Sunday Chronicles: Not Feeling It

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

The Grinch gets a bad rep for not LOVING all the holiday celebrations going on around him. And I get it. This is not me telling you that you shouldn’t open your heart. But, this is me saying at a time of year when we get told ad nauseam to be full of joy and the holiday spirit that there are times when it’s normal to be just not feeling it.

I could give you lines about how love and joy should overtake you, and how you could make yourself be in a good mood. And those ways of combatting “not feeling it” are incredibly valid and worth a shot.

However, that’s not this Sunday Chronicles.
There are times in this holiday season, full of joy and hope, that you might simply may be just not feeling it.

And that’s ok.

As much joy, hope, and goodwill in the air right now, this time of year is hard for many. Maybe it’s the first year without a loved one. Maybe this time of year is a constant remind of that first year. You could be going through a hard time. Or simply, you could simply be just not feeling it.

I’m against forcing yourself to feel anything you don’t. Every feeling is valid, even if it means feeling the opposite of what everyone else is feeling. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get out of all of your holiday obligations, but I err on the side of letting yourself be.
If you’re not feeling it, simply don’t feel it.

There’s nothing wrong with having a holiday that’s low-key, that involves more you taking care of you than attending holiday parties, or simply staying out of the way. Forcing yourself to be merry, in my experience, is one way to ensure that you don’t. I may have no clue what you’re going through, but I know that you’re not alone.

Sometimes we don’t feel things. It’s ok.

And if you’re the kind that wants to feel it, but doesn’t, it’s been my experience that the quickest way to go from not feeling it to feeling it is to let yourself be where you are.

What about you?

Wishing us all a week of feeling and amazing shoes! XO RA