Investment Piece: Laundry Mat

In the best of times, I’m not great at laundry. I let it pile up,and I’ve been known to try to overload the machines (I blame this on years of apt living with quarter machines. But it’s also me). And now, with our social distancing in place, I’m thinking about how I can use this time to get a little more skilled at laundry days. I love my clothes, shouldn’t I want to take care of them?

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Laundry Basics

I’ll admit, laundry is my least favorite chore. It feels like it’s never done. And while, again, I love my clothes, piling them into a machine has never been my strong suit. As it’s not something I’m great at, I asked around. My mom, my friends who are great at it, a friend’s maid, the people at a laundry mat. These are tips that I was given, and in my experience, work!

1. Smaller loads. Yes, I want to get it over with, but I want my clothes cleaned properly so? Smaller is better.
2. Make sure to read the tag! (More on this below!)
3. Sort. Colors and whites. (Pro Tip: Seperate hampers let you do this when you get underessed, saving you time!)
4. Turn knits and tees inside out. Tie sashes. Use mesh bags for delicates and socks. In other words, set your cleaning up for success!
5. Dry your clothes to the instructions on the tag.

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Investment Piece: Laundry Mat

Ironically, I’m good at DryCleaning. (Or I used to be good at taking the right clothes to the dry cleaner). Now, I’m waiting till things change to take my dry cleaning clothes in. My dry cleaner is open, but priority is given to essential workers, and their uniforms. And my big projects for my tailor there are BIG alterations that would take more than one fitting. Not a good fit for social distancing. The following two products are ones that I’ve used reguarly (even before this time!) and love. Yes, while dry cleaning might be best, these at home products are amazing!

Note: the following does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

1. Retro Wash takes stains out of everything and revitalizes vintage clothings. Use the directions on the bag, but essentially you dissolve the powder in hot water, then soak your clothes in the mixture for 3 days. (Tips: use plates to keep the clothes submerged. Or, if you can, keep the clothes in the sun to keep the water warm!) I’ve used this to get out blood, yellow lace has become white, and more. After the stain is gone, you just rinse and wash! Easy!

2. Dryel or Woolite at home DryCleaning. I love these systems. They refresh and can remove stains from my dry clean only items. Yes, I feel like my clothes still need to be dry cleaned every once in a while, and there are items I only trust to my dry cleaner. BUT. For the time we’re in, and what may need a refresh, these products are an amazing option and easy to use!

I’d love to know: what are your laundry tips?
Xoxo RA