Sunday Chronicles: Cocktails and Caftans

Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans

I sometimes struggle about what content to place where. This blog is such a joy to me- I love telling stories here, I love hearing yours, and I love the community we’re still building. Yet, I know that I have to post on allll the socials (yes, sometimes it is overwhelming) and times I don’t know if I’m supposed to share the same content on all channels, or keep each to their own!

*** if you have thoughts or wishes about this I’m all ears. It’s a weird thing to balance- I want to make everyone feel heard and provide great content to everyone. If there are things you want to see or thoughts you’d love to share, please reach out!

All that to say: as you may now, during lockdown I started a video series on Instagram called Cocktails and Caftans. It started because I not only love caftans (chic and comfy! I’m in!) but wanted to learn a new skill (and make a martini) while at home. Over the year, it’s grown – and changed.

You may have seen some of the caftans and cocktails here.

Recently, I moved the series from Saturday to Sunday (yep, this afternoon over on IG username @racheladelicia you can see me in a caftan with a cocktail!). And then next week something AMAZING is happening on Cocktails and Caftans and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
Next week C&C will be LIVE for the first time ever! At 3pm EST (2pm CST) I’ll be live and I’ll be with Andie J. Christopher discussing her new book Hot Under His Collar.

Andie is an online friend (I met her after reading her first book Not the Kind of Girl You Marry_ a sweet read that’s a must if you love “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”) and I can’t wait to hear all about her process and her new book. We’ll be popping champagne (pop what you like), I’ll be in a caftan (wear what you like), AND I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Hot Under His Collar!

I really hope you can make it next Sunday (and watch this Sunday!)! The user name is @racheladelica and there will be bubble and books and fashion- what more could you need!

Wishing us all a week of stories and amazing shoes!

Cocktails and Caftans

Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans
Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans

Caftans are something I always knew I would one day end up living in- they’re chic. Forgiving. And come in all the shades and styles you could ever want. I thought that one day I would age (super subtly) in caftans, floating about, being glamourous-like an aging star in the movies. My love for caftans has been constant (here, here, here, and here for starters), but during the pandemic, my caftan collection has not only grown, it’s become my signature.

I spend days and nights in caftans. From terry cloth casual to formal, much earlier in life than I expected, caftans are one of the ways that I’ve been marking time.

One of my favorite things to do in a caftan (and where my love has really blossomed)? Making cocktails! I’m by no means a mixologist but I’ve spent some of my time during the pandemic researching drinks that I love and learning how to make them. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re ok, but I’m always wearing a great caftan, so the experience is always amazing.

Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans

I love the cape-like cut of this caftan, the ombré coloring- and it has pockets! And while it’s perfect for summer escapades (even in just the backyard), I got it to make a cocktail in.

Cocktails and Caftans is a thing I’m doing every Saturday over on IG @racheladelicia. It started as a way to get through lockdown, but now I’m having too much fun to stop! Also, it gives me an excuse for more caftans!

Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans

There are times when I wonder if, in the after of the pandemic, I will no longer spend as much time in caftans as I do now. My theory? Once you go caftan, you can’t go back. The comfort, the chic, the way they stay current. I’m accepting my lot in life as a caftan lady. Luckily, there’s a great cocktail to go with it!

This caftan is old Staud, but I’ve found and linked similar ones for you below!

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Investment Piece: Cocktails and Caftans