The #Blazer

Investment Piece: The #Blazer

Not a trend, because it’s a classic, but a must have for spring is the blazer. From suits to pairing it with everything from jeans to skirts to shorts to over dresses, blazers are an item that can pull you together and make an outfit.

Investment Piece: The Blazer
Investment Piece: The Blazer
Formal outfits? Get cold at the drop of a hat (I do!)? A blazer is the perfect solution. (My tip: buy a white one or a tux inspired one and it makes the outfit even more special.)

Investment Piece: The #Blazer
Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon
Make your own suit by pairing a blazer with pants or skirts or over a dress.

Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers
Investment Piece: The #Blazer
And Blazers look just as great with a more casual outfit.

All cuts, colors, fabrics, and fits: there’s a blazer that’s will perfectly meet your needs. I’m partial to an Amberleaf blazer, but I’ve also linked some Blazers that I love below. And some are up to 25% off at the ShopBop Spring Event!

I would love to know: how do you rock your Blazers?

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Investment Piece: The Blazer

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