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I promise there is so much exciting, new content headed your way. Birthday weeks are always a little crazy, and always make me a little nostalgic. I can’t help but look back at some of my old looks, and my old celebrations. This post is from a few years ago. I had worn this sheer dress with just a body suit to a fashion event. And though my momma loves me, she doesn’t always love the fashion risks I take. So, that year, for her birthday, I knew that I had to style this dress the way she’d love it!
As I wrote:
My mom is my biggest fan and helper (she’s actually CFO of this little venture). She’s always has my back, always supports me, always is willing to help. And she’s not the biggest fan of all the sheer that I sometimes wear. So, today is a big birthday for her–and in her honor–here in me, with a sheer dress, but with a full slip (the way that she likes it!). And I have to admit–it’s not bad this way either!

Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you!

And the things is: I still love this dress. I’ve worn it both ways-risky and not, as well as over swimsuits. I even have thrown it over cutoffs. Sheer is versatile, let me be the first to tell you! So, even thought this post was shot years ago, this look feels current to me. And I’m still looking to treat Mom for her birthday, so it seems appropriate to repost it. Thank you for indulging me!

And I hope everyone has a great Monday! XO RA

Dress: Reformation, sold out online, contact them or similar here
worn with a full slip
Shoes: LAMB, old, similar here

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FBF: Tied Up

Loves, as you know, we’re using the Friday’s in April to look back at some of my first posts, and the history of Investment Piece. Today? Tied Up. Why? I still wear this outfit (I legit just wore these shoes to get the mail and this top is a spring/summer go-to). But, more importantly, this was one of my first times shooting with a REAL photographer, you know, not just me and an iPhone or me and a camera. This tied up shoot marked the beginnings of my relationship with Katy Shayne–and that changed the blog. Learning how to work with an other professional, swap ideas, give over some control, and upping the quality were huge steps for me.

This is the part where I let you know I’m a control freak–so tied up for me also means letting other people take control. That’s a lot for a FBF .


So, without further ado: let’s get tied up. I’ve kept all the orginal wording, but have updated shopping options.  Thank you for indulging my FBFs!



Loves, I have two confessions: I’m becoming obsessed with vintage denim, and these Dr Scholl’s slides are more comfortable than they have a right to be. I love the slight flare of the jean–it goes great with this shirt tied up, or with all of my closet. The slides are perfection–as is the clutch that Clare V makes (that truly holds everything). I have to give credit to my cousin for introducing me to the slides (I completely copied her!) and I have to let you know–there’s something so comforting about this outfit to me. Pulled together, comfy, and just slightly summer-y. Perfect for errands or whatever the day throws at you!

Denim: AAVintedge
Shoes: Dr Scholls
Bag: Clare V

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Fashion in the Wild: Date Night Looks

This is the month of “date nights”. (Though I really hope this isn’t the only month you have a date night) But, with the focus of Valentine’s Day and love on date nights, we (or I) can’t help but think about what to wear on a date night.

Real talk? I don’t think there’s just one kind of date night, and I believe there’s no right or wrong thing to wear on a date night. Be it with your friends, yourself, or your honey, any event can be a date night. Movie by yourself? Drinks with friends? Dinner? Dancing? Why can’t anything you enjoy with people you enjoy be a date night? In my world, it is.

So, what do we wear on date nights? I’m a huge fan of wearing dresses, but they are by no means your only option. Jeans and a top, pants with a blazer, sweats on the couch. In my view the most important part of a date night outfit is that you feel amazing in it.

Below are some of my favorite combinations for date nights. I’d love to know: what do you rock for date night?


I hope this month and in the months to come that every date night is a blast and one of the things you love is your outfit!

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Investment Piece: Look A Like

blue bird brocade dress


Investment Piece: Freedom
Investment Piece: Freedom
Investment Piece: Freedom


It’s a big concept. It means different things to different people. Maybe you think of freedom as the open road. Or as your right to vote. Or the way that people are able to be themselves and live the way that they choose. Freedom is important. We should celebrate it (and yes, I know we do every July 4). Those things that make you feel free? Those things that make you feel more like yourself? Those things that feel good? More of that.

Investment Piece: Freedom
Investment Piece: Freedom
Investment Piece: Freedom
Investment Piece: Freedom

This wig? A party favor from a dear friend’s birthday party. Was it expected? No. Do I love it? Yes. The color, the cut, that it’s not me–but shows my sassy side. Am I brave enough to wear it out? We’ll see.

The great thing about this outfit? It’s all athletic leisure. These are yoga pants from Carbon38. I’m just in love: they make my backside look amazing, are comfy enough to sleep with, and yet, polished enough to be dress pants. This is a Soul Cycle tank, it’s great with your workout pants or with a pencil skirt. I love the play on athleisure. I love that this is a workout outfits, but looks very polished. I love that it combines things that I love, and that it feels like Freedom.

I hope that this weekend finds you feeling free and looking amazing!

Shop my picks:

And get yourself a treat:

Investment Piece: Freedom

Film Style: Hitchcock’s Heroines

Investment Piece: Film Style

As an actress, movie buff, and fashion lover I am endlessly fascinated by and inspired by the fashion we’re presented with in films. I would argue that fashion in films is incredibly important: fashion presented in films can influence how we think of an era, of an actress, influence what we buy, and what designers put on the runway. There may be no one more influencial than Alfred Hitchcock and his heroines. Hitchcock had a thing for blondes (if you haven’t read about that, it’s fascinating topic to research), and his blondes were always impeccably dressed.

Hitchchock, his films, and his heroines are full on iconic, and have been written about almost ad nauseam, but their influence stands. Several runway collections, outfits, and costumes have taken a page from the Hitchcock Heroine playbook; be in Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”:
Investemnt Piece; Hitchcock's Heroines
To Janet Leigh in “Psycho”:
Investemnt Piece: Hitchcock's Heroines

And full disclosure: I’m seriously considering being Tippi Hedren as her character in “The Birds” for Halloween (top pic).

From suits to gowns to pencil skirts, Hitchcock’s heroine’s were always dressed impeccably, and on trend. The outfits never took over the movie, but left a impact on the viewer. These designs were often done by Edith Head, infamous costume designer (loves, Edith designed or put together some of the most iconic and beautiful garments ever. She is a icon on her own, and if you don’t know about her I cannot more strongly urge you to at least Google her. I promise I will feature her on an upcoming Designer Spotlight–she’s that important), but the designs shown in Hitchcock’s films inspired everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Bottega Veneta. Some great reading on the subject can be found:
Hitchcock Fashion Moments and Hitchcock’s Heroines and their influence on fashion.

Investment Piece: Hitchcock's Heroines

The great thing about the fashion that Hitchcock heronines inspires? You don’t have to wait for a designer to present it to you! Have a pencil skirt? Add kitten heels and a blouse? Got a draped gown? Add a necklace! Have a skirt suit set? You’re good to go! Need some inspiration and/or examples of Hitchcock’s Heroines? TCM is showcasing Hitchcock movies all month long! Get the schedule here (note that Hitchcock films are usually on Wed and Friday!) and get inspired by those heroines!


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And a reminder! We want to feature you (yes you) on our series: Fashion in the Wild! How? Send me photos of you wearing your bathing suit in the wild! Read the details here and send me your pics!

Trend to Try: Are Socks With Peep Toes Something We’re Doing?

There are times when I think of trends for us to try, that aren’t exactly trends. Socks with Peep toes? Not only was it one of my very first posts (look below, I’m so grateful you stayed with the site while we grew. We’re still growing!); I keep seeing this look everywhere!

And I get it! It’s a way to: show off a great pair of socks, hide a bad pedicure, wear heels in the winter, and make a statement.

I loved this “trend” years ago, and I still do! See:

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, Red//Pink, Gucci, Brian Atwood, Jcew, Ca, TX

Stuart Weitxman, Pan and the Dream, tulle, socks, fashion, blogger, vintage, high fashion, InvestmentPiece

What is it about socks with peep toes (or any heels) that’s such a pull? I love that it’s slightly cheeky, slightly edgy and slightly classic. It’s just the combo that seems both fashion forward and almost geeky (can we admit that fashion can be geeky?) all at the same time. A trend? Not really. Something you should try? Absolutely!

Below is my orginal post and thoughts on the matter:

Are Socks With Peep Toes Something We’re Doing?
Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks with Peep Toes
Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks With Peep Toes
They are something we’re doing.Look at any magazine, any campaign right now and there they are–peep toe shoes worn with socks. Do we like it? Is this what we want? I will be honest–I was hesitant, but I LOVE these Chanel boots that look like socks:

So I thought: How bad can it be?

And here’s the answer: Surprisingly enough, not that bad.

I found it’s really comfortable. I think it looks best when the colors match– but it can be fun. So if you like it–why not? And if you can’t–I get that too.




Happy Wednesday! xo RA

Details: First look Skirt Zara, Sweater JCrew, Shoes Chanel

Second Look :dress Zara, Shoes Sophia Webster

Third: Dress Zara, Shoes LK Bennett

Fourth Sweater JCrew, Skirt Zara Leather, Shoes Kelsi Dagger

I’ve updated some shopping options for you! And would love to know: would you rock this trend to try?


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Nights in LA

Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA
Investment Piece: Nights in LA

Nights in LA can be just as magical as the mornings. There is always something going on: from premiere to event to just a great burger. You might have to watch yourself on a LA night, there’s the tempation to think you might be left out, that maybe you’re not at the right event or venue, but I really don’t buy that. My experience has been that any night, any place can be amazing, if you’re with the right people. And lucky for us all, I’ve been known to bring my own drama (the sleeves on this dress!); and I’ve found that if you’re looking for magic LA nights will give it to you. Look at that light!

We can talk about any event, but let’s talk about this dress. It’s all statement: the low back, the sleeves, the length. Part witchy, part goddess, all magic; just the way I like it! And the great thing, this dress is deceptive. It’s the softest jersey, so while it can turn heads, it’s a throw on and go type of dress. I promise. What I love about statement dresses (or statement anything) is that they don’t need a lot of help. Wear your hair natural. You can throw on flip flops if you need to, I did. You don’t have to try too hard, the dress does it for you. This dress is a Norma Kamali, I love that her style is drama with out the fuss. Her jersey is some of the softest that I have ever worn, the cut is always great, and there’s always an “it” factor: sleeves, a deep back, or both! (You’ve also seen some of her swimwear here)

This night in LA was indeed magical, but there was no special event. My photographer, Katy Shayne, and I simply were craving a great burger, and may be a martini or two. The light was perfect, and I was in the mood to wear this dress. And I was able to talk Katy into shooting me. That simple. Nights in LA are magic, but the best kind of magic is the kind you bring yourself: a great dress, a great friend, a great meal, a great laugh. Premieres can be fun. Events make me happy. But there are a ton of LA nights that have left me breathless, and all that was needed was a great dress!

I’d love to know: what’s your brand of magic, or statement dress for Nights in LA (or anywhere)?

Shop my picks below:

Investment Piece: Ngihts in LA