Investment Piece: Quilted
Investment Piece: Quilted

Quilted jackets- puffer and non-puffy- are in. And I love them. I tend to get COLD when I get cold, so puffers (even not the super puffy ones!) always make me feel warmer (yes, that’s most likely placebo, but I’ll take it!). Any kind of quilted look feels more elevated- jackets, shoes, pants, skirts. But a trend I’m seeing- vintage and bespoke stores taking vintage quilts and making them into jackets, jumpsuits, and more.

As someone who loves the look, as someone who loves the stories that quilts can tell, as someone who loves something special- I LOVE it!

Investment Piece: Quilted

Quilts can be wonderful stories. Maybe your grandma or great-grandma used scraps to make quilts for your family to sleep under (mine did!). Or maybe, someone in your family collected quilts. If you’ve made a quilt I’m simply in awe of that- no matter what the pattern or fabric- quilts are just these wonderful pieces of fashion that happen to lay on our beds. Until-
There are so many places right now to shop stunning pieces made from vintage quilts. Jackets. Jumpsuits. Bandanas. Bags. Hoods. It’s a story made anew, and there’s nothing more attractive than that!

Shop these old/new creations at:
MagPie Vintage Clothing
PottersDaughter Project
Psychic Outlaw

Investment Piece: Quilted

I’m sure that there are more out there, but these are the shops I’ve been looking at! The coat above, not from a vintage quilt. But- it was my grandma’s. The older I get, the more I love my grandma (and mom’s) style, and love wearing their vintage clothes. It makes me feel closer to them, and it’s my own way of telling a story anew.

My grandma? She did not wear this chic, colorful, reversable number with leggings (BTW these scuba leggings with split ankle openings are my new favorite. They feel like pjs and wear elegantly- I feel like they go with everything. They’re an elevated basic!), but I can’t help but let the coat be the star and pairing it over minimal black. Cap-toed flats (yes, I would normally wear heels but it’s a panic attack out there!) I like to think balance it out, while mimicking the quilting. Her coat, made my way.

Now, I just have to convince one of my parents to let me cut up one of the family quilts and maybe I can make my own jumpsuit!

What do you like to wear quilted? Do you love stories made anew?
While I couldn’t find my grandma’s exact jacket, I did find you new quilted jackets and some scuba leggings- linked below!

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Investment Piece: Quilted