Sunday Chronicles: Summer Blockbusters

tom cruise in front of an airplane with the title for Top Gun Maverick

I know this won’t shock you, but I’m a huge fan of movies. Stories: getting involved in people’s emotions, rooting for the good guys, against the villains, going on all the ups and downs with characters- I love it all. For a time in my life, I had Friday afternoons off from work and each (or most) weeks I would take myself out on a Friday afternoon date, aka to the movies.

Sidenote- I will die on the hill that there is nothing more indulgent than a matinee movie (it feels like you’re getting away with something and getting to play hooky) and going to the movies alone (getting to experience all the things how you need to! When I regularly took myself to matinees on self-dates I really enjoyed not only the stories, but the time I gave to myself.

There are a ton of summer blockbusters opening (including Top Gun: Maverick, which, yes, I do want to see!), and while I could list all of the movies I currently want to see- and thought about doing so- when I thought about summer blockbusters, what I really want to talk about are movies, and the experience going to the movies can be.

In all honesty, I haven’t been to a movie theater since the pandemic. Not because I don’t love movies or have things I want to see, but because it hasn’t felt safe. And I know you may be at a place where it feels save for you, I just haven’t gotten there yet (the balance of living life and safety is a lot sometimes, isn’t it?). Movies at home are great- there’s something to be said about not worrying about bathroom breaks, getting to rewind, having any snack in the world, etc. I’m always grateful when we can stream or somehow get movies at home (I really do love it and spend a lot of nights watching movies at home!), but there is something special about a movie theater. The big screen, the dimmed lights, the smell of popcorn, the gasps and cheers from other audience members who may be strangers. The movie theater is a place you can be alone with people, and when you’re going to watch summer blockbusters, is such a unifying experience. When you love movies as much as I do, the movie theater, and the summer blockbuster are magical places.

I’m not looking for advice, or to be told that I should just go back to the movie theater- though I miss it and have a few summer blockbusters on my list- I know I’ll get back there. Though I am currently thinking of going to a drive in and if you have tips to share on that experience, I’m all ears!

Maybe what I’m longing for right now, more than a trip to the movie theater or to spend an afternoon engrossed in a summer blockbuster is a bit of magic. The experience of getting to go and try new things from a comfy chair, the lights and the sounds- and the cheers- that can only be called magic when it spans about 90 mins. Perhaps I’m longing for a bit of what I used to have, which is weirdly one of the reasons I love movies so, I’ve always felt that movies can give us what we’ve lost or are longing for. So in the meantime, I’ll be finding ways to get my summer blockbuster fix.

I would love to know your thoughts about summer blockbusters, movies in general, movie theaters- and if you have any drive in tips!

Wishing us all a week of magic and amazing shoes! XO RA

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