Swim Suit Round Up

Investment Piece: Swim Suit Round Up

You may or may not be traveling this weekend for Memorial Day, maybe you’ll be getting in the water; either way, this time of year lends itself to the panic that calls itself “swimsuit season”. I have good news for you! If you have a body, you have a beach body–simply go to the beach. (I’m not arguing that point, we’re all beautiful and there is no rule about what you should feel comfortable in. I still want my mom to get in the water with me, so I have little patience for all the stories we tell ourselves about how swimsuit season should go. And yes, I say that as one who has to give herself pep talks for crop tops). That rant being over, let’s be real, the overwhelming options and the quest to find a suit that is both practical and makes us feel good can make it seem like finding a swim suit is an impossible quest.

Investment Piece: Swim Suit Round up
Investment Piece: Swim Suit Round Up

Now, I have a weird confession: I love swim suits. I do! Not that I don’t have to give myself my own rant and pep talk, but I love that there are endless options-I wear them with jeans/skirt/shorts. I have a thing for vintage swim wear (see last year’s post on that here, and you can look forward to more vintage swim wear this summer!) or (promise not to laugh) we can look back on one of my very first posts about wearing swim wear with “street” clothes here. I recently read that every woman should have a great one piece and a great two piece as options, that’s something that I can get behind! Below I’ve curated some of my fave swim suits this season (and cover ups too!). I’d love to know–do you love swim suits (and the water) as much as I do? Do you mix them with your street clothes? What are you looking to add to your collection this year?

Happy Swim Suit Shopping!! It’s not scary when we do it together, right? XO RA

My current fave swimsuits:

Great cover up options:

And don’t forget the sunglasses:

Trend to try: Sequin Summer Bags

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Sequin Summer BAgs

Sequin as a trend is nothing new; we all have our pick of sequin bags, tops, pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, and even bows! But sequin summer bags? This season I’ve begun to see sequins on straw bags and clutches usually carried in the warmer months. Sequins on a beach? In the afternoon? Paired with straw?

Loves, I’m on board! These aren’t the stuffy sequins you may be picturing, or over-the-top creations; but for a season that encourages fun and rose’ at lunch, why shouldn’t we have sequins? I’m loving the casual takes on the style, the beach bags that get elevated, and the sense of joy that they bring even to cut offs! I’ve collected some of my faves for you to look through below. I’d love to know: is this a trend you’ll be trying?

Happy Shopping! XO RA

Ready for Flight

Investment Piece: Ready for Flight
Investment Piece: Ready for Flight
Investment Piece: REady for Flight
Investment Piece: Ready for Flight

Loves, I often have encouraged you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things in your fashion. Wanna know a secret? It’s hard for me, too. It can be hard to try a new thing, but the upside is that sometimes you find something new–and it fits right in. We know I’m a fan of jumpsuits, and I’m open to color. However, I never thought of myself as a “uniform” gal (blame it on commercial head shots, or old pics of a Boy Scout shirt that I used to wear “ironically” that I now realize was just-not good), but I kept away from vintage like this flight suit. Then, one night I was a friend’s pop up, and on a whim I tried it on–and loves I’m so glad I did. A bit out of my “range”? Maybe, but it fits!

I love the color, the zippers, the fact that it’s a flight suit, but not overt. It goes amazing with heels, and great with sneakers. It’s been out to a cocktail party, and worn with sneakers for a more casual day. I love it with these gold necklaces (vintage Monet-read about them here and Cassandra’s Collections, one of my faves!) but it also can stand alone. It’s not me, but it fit my style. I love it! The lesson? Trying new things is good for you!
Or at least, finding new clothes that fit you perfectly is not something to pass up.

What’s something that you didn’t think you’d love but you do?


This jumpsuit is vintage from The Keep Vintage” and these heels are my fave Brian Atwoods! Shop my similar picks below!

Investment Piece: Ready for Flight

Sunday Chronicles: Effortless

Investment Piece: Effortless

There is a myth, or ideal really, that most American women–especially those who love fashion adhere to; that being “French”, or effortless is something to aspire to being. That somehow to be able to throw on anything and have it look perfect,to have your hair fall perfectly everyday; that it is possible to not really try and that you will look perfect and things will work out. And here’s the thing–this is true sometimes. We all have days where our hair is somehow perfect, and no matter what we put on it looks great, our careers and relationships just seem to click and flow; and everything requires minimal effort. I do love effortless days–they make everything seem easy and doable.

On the other hand, the great Tom Ford has said “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. I’m not saying to dress well and being effortless are mutually exclusive–but as much as we strive for effortless, let’s be honest–we all experience the other side of the coin too. We all have days where we have to think about what we wear, try on many options–put effort into our clothes. We have days where we have to spend time on hair and make-up, maybe put in extra effort into our relationships and career because it is needed. Is this effort a bad thing? Hopefully it pays off– and let’s be honest , there are times when putting in the effort is fun, it feels good to try sometimes.

So are these the only two options–putting in effort or being effortless? Are there the types of people who have to try and those who don’t? I don’t have all the answers–I know, that bums me out too. I do think that all of us are both of these types though. I believe that we are all capable of effortless days–and all have days where effort is required. Here’s the big epiphany- I don’t think that one is better than the other. Days where everything from your t-shirt to hair to relationship and career just work are amazing and you should cherish them. Days where you have to think and try for your outfit, lipstick, conversations and meetings are also amazing and you should cherish them.

Maybe effort and effortless are two sides of the same coin; maybe we need one to appreciate the other. Maybe aspiring to effortless is something you should do; maybe trying, even trying too hard occasionally, is something you should do too. All I know is that both can feel good–and that both kinds of days can be good. So this is my wish for us all: great days this week–whether that means you have to put effort into your hair or not.

xo RA


Investment Piece: I HEART YOU
Investment Piece: I HEART YOU
Investment Piece: I HEART YOU
Investment PIece: I HEART YOU
Investment Piece: I HEART YOU

Heart prints? They aren’t just for little girls and en masse Valentine cards. I have to admit, I’m not a sweet dresser. I like bows, hearts, pink, but like an edge; so when I pick bows, pinks, and hearts I like them edgy. This Rixio UK dress fits the bill. I love that the heart print is subtle, the off the shoulder, and bias cut. It’s a heart dress, with just enough edge for a heart like mine, and who can beat that?

I’ve worn with dress to a tea (Alice in Wonderland themed so it was a perfect fit!), and with sneakers for a casual happy hour. I originially bought this dress in the thought that it would be great for Valentine’s Day, a way to wear hearts without being saccrine; I didn’t wear it then, but have loved that this print has fit in at all other occasions. Here, I love the juxatipositon with the green shoes, and how perfect were these flowers we stumbled upon??

In case you didn’t know about Rixio UK- I love them! They’re a London based company, all products are done in silk–often with vintage patterns and fabrics! The designs are fun, edgy, and just a hint of sweet, and simply perfect. They fit true to size and there’s something for everyone. You can find Rixio on their site Rixio UK or at Net-a-Porter.

Hope your Friday is just sweet enough! I HEART THIS DRESS AND YOU! XO RA

Shop my picks below:

Check out the new arrivals at Mod Cloth and get 20% off:

Investment Piece: I HEART YOU


Loves! As we head into the last stretch of spring and the beginning of summer, there’s a lot on our calendar, and a lot of shopping to be done! Luckily for you: I’m here to help!

Memorial Day sales are coming! And loves, we’re starting today! Some of my faves from sales starting now can be found here:

Love all things Reese Witherspoon like I do? Her clothing line, Draper James, is now at Nordstrom! Shop my picks below:

And loves, I have a shopping opprotunty for you! A dear friend has started a Luxury Retail Club. He sent me the following press release:
Luxury Retail Club Members
Los Angeles, California- Entrepreneurial and film actor Johnny Kera has started a new business of selling for luxury brand items, but not what you think of opening a brick and mortar store in Beverly Hills or New York’s Fifth Avenue. Instead, Kera created a club membership of where the well-to-do and Hollywood’s A-listers can shop luxury items such as Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors and other unique items at wholesale cost. His secret? Johnny has spent ten years of his life working in advertising and public relations working with start-up companies from hair-care products to tech companies. Kera has been able to gain access to some of these companies’ stock and offer several products in luxury items at wholesale costs. Membership fees start at $2,500 a year and can reach upwards to $30,000 a year for other services, including travel arrangements, hotels, airlines, private jets and luxury car rentals. Non-members can purchase the same items as the members do, but at full price of retailers sell on Kera’s Amazon and eBay sites (amazon.com/shops/KeraEnterprises, eBay: @johnnysattic523). Its not really a concierge service company, its merely a service where luxury goods can be purchased at a steal!
How to join? Contact John Kera via his Instagram and Facebook accounts: Instagram @johnnysattic523 Facebook: facebook.com/johnnysattic. The deals can come by a special requests over the phone, Skype or text about certain things such as a need for a scarf, a dress for a special engagement or simply needing a new headphone by Beats by Dr. Dre. Other items can be bought such as toys, antiques, jewelry, cologne, perfume, shoes (athletic and non-athletic) and the list will be added down the line.

I’ve seen some of the items and if you’re a fan of luxury resale this may be for you! You can also follow John’s advertures on his YouTube channel!

Wedding season is rapidly approaching. One option to all those events: rent your dress! You can show up to every wedding in a new outfit, at a fraction of the cost, and without worrying about closet space! Rent the Runway is offering a deal for first time customers!

And lastly: many of you have asked how to shop my looks! It’s easy! My looks (even my #ootds on Instagram) can be found under the My Looks! Tab over on the menu bar. The products you see under every outfit post
will take you directly to my picks. Follow me on Pintrest? My pins are shoppable. And I can be found on the ShopStyle page here. Soon there will be subscribe feature via ShopStyle that will make getting my looks in your inbox easier! Have a particular item you’re looking for? Email me at racheladelicia@investmentpiece.com and I will help you find it!

Happy Shopping! XO RA


Investment Piece: Strapped
Investment Piece: Strapped
Investment Piece: Strapped
Investment Piece: Strapped
Investment Piece: Strapped

I have nothing against the “Candian” or “Texan” tuxedo. I actually think that it can be akin to wearing a monochrome look–just with denim. And in the heat of summer, yes it already feels like summer, I have to admit that I throw on my cutoffs on, and I am a huge fan of denim shirts; I run around in variations of this outfit all summer long. But because you know me well by now, you know that there are times when I can’t leave well enough alone, I have to add a contrast to an outfit, a pop. Loves, my new fave thing for that very purpose are these ankle straps- they can be worn together, seperately, with any shoes, on your wrist. The possibilities are truly endless. And I love this color!

These Attico ankle straps come in different colors (some are studded–which could be so fun!) and can be found here. I’m planning on putting them on with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses–hopefully the ankle straps will distract from the heat!

And a non-fashion related tip: walking around half built houses is fun! My mom and I love imagining what it will look like when it’s done. And not a bad place for a photo shoot!

I’d love to know: would you wear these straps? With what?


Shop my picks below:

Investment Piece: Strapped

Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

By now the Met Gala, theme of Rei Kawakubo, has come and gone–you probably have an opinion about the red carpet, and may agree with me that Rhianna won it (just because she stuck to the theme). What you may not have is a wide understanding of Rei Kawakubo, her designs, and her label Comme des Garçons. Loves, you should know. Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons are fashion in its highest form, and I don’t mean that you’ll find the perfect LBD; but in the sense that clothing will be playful, fantastical, experiment with shape, form, and gender roles, push boundaries, and be a calling to something higher.

Comme des Garçons and Kawakubo are known for original designs, big shapes, non-genderconforming designs, and mixing tailored pieces with corsets. The first few collections were done in only black, white and gray; and the runway shows to this day are more performance art than collection presentation. Comme des Garçons were the first to present designs that seem conventional now: unfinished hems, asymmetry, black, overblown and deconstructed silhouettes; what we wear today holds a debt of gratitude to these collections that read more like poetry than a standard runway. Kawakubo is known for playing with these themes:
-design/not design
-clothes/not clothes
These these run through every collection and are on view in the 150 outfits on view at the Met.
Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Rei Kawakubo was born in Tokyo in 1942, the oldest of 3 and the only girl.After college she took a job in advertising/textiles, but also worked as a freelance stylist. With no design background, Kawakubo started her line in 1973, opening her first boutique in Toyko in 75. Comme des Garçons grew, adding a men’s line in 78, presenting in Paris in 81, and opening a Paris boutique in 82. Kawakubo now splits time between Paris and Toyko. Known for powerful and directional design that’s been called “radical abandonment of conventions” and “stunningly audacious”. Kawakubo not only dares to rework the relationship of clothes to the body, she involves herself in all business aspects from graphic design to advertising to shop interiors. However, Rei Kawakubo is till thought of as a recluse, an extreme introvert who keeps to herself; even though she is a fashion icon, she doesn’t think of herself that way.
Investment Piece: Designer Spoltight: Rei Kawakubo

Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons have inspired all aspects of fashion, as well as sub labels such as Junya Watanbe, Tao Kurihara, and Comme des Garçons Tricot. There are also several collaborations Comme des Garçons participated in including ones with :Fred Perry, Converse, Speedo, Nike, Moncler, Lacoste, Cutler and Gross, Chrome Hearts, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Supreme (all of which might be found on a luxury resale site or eBay). Much of what we wear or think is cool is owed to Kawakubo.

Shocked that someone who is a self admitted shy girl can design clothes that make such loud statements? I’m not. Isn’t that part of the fun of fashion? It speaks for us, when we can’t? In fact my favorite quote about Kawakubo comes from Paul Gaultier, who said:
“I believe that Kawakubo is a woman with extreme courage. She is a person with exceptional strength. Moreover, she has a poetic spirit. When I see her creations, I feel the spirit of a young girl. A young girl who still has innocence and is a bit romantic. Yet she also has an aspect of a fighting woman, one who fears nothing as she thrusts forward.”
If your clothes can say all that, what else is left to say?

I’d love to know: what are your thoughts on Rei Kawakubo and the Met Gala?


Shop some Comme des Garçons here:

And shop one of my fave luxury resale websites:
90% off luxury consignment

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Summer Black

Investment Piece: Summer Black
Investment Piece: Summer Black
Investment Piece: Summer Black
Investment Piece: Summer Black
Investment Piece: Summer Black

Early last week I was told that this dress was a perfect solution for wearing black in Summer. Loves, this is where I confess: I didn’t know that we had to look for ways to wear black (call it my inner New Yorker, but I’m not a native New Yorker), even in Summer. Maybe you subscribe to the theory that even dark colors should be “Summer-ized”. Maybe you think black is a year round color. And we can all agree that no matter where you fall on that spectrum no one thinks heavy fabrics and heat are a great combo. Loves, no matter what you want to debate from those theories, this black dress (For Love & Lemons) is simply perfect for the summer months. Sheer, with Swiss dots, and a adjustable neckline, it would look great with heels at a Summer soirée, great with sandals, or over a bathing suit for a day at your favorite body of water. I personally believe that black is a seasonless color, but this may be the perfect Summer black. And with these espadrilles and hat? Let’s Summer–in black of course!

Austin Loves–I got this dress at Lively Collective (@livelycollective on Instagram and on South 1st), and that little shop is quickly becoming one of my fave places to shop when I’m in town! It’s full of boho, beachy, and local treasures–everything you need to get you through the summer (and yes, even some black!) Happy Shopping!


Shop my picks below:

And if you prefer to rent your Summer looks:

Investment Piece: Summer Black

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you’re having an amazing day celebrating your mom, I hope you’re being celebrated if you’re a mom, and I hope you’re having a great Sunday!

Wishing us all a week of love and amazing shoes! XO RA