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Investment Piece: Fashion Travels

I miss traveling. Trying new things. Seeing new things. Experiencing different cultures.

(Side note: I know things for many are so bad that travel is at the last of the list. So many of us are hitting walls and burned out, and this pandemic has taken so much. The loss is a lot. I don’t mean to diminish that, but share a reprieve. I’m holding space for you, and hope we all get to go to all the places, and mourn in all the ways when this is all over. )

Because we can’t travel in the way that we did in the before, during the pandemic I’ve been traveling the only way I can- through shows, food, cocktails, puzzles, and of course fashion! For National Puzzle Day (yes, it’s a thing, and in related news I would REALLY love to be a part of the Committee who comes up with all these days!), my mom and I worked this puzzle of England through the ages. It included country sides, famous people, and events that marked time. We drank British drinks, and I wore British designers.

I talked about it here:

Investment Piece: Fashion Travels

England, and London, is special to me. My family and I lived there when I was 4-5. As you can see, London helped me refine my love of socks with shoes, and red date shoes (seen here!) I can remember the dinosaurs in the History museum, the milk man, and Laura Ashley, my favorite British fashion when I was five.

Investment Piece: Fashion Travels
Investment Piece: Fashion Travels

Now that I’m older, I have a more mature appreciation of British culture. From H&M to Stella McCartney to British dectective stories (one of my favorite genres to read lately has been the spy stories from WW2 and they all worked for the UK Secret Service).

How I’m using all of this to make it feel that I’m traveling even while we’re staying in? I’m wearing British designers (here in Burberry). I’m researching things I didn’t know about the UK from history to trivia (did you know Winston Churchhill drank 42,000 bottles of champagne in his life? That averages 2 bottles a day from birth to death!), and I’m looking at art, reading British novels, watching British shows and movies.

Investment Piece: Fashion Travels

Is it the same? No. But it helps. And I feel like I’m getting out there- learning new things, seeing things in a different way. And the planning- the research, the making of food and cocktails, the finding of shows and puzzles and books, and of course the shopping- is fun. It does feel like I’m widening my circle.

Where do you want to go? How are you scratching the itch to be other places while staying at home?
I would love to hear about it!!

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Investment Piece: Fashion Travels