Sandal Season- A Sarah Flint Shopping Guide

Investment Piece: Sandal Season

Investment Piece: Sarah Flint

It’s that time of year. We put away our slippers and our boots, and we get out our sandals. One of my favorite times of year! I love sandals, and this season I’m so excited to share Sarah Flint and all the sandals I love with you!

Full disclosure, I’ve recently become a Sarah Flint Ambassador. I don’t get commission from the brand, but I did get gifted a pair of sandals. Though the opinions presented here are my own. I’m horrifically picky about the brands I partner with- and Sarah Flint is one of the best. It’s a woman owned, woman run company. These shoes are luxury- made in the same factories as Louboutins and Hermes and by artisans, but about half the cost as Sarah Flint shoes are sold directly to you. There are so many things I love – from why the company began selling direct to consumer, to the arch support (which works for both high arches and low arches), the extra space in the toe box, the steel in the stilettos, and how all of those were things insisted upon by Sarah. (I love women who demand the best).

But this is about sandals. Because at this point, after this year, we all most likely need a new pair!

Investment Piece: Sarah Flint

From flats to block to heels, there is a Sarah Flint for you. In both the block and the perfect sandal, you can choose your heel height- from low to high. There are so many color options in all styles- metallics, nudes, and of course black! They all provide support, they all are roomy in the toes, and they all look chic.

Some of my current faves?

Investment Piece: Sarah Flint

The Grear- a lace up sandal. Especially in this mixed metallic. It will go with everything in your closet and the laces are both on trend and elevate the look!

Investment Piece: Sarah Flint
A new and exclusive sandal! The perfect block in navy croc! Slightly elevated and such a chic neutral- this sandal is one I want to build my summer around.

Investment Piece: Sarah Flint
My pick and what I’ve been wearing non-stop? The perfect sandal (the high one!) in a beige. If you’re wary (I know, I’m a heel gal), the arch support in these sandals are just to die for (as they’re so supportive). The heel comes in various heights, and it goes with all your summer and spring dresses!

What kind of sandals are you shopping for this spring? I have my eye on the navy ones and a Grear!
As I mentioned, I don’t get commission, but you get $50 off your pair of Sarah Flints by using code SarahFlint-BAInvestmentPiece or by shopping them at this link!

Happy shopping! Wanna all meet up for pedicures?