk blend. Pair with your favorite top. Or a blazer. A pair of heels. You’re good to go for any night on the town.

Though to be fair, I wore this to the grocery store. So, while I may believe in shorts with heels, I don’t believe in limiting your places to go.

There are people who have FEELINGS about not only shorts with heels but dressy shorts. Are you one of them? What’s your hang up with them?

A part of me gets it. I recently re-watched Pretty Woman, and the scene where she’s we wearing a short suit touched me–mainly as I still feel like it’s chic. Totally 80s. But chic. Do you feel the same way?

I’d love to know your thoughts, feelings, and outfits regarding shorts with heels.

In the meantime, I’ve linked similar items to this outfit below. Happy shopping!

Also-I forgive you if you just wear your shorts with sandals.


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Investment Piece: Shorts with Heels

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