Dress Flats?


More than once on this site you have heard me mention to “dress things down” I wear flats. Which is a completely unfair statement to flats. Here’s the thing: I’m a heels girl. As in, I will think nothing of wearing heels to run errands, take walks, anything–heels are my natural go-tos. (I have incredibly high arches and in my “medical” opinion this is part of why I find them so comfortable). But due to some injuries recently, and some amazing shoes, I’ve begun to rethink my position. Can heels be dressy? Loves, I think the answer is yes: they can. Dress flats are a thing that we can do, and love.

I know that some women have to opt for flats due to medical reasons, and some just prefer them. The good news is that there are so many options when it comes to dress flats–shiny, studded, scrappy, open toe, Pom-poms–and most importantly, that they don’t disrupt any line of any dress. (Yes, we can debate that certain shoes look best with certain outfits, but we’d be here alllllllllllll day). This past weekend, in both need and exploration of my theory I wore flats with a dress to the opera; and loves, I loved it. I felt the studs added something, it felt fresh–and just as dressy as my flats. Does this mean I’m hanging up my heels? Never. But it does mean that my flat collection is about to get a whole lot bigger!


I’d love to know: do you rock a dress flat?


Dress: Tibi
Shoes: Louboutin, sold out, similar here

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