Florals+Leopards+ Stripes

Investment Piece: Florals + Leopards + Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+stripes

I’ve been encouraging you mix these patterns. I’ve been telling you how to pair them, and that these patterns go together, even though their not the same. I made you a video about it (see it here) and I wrote about it here.

The thing about mixing patterns? It can be fun and it can be overwhelming. You’re taking pieces that look amazing on their own (how great is leopard with red or blue, how great are stripes with your jeans, why wouldn’t you want just a floral dress?) and you’re risking putting them together.
But loves, sometimes the reward that you get from a risk is worth it.

This floral skirt is one of my favorites (try a dark floral piece, somehow it pops) and I adore it with leopard heels (which somehow look like a neutral here). Another confession? This striped top with the leopard pants? I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I got nervous about it. On the drive to my meetings I couldn’t help but think :” This is too much. People will think I’ve lost my mind”.

But I got compliments. And I loved it.

Is mixing patterns (or at least florals+leopards+stripes) the way to conquer fears?
Maybe. Maybe not. I can promise that you’ll look amazing though.

Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: florals+leopards+stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+leopards+stripes

There are so many ways you could go about mixing patterns. I go back to florals+leopards+stripes over and over again because I like these patterns seperately and I love the way that they go together. You can go subtle (like those pumps), a bit bolder (like the stripes and leopards) and the outfit can range from casual and fun to formal.

I get it. Mixing patterns can be scary. But it can also be fun. And well worth it. I’d love to know: you’ve come to the theme party, will you be mixing your patterns?

(I also couldn’t resist posting these examples of mixing florals+leopards+stripes)
Investment Piece: Redux
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, floral, Gucci, CA, TX

I’ve linked some similar items and florals+leopards+stripes that I love below. Know what I noticed this week? I don’t have a leopard top or blazer. Maybe I should change that!

Note: prints and prices are mixed!

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Investment Piece: Florals+leopards +stripes

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Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale

You thought Memorial Day sales were a gift?

Oh, loves.

Beyond the gift that is Memorial Day Shopping, the shopping gods smiled on us this week. Today begins the Nordstorm Half Yearly Sale. It’s so good, one post may not do it justice. The deals, the shopping, the sale, the Nordstrom’s? It’s a holiday in and of itself. Again, I reserve the right to add more as the week progresses, but below find some of my early picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Get to shopping.

Happy Wednesday!

How to Mix Patterns

Loves, we’ve been having our own little theme party all week! And today, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of mixing patterns. I know that many of you are a little scared to jump in and mix patterns. I’m hoping that this video answers some of your questions, relives some of your fears, and inspires you to get out there and mix it up (patterns that is!).

How to Mix Patterns

Now, loves, you know a bit about how I mix patterns. What I want to know: how can I help you? Got a mixing pattern question you’re dying to ask? Want some personal help putting an outfit together? Let’s chat! I’m all yours! racheladelicia@investmentpiece.com or slide into my DMs at @racheladelicia! You can also tag me in or send me your mixed pattern outfits, I would love to see them!!

Below I’ve linked some of my most favorite printed items! These pieces are great by themselves, and would look great mixed together (or with any piece in your closet). I hope that you find something you’re excited to mix!


Leopard Picks!

Polka Dot Pieces!

Floral Picks!

Find something you love? Mixed up your patterns? Tag me on Instagram (@racheladelicia) I would love to see!

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Memorial Day Sales!

I know, I know. Memorial Day isn’t till Monday. However? Sales start now.

(Really they should give us the week off to shop. And funding for our shopping. It seems like the right thing to do.)

All week I’ll be interrupting your regularly scheduled day and sharing some of my Memorial Day Sales picks with you. Trust me, you don’t want to wait till Monday to shop these goodies!

That collective sigh you heard? Everything everyone wants from Net-A-Porter is on sale with their Memorial Day Sale. And you need to be shopping! Below are my favorite picks for today. I reserve the right to update these as the week goes on, and I shop more.

Net-A-Porter Memorial Day Sales:

That Memorial Day sales are starting the Tuesday before is great news. Even better news? The ShopBop sale is just getting started. What this means for you? You can bet that I’ll have even more picks for you as the week goes on!
ShopBop Memorial Day Sales:

Loves, I can only promise that this week is going to get better (in terms of sales at least!). Each day you’ll be getting more Memorial Day Sales picks; and make sure you’re connected to us on Facebook and Instagram (and Pintrest!), as I’ll be posting items and picks on those mediums as well!

Stay cool out there and happy shopping!


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Investment Piece: #dotsondots
Investment Piece: Mixed Patterns
Investment Piece: #dotsondots

Have you heard? We’re having a theme party this week! Mixed patterns, mixing patterns, patterns on patterns. Quite the party!

And there’s nothing like kicking off a party with polka dots. Right?

I have feelings about polka dots. Some feelings are that you can’t go wrong with polka dots, that dots are neutral, and that there isn’t a dot that I don’t like. (You can see more of dots and dots here, here, here, and here.)

When it comes to mixing patterns, the easiest thing to do with dots is to pair them with more dots.
Dots on Dots.
It’s a thing.

Investment Piece: #dotsondots
Investment Piece: #dotsondots
Investment Piece: #dotsondots
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns

I’ve said more than once that there is no “magic formula” for mixing patterns. And that’s true- to a point. However, there are tricks and ways to make mixing patterns easier on you! Dots on dots.

Or in other words, mixing patterns is a snap when you mix pieces with the same pattern. Maybe one piece is different colors (see white and black polka dots above), or in different sizes (big and small). Mixing the same pattern together in different pieces can take the worry out of mixing patterns, because you know that the two patterns will go together. Surprise! Dots go with dots! (Stripes also go with stripes but that’s a post for another day!)

The magic in dots on dots, or mixing any same pattern? You get to play with the details- the colors, the sizes, the pieces. Freedom and structure, the perfect juxtaposition.

My favorite thing about dots on dots? It makes even seperate pieces look like a set.

**Though I have a confession. I had this exact dot on dots look in mind for a while. I kept trying it, and yet something always felt off. What? I’m not sure, because finally one day it just looked great (to me at least!). The point? Play with your dots on dots (or mixing patterns). Sometimes it just takes a minute.
And yes, I added stripes on the shoes for a kick. I can’t help it!

Investment Piece: #dotsondots

I’ve linked some of my favorite dots below! Happy mixing!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While this does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Mixed Patterns

Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns

Sometimes things don’t go to plan (see yesterday’s Sunday Chronicles).

Sometimes I get hung up on ideas and they don’t come to fruition. (It rained all morning when I was going to shoot)

And sometimes, I feel the need for a theme (because who doesn’t love a theme party?).

I get asked many questions. And one of the ones that keeps popping up, and one that I ponder is: how do you mix patterns?
Because the answer to this question is not cut and dried. It’s not easy. Mixing patterns is 90% experimentation, 5% courage, and 5% formula.

Investment Piece: Art of Dress

Yes, my loves. There are those of you who read that and thought: “Yay! Rachel is going to share the secret of mixed patterns.”
And then, those of you who read that and got “Um, did Rachel just say that there is no formula for mixed patterns?”

Loves, both of you are right.

Mixed patterns are hard and a scary and intimidating thing for most of us. Even if you’re a “fashion gal”. The thing is- there are no hard and fast rules about mixed patterns. I have my options and guidelines, I also talked about them here.

Investment Piece: Todd Oldham
Investment Piece: Wrap Dress

Mixed patterns. A theme I like, and a theme maybe we all need to explore. So, this week that’s what we’re going to do. What you can expect: outfits, videos and all the tips I can give and get us about mixing patterns. Maybe we can all conquer this whole mixing patterns issues together?

First up? The best advice I can give about mixed patterns. Make someone else do it for you.
What does that mean exactly? Buy a mixed pattern dress (or skirt or top). All you have to do is wear it. Simple? Cheating? Or brilliant? Either way, it’s a mixed pattern and you mastered it. So?

This week I’ll be sharing tips and really focusing on polka dots, florals, stripes, and leopard. Have another question? Another pattern that’s a must chat about? Let me know! Between videos and outfit posts and a Facebook Live (I’ll let you know the day and time) I’ll get it in!

Below I’ve linked some of my fave mixed patterns items. Can’t wait to conquer this theme with you!

PS this weekend and the week leading up to it are some of the best sale shopping you can do! Yes, you and I are going to deal with mixed patterns, on site I’ll also be posting some of my fave sales picks (and the best sales!) Also make sure you’re on my email list, Instagram, and Facebook-I’ll be posting special sale items on those places too!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!
Investment Piece: Mixed Patterns

Sunday Chronicles: Not Going to Plan

Investment Piece: Green Envy

I’ve had one of those weeks. Well, not one of THOSE weeks, but one of those weeks that did not go to plan. At all. In any way. Which can be incredibly frustrating, and leave you feeling behind or worse. But, there are times when things are not going to plan, when it can be a gift. Right? At least that’s the mindset I’m going with.

This past week I had plans, and ways that I thought things would go. As the saying goes, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans”. I’ve found it to be true over and over again. This week I came down with what could only be described as a horrible summer cold-fever, chills, sore throat, dibilatating headache. I had to cancel my plans, I had to rearrange my schedule, I had to take time for me. And while there were times that having to put all my plans on hold was upsetting, there are times when things not going to plan was the best thing to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I think about things (mindset) and how I roll with the punches. Being a planner, I can sometimes get a little (a lot) upset when things don’t go according to my plan. Trusting that I’m always in the right place at the right time, that things will always work out for the best, and that the unplanned can be gift doesn’t always come naturally. I work at it. I’m getting better at it.

Because, the thing is, not going to plan is a gift. Sometimes it means that we get something so much more amazing than what we had planned. I had to rearrange things this week. I missed some things that I was looking forward to. And, I felt behind as I didn’t do my plan. But you know what? I got to rest. I got to really look at some things and I got the chance to do some self care. Work worked out, and while there are things I’m playing catch up on, I’m full of new ideas and in a place where I’m rested enough to get more done.

There are times when our plans won’t get us where we want to be, and we have to trust that things not going to plan will. I’m working on it. How about you?

Wishing us all a week of great events (planned or not) and amazing shoes! XO RA

Vintage Dots

Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots
Investment Piece: Vintage Dots

I’ve kinda lied. These dots aren’t vintage. But these jeans? They are. So half of one? Six dozen of the other?

And really, when the pieces are this amazing, does it matter what is vintage?

First: Nothing beats vintage Levis for the look from the back. I love the high waist, but my natural waist is super high. I keep hearing that low rise are coming back. That rumor sends chills down my back. If low rise comes back, please know that you will find me in my vintage Levis, rocking the high waist. And double bonus? Vintage Levis look amazing with just about ANYTHING.

Including dots. Polka dots are another one of those patterns that I think of as neutral. (At this point you may be wondering what I don’t consider a neutral, I’ll let you know when I find it.) The great thing about polka dots is that they can be fun and playful, and yet a bit sophisticated all at the same time. I love these big ones, and this top that can be worn on or off the shoulder. The sleeves pop a bit, and while it’s not vintage, I love that these dots feel a bit vintage. Goes great with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, over a bikini. Why limit yourself?

You know me, I’m a sucker for details.

The shoes? Gucci. I have a thing for red shoes. I have a thing for bling, even when it’s hidden. Gucci has my heart. And the sling back and slight heel is perfect for any occasion. You can feel special, but not over the top. These are from a season or so ago, but there’s good news. When the style isn’t current the chance you can find them on a resale site. Covetable style for less? Yes, please!

This outfit has become my go to, it’s perfect for running errands, as well as happy hours. Vintage dots for the beginning of summer win?

I’ve linked similar styles below. I’d love to know- how do you rock dots?


And you can score some amazing deals:

Rent The Runway

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Vintage Dots

Sales and Such!

The one good thing about being forced to rest a bit more than planned this week? I got to really focus on my online shopping, and this means great things for all of us. Yes, you get my sales picks often, as I love passing on good deals, but this week, you get sales picks that I not only fully endorse (per usual), but these are sales that I’ve POURED over. (Being sick makes you focus on the important things). These sales picks may be my best of the season. So, let’s get to shopping!

Moda Operandi
I love Moda Operandi for so many wonderful, designer reasons. And when they have a sale? It’s game on! Get up to 50% on of-the-moment designer picks! I’ve got some suggestions for you:

And there is much more shopping on their site!

Right now you get to take an extra 40-50% off already on-sale items, plus take 20-50% off reguarly priced items. Basically everything is on sale! I did some shopping for you:

I’m trying to control myself with this sale, how about you?

Right now at Barney’s take 40% off of select designers. And stay tuned for more to go on sale in the coming weeks! These picks will get you off to a great start!

Something else to look forward to: The Nordstorm Yearly Sale is coming. I hope that these sales picks help you get prepared!

Happy Shopping!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!