Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: panicked

What a wild, wild week. We started with snow and I felt like everything was gonna be ok. Then the week happened- and while it was not bad, it was a lot. I shoot some looks, but ended up not being happy with most of the pictures we got, or the outfits, or anything. Which left me panicked.

That suddenly, I wasn’t good at outfits or my job. A jolt when fashion is something I love and like to think I’m good at. But,you know when you get a little panicked it can lead to a big panicked? Yes. That was me. I know that my panicky feelings were an overreaction.
(At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It was one group of pictures! And there’s so much going on right now, I know that my panic could be about so many things.)
But, sometimes panic doesn’t listen to reason (or fashion).

So, what do we do when we’re panicked?

Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked

Some general panicked advice? Breathe (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4). An acting coach once taught us to look around the room and name things by their color instead of their name (i.e. If you see a clock you don’t say clock you say silver -or whatever color it is. This makes your brain focus and work different patterns and it calms you. I use it in auditions or crazy presentations- it helps!). There’s a tapping method that’s supposed to calm your nervous system.
I’ve also been known to panic shop, and while no expert will tell you this, I think it can help in certain circumstances.

Panic is a funny thing. I was so upset–and then. I wasn’t. Yes, in the meantime I made some tea and shut everything off and watched a comfort show (Schitt’s Creek). Maybe the acts or the time, but when I looked back at the pictures (yes, these are some of them), while they aren’t my FAVES (and I can name you a million things that I wanted to be different), they aren’t the WORST either.
Isn’t it weird what panic can make you think?

There’s a lot going on. And not all panic is bad- in danger it can give you strength, etc. Maybe the trick is learning to use our panic, and knowing when it’s lying to us, and then knowing how to get rid of it.
I love this collared sweater- and while perhaps different bottoms would have been a better choice, this shoot taught me some things about my camera and me. And now that the panic is gone, I can snuggle down!

I hope that this week you were kind to yourself. And loving. And if/when you were panicked you were able to find calm.

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