Summer Whites

a woman in white pants and a white top with wedge sandals and a snake clutch in front of a fence ke clutch in front of a fence
ke clutch in front of a fence
ke clutch in front of a fence

tis the season to wear all white. Which can mean a ton of things- glamorous, classy, a spill trap. I’ve always been one to dare it all (coffee spills) and wear all white during the summer, it feels very crisp to me. But, because of who I am as a person, I also love doing it (summer whites) with a twist.

ke clutch in front of a fence
a close up of a woman's face with a star earring and sunglasses

Which sometimes means accessories like these above- great shoes, a great bag (especially when you’re wearing all white feel free to go bold with both of these pieces- I’m a fan of animal prints but color, pattern! Go crazy!). Or even your jewelry and sunnies. Another way to punch up all white? I love big, gold necklaces or earrings, or even an arm stack!

ke clutch in front of a fence

And sometimes your summer whites can be the statement. Off the shoulder. These pants are actually sequins (but work as a basic!). Of course there are so many statement whites- cutouts, minis, maxis, tanks, etc. While white may be considered a blank canvas, that really just means that it’s exciting-and you can make a summer white outfit what you like.

Yes, you can do all white in any season (even this retired southern belle will tell you so!), but there’s just something about summer that screams for white outfits. Pants, dresses, even shoes.

I would love to know- how do you do summer white? How daring do you get with it?

While this outfit is a few years old, I’ve linked similar pieces for you to play with below! Happy Shopping!

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