Trend to Try: Summer Bags

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I fear this may be another trend to try that’s not really a trend. Because summer bags? We know them, we love them.

There is no way I will be the first to tell you that a basket bag is something you should get. Not only is it perfect for every summer occasion (beach, bbq, rose) as you can hold all the things, it gives an air of casual-ness that I love. And yet, it’s pulled together. Basket bags are just a classic.

Investment Piece, trend to try, summer bags

Is there any one brand of basket bags? Nope. Not at all. Bag in the middle. Open. Latched, unlatched. Your options are endless, and another thing I love about a basket bag.

Another summer bag trend to try?

Investment Piece, trend to try, summer bags

Because as we know, I think that white accessories (and dresses, and jeans) are great for the summer. So why not a summer bag? They’re classic, but give off a little bit of an edge. Also, with white there is always the chance of spills, so there’s an air of danger.

*Side note, you can also use white bags in the fall. I won’t judge you. In fact, make white not only your summer bag, but your go-to color. Do you.

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Summer Bags

My favorite summer bag, though? The net. Yes, this style gained popularity last year (that’s when I got this number). Yes, there are all sorts of verisions: from the plain net (I throw a clutch or wallet in mine), the net over a bag, the net in a bag. What I love about this summer bag? It gives off the casual vibe of summer, yet manages to not be just basic. Oh, and you can use it for your groceries!

When it comes to trends and summer bags, you have options. Beach bags, tote bags, and of course, my picks! I would love to know: what kind of summer bag are you carrying?

I’ve linked bags I love below, let’s get to summering!


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