Investment Piece: Cliche

It’s spring. And while there are blooms and new styles galore, there are also cliches. Like florals.
We all know the joke- that they’re ground breaking. And we all laugh when we see it or hear it. But, again and again, we all wear florals. Even this weekend, I found myself reaching for florals whenever I could. Dark ones. Cheery ones. Subtle and bold. What is it about spring that makes us want to wear florals?

Is it cliche? Groundbreaking? Both?

Investment Piece: Getting in the Water

In some ways, it makes sense that we want to wear florals in spring. The florals are literally blooming. But, hopefully, so are we. This was my first winter that felt like a true winter (did I mention I saw a bunch of snow for the first time in my life?!?) For the first time, the green and bloom of spring feels like a big deal. Yep..I finally get it.

On top of that, this year has been a YEAR. And while the pandemic is still going on, it finally feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things feel new in more ways than one. What says that better than flowers?

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer

I was curious about when floral prints started -because that could let us know when they became cliche. History is always a little bit fascinating to me, and this deep dive was no different. Florals started being put on clothes in Asia in the 600s. Did you know that people used to put live flowers on their clothes (to hide smells amongst other things)? That each spring floral prints are often best sellers.

We may all tell the joke, but it turns out we’re all wearing florals. So it cliche? Or something bigger?

If you want to deep dive with me I highly recommend:
Floral Fashion Through The Ages

A Brief History of the Floral Pattern
Both are detailed and a delight to read!

Investment Piece: Cliche

Cliche or not, this year I’m fully embracing florals. I don’t care if they’re groundbreaking. They remind me that sometimes things take time, but they bloom again. I’m ready to bloom, and I’m ready for flowers. Even the ones on our clothes! What about you?

I’ve linked some of my favorite florals below for your shopping pleasure!

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Investment Piece: BackYard Parties