Closet Organization

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Usually, around this time, we would be talking about cleaning out our closets. I would pull out all my things and go through them, weed out what no longer serves me, and either give it away or sell it.

I detail my process here and here. I write a lot about cleaning out your closet- not because I love it- but because I think it’s a more complicated than just getting rid of things. Search closet in the search bar!

Honestly? This year I have no emotional bandwidth to clean out my closet. I haven’t since the pandemic started. It’s not that I can’t identify clothes that aren’t fitting my life, in some cases me, or that may need to be let go of. But I am in no way ready or able to deal with all of that. Because I don’t know how long all of this will last. Because I know that I don’t make great choices when I’m super emotional, and I know that right now going through my closet would be emotional.

So, if you’re in the same spot- it’s ok. There’s no deadline on cleaning out. There’s no mandate that you have to do it. Now may not be the time to clean out your closet. For me it isn’t. And that’s aok!

Investmnt Piece: Closet Organization

While I’m not cleaning out my closet, what very much sounds good to me is closet organization. I want to know where all my things (treasures) are. I want that space to be efficient and help me get dressed easily.
How am I going about that? Almost the same way that I clean out! I’m dividing my clothes into sections (for me it’s vintage (both day and dressy)/dresses/tops/pants/skirts/bags/shoes- and it grows from there. I’m looking at turning a room into a closet- with all the shelves and more that I need. There’s an accounting of what I need (space) and what serves me (being able to see all my things), and see what works.

I’m not showing you now, as this is a work in progress, and to be very honest I’m not 100% sure what it’s looking like. But I know getting my ducks (shoes) in a row will help me feel better.

What about you? Are you cleaning out? Organizing? A combination of the two? How’s it going? What are you learning? Tell me everything!

I’m linking closet organization systems below that I’m thinking of using in my own closet!


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MLK Sales

Perhaps this 3 day weekend has been a bit more subdued (there’s nothing wrong with subdued!), but while we’re here we might as well shop! Below are my faves from sales here and there!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: MLK Sales

Everything is 15% off at H&M. My top picks? Sweater vest and the black/white set!
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Investment Piece: MLK Sales
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Investment Piece: MLK Sales
Get up to 80% off at Moda Operandi. My faves? That vegan leather jumpsuit is under $200, and I’ve been thisclose to buying the snake skin boots since Sat!
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Investment Piece: MLK Sales
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Investmnt Piece: MLK Sales
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Investment Piece: MLK Sales
I had to include a shoe sale! Get an extra 20% off sale at Sam Edelman with code BESTOFSALE. It’s no surprise that I love all the boots, and also the square toed pumps!
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What are you buying? I’m trying to stick to a budget, but please act surprised when you see outfits posts made of some of the picks here!


Sunday Chronicles: Clean Slate

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

We’ve made it to the first long weekend of the year!

(I, too, am waiting on my prize for that!)

There are so many options –
A. Take the weekend and rest. Burrow down (my cat is good at that) and just let things pass.
B. Go wild (within constrictions of the panny, etc)
C. Call it a clean slate.

I’m choosing C (with a side of A). This year, I’ve been easing – slowly. Calmly. I know what I want to do, but have yet to really think it through, write out my goals, or anything that signifies a clean slate. Have I been working towards goals? Of course. Changing things? You bet. But it’s felt “unofficial”.

So. This weekend I’m taking the time. To make my lists. To clean things. To set myself up. To wipe the slate clean.

I know, I know. The new year was technically over a week ago. But who says that we can’t start over at any time? Why not use the time we have to restart?

It doesn’t have to be over the top. Big. Bold.
But I’m taking this time to really start over.
Think about what I want and how to get there
Start new habits. Break old ones.
Make things fresh- from my outfits on down.
Lists. Goals. All the things.
Write them down and get them going.

(And yes. Spending some time in bed with a good book and trying to get rid of these allergies!)

Does it matter if it’s the first or the 15th? I don’t think so (every moment is a new chance and all that). And who’s to say that easing in doesn’t make the lists and goals and habits even better?

I’ll let you know how it goes 😉
I would love to know- how are you spending this weekend?

Wishing us all a clean week and amazing shoes!


Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: panicked

What a wild, wild week. We started with snow and I felt like everything was gonna be ok. Then the week happened- and while it was not bad, it was a lot. I shoot some looks, but ended up not being happy with most of the pictures we got, or the outfits, or anything. Which left me panicked.

That suddenly, I wasn’t good at outfits or my job. A jolt when fashion is something I love and like to think I’m good at. But,you know when you get a little panicked it can lead to a big panicked? Yes. That was me. I know that my panicky feelings were an overreaction.
(At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It was one group of pictures! And there’s so much going on right now, I know that my panic could be about so many things.)
But, sometimes panic doesn’t listen to reason (or fashion).

So, what do we do when we’re panicked?

Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked
Investment Piece: Panicked

Some general panicked advice? Breathe (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4). An acting coach once taught us to look around the room and name things by their color instead of their name (i.e. If you see a clock you don’t say clock you say silver -or whatever color it is. This makes your brain focus and work different patterns and it calms you. I use it in auditions or crazy presentations- it helps!). There’s a tapping method that’s supposed to calm your nervous system.
I’ve also been known to panic shop, and while no expert will tell you this, I think it can help in certain circumstances.

Panic is a funny thing. I was so upset–and then. I wasn’t. Yes, in the meantime I made some tea and shut everything off and watched a comfort show (Schitt’s Creek). Maybe the acts or the time, but when I looked back at the pictures (yes, these are some of them), while they aren’t my FAVES (and I can name you a million things that I wanted to be different), they aren’t the WORST either.
Isn’t it weird what panic can make you think?

There’s a lot going on. And not all panic is bad- in danger it can give you strength, etc. Maybe the trick is learning to use our panic, and knowing when it’s lying to us, and then knowing how to get rid of it.
I love this collared sweater- and while perhaps different bottoms would have been a better choice, this shoot taught me some things about my camera and me. And now that the panic is gone, I can snuggle down!

I hope that this week you were kind to yourself. And loving. And if/when you were panicked you were able to find calm.

I’ve linked similar pieces and these jeans below!
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New Years Goals

Usually, by this time, I have a set of goals. Not just personal or business, but for what to wear throughout the year. This year? I’m behind- which is either scary or exciting as I could be anyone and wear anything! What I have been doing is thinking about how I want to dress and what I want to dress for. I’m focusing on the words Power, Purpose, Self-Care, and Gratitude. How can we dress that way? Let’s chat!

How are you wanting to dress this year?

Get What You Need

Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need

Some truths about me:
I over pack and think nothing of changing my outfit a million times a day.
I believe in magic. And not just the Disney kind, but the kind that puts you in the right place at the right time for the right thing.
I’m obessed with snow. Like 5yo obessed.

Outfits I can do. Magic comes.
But snow? I live in Texas and California, I don’t get a lot of snow.

Then. Yesterday, we got so much snow! (Ok, not for real winter-y places, but we got over an inch. It stuck! It actively snowed for a long time!) Magical is the only word I know to describe it. I couldn’t stop watching it, playing in it, taking pictures of it.

Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need

All during the holiday season, I wanted snow. This was not how I thought it would happen. But this snow was what I needed.

And getting what I needed made me face some more truths about myself.
First- I have no idea what to wear for snow. I ran around in everything from sweats to fur jackets to my rain boots. If you live where it snows reguarly and you wear outfits- I would LOVE to know what you wear! I feel like I’ve been missing out on snow outfits!
Second- getting what you need is magic. How else can you explain events that come out of no where and refuel you? Re-energize you? Let you know it’s gonna be ok. Maybe it’s not snow for everyone, but those moments when the world just seems better? I hope that this weekend has one for you.

Investment Piece: get what you need

And,yes. Because of who I am as a person, part of my snow day did involve vintage sweater tights. I don’t know that they’re the ultimate in snow dressing–but I tried!!

What fed your soul this weekend? How did you get what you need? And–what did you wear??


This fur coat is vintage! (It’s the only way to fur!) I’ve linked some similar vintage finds and some modern faux fur options!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Get What you Need

Sunday Chronicles: Setting the Tone

Investment Piece: Setting the Tone

If you managed to catch up over the winter break I’m incredibly jealous. I had all sorts of plans and goals, and while I got things done, I’m still behind.

January is seen as a fresh start. And I love that! From setting my goals to taking stock to making lists, this a month I really relish. Usually, I love really taking my time in January (setting the tone if you will), really grounding myself, writing out my goals, and setting my year in motion.

This year has started a bit different, and this week has been a lot. On top of that, I’ve been under the weather, which has made everything a bit more difficult. One of my goals? Work on my time management- which has been hard when my energy levels are consistently zapped and little things are taking forever. Nothing is horrid, but since I’ve usually written goals, made plans, and set myself on a schedule after the holidays, it feels disconcerning to not have all that done.
And while I know I’ll get caught up- I’ll sit down, really think about what I want, write my goals, and start working towards them. I’ll get caught up. (If you’re in the same boat is me, you will too!)

But, even though I trust that, why am I so uneasy about being behind now?

For me, I think it’s a fear about setting the tone. We live in a society that prizes productivity and shuns rest (ironic as rest is a part of productivity, but that’s another conversation), and I think there’s a part of me worried that a slower than normal start (and a bad week) are setting the tone for a bad year. Super weird if you think about 2020 (or super explains the worry!) I know that even if I were ahead and written out all my goals and all the things, that not everything could have been accomplished this week. We’re given 52 weeks, not 1 for many reasons.
Beyond that, I know that rest and giving myself time, meeting myself where I am, and taking care of myself is part of my goals, and sets a healthy tone for the year.
Yet. I’m still uneasy with it.

However, all we can do us what we can do, and all we can do is take care of ourselves. Right?
My plan for the week? Carve out some time to work on my goals. Set a schedule. Rest. Work. Maybe even find time to play. I hope that the tone I set will take care of me all year long. And that if doesn’t, I can find it easy to adjust.

What about you? Are you a tone setter? How do you feel about the tone you’re setting right now? Any tips?

Wishing us all a week of great tones and amazing shoes!

Looking for Light

Investment Piece: Looking for Light
Investment Piece: Looking for Light
Investment Piece: Looking for Light

We’re through the first week of the new year, and yet doesn’t it feel like it’s been much longer? If you’re in the States it’s a lot right now. The pandemic is raging, almost 4,000 people are dying a day, and there’s been no national strategy to deal with the grief. On Wednesday, there was a group of domestic terrorists who stormed the Capital in DC. And on top of that, I’ve been sick (not a group issue, but in the middle of all the other issues it’s felt much bigger than my little body aches normally would).

There have been a few times when I haven’t know what to say here on the site, or how to deal with big events. It’s not that I don’t think fashion matters or that fashion is disconnected from the stories we’re telling. I do. And it’s not that I don’t have opinions or view points, believe me I do.
However, there is still a part of me that doesn’t know what to say- acknowledge all the things, go all in on the things, or ignore all the things and keep this space as a pure respite.
I know that there is not a right answer, but the balance has been weighing on me.

Investment Piece: Looking for Light
Investment Piece: Looking for Light
Investment Piece: Looking for Light

Part of the promise and appeal of a new year (for me at least), is the light. Not a chance to completely redo ourselves, but evolve a bit, and reach for the light a little bit more. All of the things – the pandemic, the riot, the sick? In it all, I’ve been wanting more light. Not the little kid version where things are magically ok (though if you can do that, I’m all in!), but the light where we actively turn and choose the good. Sometimes the light takes work.

I got a light set and backdrop for Christmas (I’m really excited about it). What I’ve learned so far? I can’t just turn on the light- I have to angle towards it, set up more than one, adjust to it. A metaphor? Here’s hoping. I have no answers for all the things that we’re facing, but know that we’ll need to work together and to work towards the light.

Be kind. Wear your mask. Face the truth. Take your allergy meds. And here’s to us reaching for the light.
Thank you for your patience for me while I find our voice in these times, if there is anything you would like to see in this space, I’m all ears!

This is where I feel weird-but if you want to shop these outfits, I can help with that!
Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: looking for light
This dress is vintage but I found you options here

And here are some similar knits and skirts:

Hitting the Ground……

Investment Piece:Hitting the Ground....

It’s the first Monday of the new year. We did it! We got this far…..and now what?
Are you hitting the ground running?
Or just hitting the ground?

I had high hopes for my holiday- a mix of rest, work, getting ahead, starting the new year on the best notes.
And I did rest (turns out I was much more tired than I thought) and I did work. But all the lofty ideas I had? I didn’t get them done.

But I’m not feeling bad about it (I have a whole year and month and week to get everything done), and while I may not be running I did splat on the ground. That’s something, right?

Investment Piece: In my Robe

The most surprising thing to me? How much rest I’ve needed. We’ve been at home most of the year, things are scaled back- and I still am surprised every time I was stressed! 2020 was a hard year. It’s ok that you (me) may need time. It’s ok to ease into the new year.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’ve spent most of my holiday letting myself really rest, not getting dressed up, not pushing myself. And though it’s Monday- I’m excited. About this year. What’s to come. All the things I plan on wearing.

Investment Piece: Hitting the Ground....

I’m still working on my goals and my plans and how to get after this year. BUT. I have so many outfits to wear and share (and while I love my sweats, I’m looking forward to getting dressed!), new series to share, and updates to implement. It’s fair that 2020 made us a bit cautious. It’s fair to be moving slow. I’m also feeling hope- and for now, that’s enough.

What are you looking forward to this year? How were your holidays? Are you like me and still moving slow or did you hit the ground running?
I want to hear about all of it!