New Day

Investment Piece: New Day
Investment Piece: New Day
Investment Piece: New day
Investment Piece: New Day

We’re officially into the new year. (It’s almost scary that we’re almost in the second month!)
Maybe you’re all in on the new year, speeding ahead, getting things, done and it’s all great.
Or, maybe it’s been a lot, you still feel like you’re behind, and it’s still not feeling shiny and new for you.

And if you’re in the middle of those two things- join the club! This week felt like there was a shift in energy, I’m feeling hopeful about what’s to come, I’m excited about so much! And I’m still so tired. On Thursday I hit a wall, nothing was wrong, but I just didn’t have the energy to do anything. It didn’t help that it was grey outside, trying to rain but not succeeding. When I feel that low I do one of two things–let myself rest as I trust that my body is trying to tell me something, or I get way dressed up and trust that dressing like I’m full of energy will make me full of energy.

Option 2 didn’t work. Tired, achy, just out of it- an outfit couldn’t fix it. (Though long term I do believe in fashion!) When I hear the term “new day” I always think of change and big things. The doing of things. The start of things.

Maybe yesterday was a day of rest. But today? It’s a new day. I promised myself that if I let myself rest yesterday, today I would start. Do the things. Wear all the outfits. Get going. Let it all be new and shiny. (I’ll be sharing all of it with you!)

Investment Piece: New Day

These pictures are from a few January’s ago. There’s something about the ocean that makes me feel calm and grounded, and also makes me believe in the future. It’s my happy place. Polka dots also make me happy-classic but modern, and very hopeful. I’m excited for all the new things to come. I’m grateful for this new day. Now, to go get dressed in it!

How is your new year going? How are you feeling? What are you wearing?


This set is vintage but I’ve linked polka dots I love below!

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Investment Piece: New Day