All the Drama

Investment Piece: All the Drama
Investment Piece: All the drama
Investment Piece: All the Drama
I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to as many events this year, even with things opening up. A part of it is that I’m still not quite ready for big crowds (I’m hoping that I’m not the only one with a bit of anxiety about that!), and a part of it is that so many of the events that I am able and ready for all happen to fall on the same day.

It’s getting to be a little bit ironic actually, the more I have on my calendar the more likely it is that all the events will fall on that one day. If my day is completely clear- it tends to stay that way.
So, the few times that I am out and about I need outfits that can do it all- casual BBQs, more formal celebrations. It’s the one time in my life that I have needed all those “Day to Night” looks that were in all the magazines when I was growing up.

Investment Piece: all the drama
Investment Piece: all drama

One of my favorite things is when something is two things. Perhaps it’s because it makes me a bit better about being so complex myself, or maybe it’s because it just makes my life easier. Or even more honestly, it means that when I have days that are booked full, I don’t have to change my outfit quite as many times!

Take for instance, dresses like this one. At first glance, it’s a simple caftan; it’s comfy, it’s throw on and go, it’s perfect for errands or lounging. And yet, it brings all the drama. It’s one shoulder, there’s the draping, the leg slit, and it’s perfect for weddings or other events when you need to stand out a bit.

Able to bring all the drama while feeling like you’re in your pjs? That’s a two in one that I can appreciate (and wear everywhere).

Investment Piece: all the drama

This caftan was a custom made by one of my long time favorite small shops, AAvintedge. The first thing I ever bought from them was a caftan, and it’s always fun when I add to my collection. This drama-filled dress does do it all, obviously it goes amazing with heels, but I’ve also thrown on flip flops with it and also worn it to the grocery store with sneakers.

Maybe it’s not all the drama I love, but the versatility!

I would love to know- what do you wear when you have to do it all in a day?
You can follow @aavintedge on IG and get yourself a caftan, or I’ve linked similar styles for you below!

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The heels above are my perfect sandals from Sarah Flint! I love how they support me- with arch support and a steel stiletto no matter how full my day is. You can shop this link for $50 off your first perfect sandal, or any Sarah Flint you love!

Investment Piece: All the Drama