Prairie Dresses: Do You Need One?

Investment Piece: Do you need a prairie dress?

Little House on the Prairie (Both the show and the books) was one of my favorites growing up. Ask me about prairie dresses, and I want to tell you stories of independence, Ma and Pa, and battling the elements. There were days when I made my sister wear a bonnet, I had one too, and we pretended that we were traveling the country, standing up for ourselves as we went. Prairie dresses were a thing I did.

Now, ask me about prairie dresses and I envision a maxi (most likely floral) with detailed sleeves. I might even want to pair one with combat boots and explore the line between feminine and edgy. Prairie dresses.

Investment Piece: Prairie Dresses

So, what exactly is a prairie dress? And do you need one?

Google prairie dress and you’ll be in for a treat (and lots of shopping). Collectively, we can concure that a prairie dress is a high necked (mostly), modest dress, most likely ruffled, that combines romanticism and melancholy. And loves, they are in-no matter what story you want to tell with them.

Which leads us to the question: do you need one?
Yes, I’m allowing for the possibility that you already have one, this isn’t the first time that a prairie dress has captivated the fashion scene.
And yes, I think you need one.
Stories are not only about what we say, but what we don’t. Modest, maxi dresses give you a chance to play with that.

Investment Piece: Prairie Dresses

We know that I love a good juxatipositon, and I can’t think of a better one than something romantic paired with something edgy. I love prairie dresses with boots, sneakers, and of course heels.
And not every prairie dress has to be super girly. With our wide range of options, there are prairie dresses sans Ruffles, flowers, bows, but that capture the high neck and sleeves — I also love a good detail and prairie dresses deliver.

I’ve linked some of my favorite prairie dresses below. What story will you tell with them?

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Investment Piece: Prairie Dress

Riding Hood

Investment Piece: Riding Hood
Investment Piece: Riding Hood
Investment Piece: Riding Hood
Investment Piece: Riding Hood
Investment Piece: Riding Hood
Investment Piece: Riding Hood

She loved adventure. And while that could scare those around her who loved to stay home; she trusted that she would be protected. So, when the call came (and it always did), she would wrap herself in her trust and her hood and head into the wild.

Maybe it was the bright color, maybe it was the unshakable belief that she could face anything or anyone; but, when she wore her hood she was unstoppable. She met the obstacles in her path with love, she was curious about differences, and she left a smile when made her way back.

And all those wolves with big eyes and big teeth? Turns out kindness and a pink hood calm them down. Talk about a riding hood.


I have a thing for hoods-the way that they fall when they aren’t up, the way that they let you hide away if you need to. Color blocking? (Yes, that is a hot pink coat with a red skirt). I’m in. The pieces are Amberleaf, some of my women owned favorites. You can refresh here, here, and here. You can still enter the code RACHELADELICA when you shop Amberleaf here. This coat is from their cashmere collection–I had the chance to play in so many of their coats, and I can only say if staying warm and looking chic is important to you, these are must buys.

Do I think that you need a hooded coat? Yes. And that you should color block? Yes. I think that there are many adventures to be had, and that these type of pieces might be needed for them.

These boots are Celine (yes, Pheobe) and one of my prized possessions.

Shop Amberleaf above and I’ve linked similar items below for you.
Where shall we go adventuring today?

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Sunday Chronicles: Singles Day

Investment Piece: Florals

Apparently, today is Singles’ Day! Is this a thing? According to the multiple emails I’ve gotten letting me know I can get 11% off in celebration, yes.

I have questions.

Now, I’m in no way against single people having a day (there’s a payback for Valentine’s Day). But, like Valentine’s Day, I wonder if this is simply a day to encourage shopping? (Hey, I make a living that way, so I can’t be too critical.) Of course, Singles’ Day can be anything we make it. (If we make up holidays, we can make up rules) So, here’s my take on Singles’ Day.

Let’s do it.
I’m in.
However, instead of focusing on being single (which is amazing if you think about it), let’s just make it a celebration of self love. Self love, and being single, gets a lot of press, but real talk? Self love, and being single, isn’t easy. It’s not just face masks and sales. Sometimes, it’s removing yourself from toxic situations (delete his number and you don’t have to be friends with people who are mean to you). It may mean that you have to push yourself harder (your goals won’t reach themselves), or say yes or no to things that are hard (but worth it). Self love, and Singles’ Day, may mean you’re at home alone when it’s easier to be out.

These things are hard. And you do deserve to be celebrated for them. Especially as we go into what is often the craziest time of the year, you deserve a little treat. I hope that you do something today to support yourself, be it a day in or out, hard or easy.

And because there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a face mask or a sale, I’ve linked some of my picks for Singles’ Day below.

Here’s to us!

Wishing us all a week of self-love and amazing shoes! Xo RA

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My Singles’ Day Picks for Face Masks and Instagram Self Care: (some are $3!)

Nordstrom is having a sale. You should shop it:

Need Supply Co is one of my favorite online shops. From the unique to the trendy, the quality is amazing, they have brands I love, and the customer service is 100! For Singles’ Day you can take 11% off your order with the code SELFLOVE. This is what I’m lusting after:

Happy Singles’ Day Shopping!! Xo

The weather has finally gotten colder! And I’m laid up in bed with what’s either a cold or the worst allergies ever. What’s keeping me sane? Sales. Shopping. Soup. These picks are what I’m lusting after while I’m resting on the couch (and watching the Office. Yes, again) And these Friday Sales have a little something for everyone!

Happy shopping!

Dresses, Jeans, Boots, oh my!

All the coats that will make this season better:

And a little bit of everything:

Personal Shopping Stories

Investment Piece: How to Copy

I’m such a big fan of using our fashion to tell our stories. You’ve heard me say this before, right? That part of the magic of fashion is that on any given day that you can be something new. My goal is to inspire you with my outfit posts, I hope you get ideas, and maybe encouragement to wear things that you really love.

That being said, I get that my sense of style isn’t for everyone. It can’t be, it’s personal. There are times that I may wear things a little too daring or not-daring, not appropriate for work or too many party dresses. Or, there’s just a good chance that instead of getting my takes on layering, you just want to wear a big sweater and call it a day. All of that is valid.

Investment Piece: Look a Like

Why bring this up? I know that when we chat personal shopping it can be overwhelming, and you need to trust that all choices presented are true to you, not me. And the only way I can assure you that when I shop for you, I put you first, is to talk about it.

The Process
Maybe you want something you’ve seen me wear here or on Instagram. Or, maybe you want something similar. Maybe you want me to do your gift shopping for you. There’s a little form I have you fill out: you let me know things like not only what you’re looking for, but things you won’t even consider, things you’re open to, style icons, etc. then you relax while I get to shopping. We keep in touch, I send you options, you send me feedback, we get you the perfect item.

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, pink, floral, Gucci, CA, TX, breast cancer awareness

Personal shopping, right?

But, perhaps the best story I can tell you about personal shopping with me is my mom’s story. I love my mom, and she’s my biggest supporter. Our styles? Not really the same. I’ve written about hers here.
However, shopping? Shopping I know–even if it’s not my style. So, my mom trusted me to help her get some new things. She was looking for some updates; needed some clothes for the weekend, updated tops, jeans, and to in general look more pulled together. Though she was skeptical at first, I knew that the first thing we needed to update was her fit. Mom was stuck in the (way too common belief) that if you want to hide parts of your body you oversize your clothes. Oversize and baggy clothes have their place, but for the most part, if your clothes are too big, you’ll look bigger than you are.

Investment Piece: Personal Shopping Stories

So we got some fitted jeans. Which go with anything from classic tops to shirts. (She even went with a sheer option that could be worn with a camisole). We found some pants that could be “business casual”. Everything is true to my mom-covering what she wanted covered, colors she loves, and she was open to listening about what I saw that needed to be fixed.

What are you looking for? How can we shop for you?

I would love to help you tell your story, no matter what your need. Email me at, we’ll chat pricing (upfront) and timelines!

xo RA

In the Stars

Investment Piece: In the Stars
Investment Piece: In the Stars
Investment Piece: In the Stars
Investment Piece: In the Stars
Investment Piece: In the Stars

Upon her birth, her parents announced that “A Star is Born”. But what did that mean? That she was the apple of her parent’s eye, their own little live show? Was it that her parents could see the constellations inside her, that would occasionally burn out of her? Or was it that her fate or path or guidance would be heaven sent, and that was just a reminder to look up?

Being in the stars isn’t always a straightforward thing. She did her best to shine daily, even if it meant burning out and being reborn each night. She looked up, sometimes spending too much time in the clouds. She rubbed with the human stars, making stories.

And little by little, the stars shared her secrets with her, helping her find her way. So, she put her stars on her clothes so she could share them with you.

Investment Piece: In the Stars

I’m a big fan of using fashion to tell our stories, and stars are part of mine. Patterns can be subtle (like above) or bold like here and here (just a few samples). Maybe it’s not the stars you love, but the astrology? I also love this print in the shirt version, available at Madewell.
These jeans are vintage inspired. A note about vintage jeans: they’re amazing (the view from behind), but remember to size up, there’s no stretch to them, and the fit can be a little different. I love them!
And there’s no reason to be scared of double denim. Worst case? You’re ready for a casual party!

I’ve linked similar items below (including these exact jeans), I’d love to know: what do you were to tell your stories?


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Sunday Chronicles: The Holidays are Coming!

Investment Piece: Happy Holidays

We’re done with Halloween. And full speed into the holiday season.

Ok, if we’re honest, the rush into the holiday season started before Halloween. I went costume shopping for bits and pieces 2 weeks ago, my local craft store was taken over by Christmas. The rush to get to the holidays and Christmas? That’s another post. But we can’t hide our heads in the sand now, the holidays are coming!

Which is exciting! They don’t call the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year for nothing! Traditions, treats, cocktail parties, time with friends and family, snow (hopefully!), gifts, and all the trimmings. There are things that are only holiday activities and I love them all. From the build up to the actual days when we celebrate, I’ve always been a fan of the holidays. Yes, I’m the one who loves putting lights and decorations and cooking. That’s just the tip of my holiday iceberg.

But. The holidays can be a very difficult time. Sometimes it’s hard to be with our family and friends. We may be missing people. The stress from the traditions, trimmings, parties, treats, gifts, and all the holidays things can be overwhelming. One of my best Thanksgivings was spent alone eating what I wanted, watching football, and doing laundry. I get it.

Yes, let’s not forget Thanksgiving!

As stressful as the holidays can be, we’re here to help! Starting in two weeks, our gift guide series will start! And we’d love some feedback! Do you like category gift guides (i.e. For him/for her/stocking stuffers/etc)? Or do you want budget based gift guides (i.e. Under $100/etc?) Or do you want a combo of them? My goal is to make holiday shopping SO easy on you, so let me know what guides would help you the most!

And speaking of being helpful, I know that many of you hate holiday shopping. I get that. For the holiday season, I’m running a special on my personal shopping services. From doing it all for you to just emailing options, there are ways to get me to the hard work for you. Prices start at $25 an hour, and I’d love to custom make a package that fits your needs! Email me at!

Wishing us all a week of holiday calm and amazing shoes! Xo RA


Investment Piece: Disco Baby
Investment Piece: #discobaby
Investment Piece: #DiscoBaby
Investment Piece: #discobaby
Investment Piece: #disobaby

The thing about a classic? It can be anything. One of the most versatile things you can invest in for your closet is a wrap dress. **

** if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, get on it! You’ll get my top 10 investment pieces and spoiler alert! A wrap dress is on it.

But back to the disco (baby). Why did I feel like disco? A little bit of Halloween, a little bit of holiday party season coming, and just a little bit of needing to dress up. Sometimes, that’s all it is. The thing about a wrap dress? It can be ALL of those things. Just take this look–you could have been a #discobaby for Halloween, it’s perfect for all those upcoming cocktail parties, or just a fun look on the weekend. Or weeknight. I don’t judge.

And the thing is–the next morning you can throw on sneakers with a wrap dress, you’re good to go. Or boots. I happen to love the hose with sandals look, it’s so chic (and a little disco). And the thing about disco? It doesn’t have to be big or over the top. Disco can be the little details, or metallic accersories, or anything that implies you might be down to dance. I know, I know, disco implies a lot of things. What if we took the meaning of the word back?

This wrap dress is from a few years ago (I love the gold detail, yes, it inspired the disco), but I found you similar ones! I am a firm believer that hose are a thing you should always have on hand, it’s part of my Texan upbringing. And these shoes? My go-to’s. They’re from quite a few seasons ago, but I got your back and have linked similar ones below!

What kind of disco will you be hitting?


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Investment Piece: #discobaby
Off to disco!

Fashion Story: Costumes.

Loves, we know that I have this thing about all the fashion that we keep in our closets. I think it’s a part of how we tell our stories. (Fashion Story, get it?) Sometimes we hang onto the things that we wear all the time, and that’s a story. But sometimes, we hang on to things that we don’t always wear. Maybe it’s something that represents something we hope for, or aspire to be. Sometimes, maybe it’s a thing we are dealing with, and learning to let go.

Today, let’s chat costumes. Yes, Halloween. But also things like dance costumes. Yes, I was a dancer growing up, and there are a ton of recital costumes that I just can’t seem to get rid of! Let’s chat about it!

I’d love to know: what are the things you can’t get rid of? Are you holding onto any costumes? I want to hear about everything!!


A Cord Story

Investment Piece: A Cord Story
Investment Piece: A Cord Story
Investment Piece: A Cord Story
Investment Piece: A cord story
Investment Piece: A cord story
Investment Piece: A Cord Story

Cords. Keeping us all in the fall spirit since we were babies. In fact, what’s fall without a cord story?

Especially with our cord offerings this season. From wide legs to skirts, to suits, wide cords, fine cords, in every color of the rainbow. Cords are both a denim like staple, and a statement. I love this dark navy hue (it’s a neutral) and the cropped legs. It feels both easy and dressed up. And I’ve paired them with almost everything I own. How’s that for a cord story?

I’ve linked some of my favorite cord pieces below. I’d love to know: what’s your cord story?


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

You can shop this exact look here. And my cord picks: