Not Forgotten

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

I got this dress this winter, in February, when it wasn’t quite warm. I kept meaning to shoot it. It looked great with boots, and there was a time when it was my favorite thing to throw on over leggings and a sports bra to go to Pilates in.

Then lockdown. My wardrobe went from things I wanted to be seen in to a lot of workout and lounge wear. Which hasn’t been a bad thing. But it means that there are things that were forgotten.

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

Last week I pulled it to the front of my closet. And I began to wear it. It’s great with sandals, over my bathing suits, with sneakers, and as a Caftan around the house.
It made me think of all the clothes that may be forgotten in our closets right now- the business suits, the formal dresses, jeans. How can we not forget them? I don’t think it’s about wearing these pieces in the way that we did, or the way we thought we would (though that happens too!). I bet there is so much in your closet that could brighten your day, if it was not forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m still in leggings a lot. And the world is still uncertain. But I’m doing my best to not forget my clothes. If that means getting dressed up or wearing something in a way I hadn’t thought of- I’m not forgetting my clothes. What about you? What are you wearing? What could you be? What are you forgetting?

This dress is vintage Albert Nipon and I’ve linked you both vintage Albert Nipon pieces and modern zebra prints (yes. This is a classic shape, and the details, and it has pockets! I love the play on animal print. I highly recommend it all!)


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Get the modern look:

Or if vintage is your thing:

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

I Can’t Seperate My Anxiety from my Obession with Fashion and Beauty

Investment Piece: ANXIETY

Note: This is a repost from Fashoinista, you can see the original here. The author is Maura Brannigan and when I read it I fell in love. Many of us suffer with anxiety and depression. I’m not immune to that. My anxiety can make many things difficult, and there are times when planning my outfits gives me peace. Especially now, when we are all a little stressed, I can’t help but come up with various outfits to wear (where I would wear them to is another story!). I related to this article and I hope you do too! XO RA

When I was in fourth grade, I realized I could not, for lack of a better phrase, see shit. It occurred to me abruptly, in the middle of a math lesson. My table was in the mid-back of the classroom, and as my teacher was doing whatever she was doing on the overhead projector, I began panicking when things I should have been able to read appeared blurry, like someone had sneakily slid Vaseline over my eyeballs at recess. My tiny body felt hot and immobile, suddenly much too big for its chair; if I willed myself just so, I wondered, could I drop through the linoleum and leave a searing hole in my place? At least that way, none of my classmates would have to see me in the inevitable, which I knew to be glasses.

Sure enough: I emerged from LensCrafters several days later, bummed about my newfound ailment but also absolutely amazed at the detail I could now see. (“Leaves!” I remember announcing to my dad as we left the store. “They look like that?!”)

I see now that this was, probably, one of my earlier panic attacks. There were other incidents, too, like my first day of kindergarten when I sat alone, my social anxiety revving up while I silently, maniacally brainstormed conversation topics I could present to my new peers. My anxiety has always been there. It sits on my shoulder, alerts me that something is off and then vacates the building. It is very flighty. But it has legs.

Like so many people with anxiety, or with depression, or with any number of mood disorders, I find my security in plans. I’ve never met a list I didn’t just devour. And as with so many others, my anxiety is often triggered when I’m thrown off schedule. When I sense my symptoms — sometimes mental, like a weird, morose dread, or sometimes physical, like shortness of breath or stomach knots — I take comfort in pattern. Much has been said in recent years about how elaborate beauty routines, sometimes Korean ones, can help fight depression. I get that wholly.

When I was younger (and there was also much less visibility surrounding mental health), I deduced on my own that if I could regulate every last element of what was happening on the outside of my body, it could have lasting effects on what was going on inside that makes me want to barrel through floors. Even today, my obsession with the fashion and beauty industries is inextricably linked to my expectation that looking nice, looking exactly what I want to look like, will leave me, finally, feeling at ease.

The degree to which I go about planning is methodical at one end of the spectrum and neurotic at the other. There was the year that “The Parent Trap” was released on VHS, and my 10-year-old brain became so embarrassingly infatuated with Hallie Parker that I took pen-to-paper notes on her wardrobe each time I watched. There was my first day of seventh grade in which, after a summer of intensive mood-boarding, I showed up to school in a truly wild, 1970s-inspired ensemble complete with bell bottoms and brown suede boots. My efforts backfired, and I was snickered at with such gusto that I felt I had no choice but to change into my gym clothes. (I wasn’t so much upset, per se, as I was frustrated that my classmates didn’t yet know how to appreciate a proper “lewk.”) There was the month-long stretch — I was, maybe, 15 — when I decided having Pantene Pro-V commercial hair would eliminate all my adolescent woes. When I realized that it did not and it would not, I felt like I had been stabbed in the back by that very shampoo bottle.

My relationship with fashion and beauty products has helped me cope. And over the years, I’ve accumulated a collection of stuff — skin-care, aromatherapy, supplements, whatever — that I’ve turned to time and again to make me feel in control.

Most of that regimen has some physiological benefit, as I’ve learned through years and years of product testing. Bedtime is my scariest time; it can take what is essentially witchcraft to get me asleep. I keep a lavender sachet on my bedside table, which I let sit on my chest for a few minutes when I first climb into bed. I love a pillow spray, as well, the most effective variety of which I’ve found to be the mega-popular Deep Sleep Pillow Spray with lavender, vetiver and camomile from This Works. The hype is not misplaced; after several months of use, the brand’s name holds up.

Mornings, though, are easy. I began taking Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine, with my breakfast about two years ago, per the recommendation of my doctor. (Obviously, supplements aren’t for everyone, and you should always check with your own doctor before starting them.) Both Google and my doctor say that Ashwagandha helps lower cortisol, balance thyroid hormones and combat stress. I say that, yes, it does do that, but I don’t know if it’s the placebo of taking, doing, planning that helps more.

Last winter posed a new kind of challenge. None of my regular tricks seemed to do what I needed them to do. Neither did the calendar-planning, nor the additional pages of lists I scribbled in an attempt to coax myself into stillness. I felt lost, and disheartened, and guilty for feeling any of it. I felt guilty for being rattled when I knew so many others had it much worse than I did. I felt guilty for comparing my own anxiety to that of others, when my mental health was mine and mine alone. I felt guilty for saying no to my closest friends in an attempt to prioritize “self-care,” a hot new phrase I felt guilty for not knowing if I was practicing correctly. I felt guilty for being a selfish partner, and I felt guilty that my boyfriend had to see me as a person I myself didn’t recognize.

Some evenings, I would come home and immediately lie down on the kitchen floor, not bothering to take off my coat or scarf or hat. If my partner was home, he and our dog would join, three warm bodies sardined between the stove and sink. That guilt, of feeling him planking next to me when I knew that he, too, didn’t know how to help me, was worst of all.

I would get up, eventually. And soon, it became days, then weeks, then months, since my last time on the kitchen floor. I just kept doing what I knew worked: letting objects, like hand lotion that smells like my mom, work their material, aspirational magic, and healing from the outside in. An advertiser’s dream.

I feel guilty for that, too. Fashion and beauty products are, of course, just “things.” But we all know “things” can also carry real, emotional weight and become so much more. Why should I judge myself for what I find and have always found to be constructive?

Even so, I’m trying to learn how to loosen the reins, as they say, so that I don’t immediately slip into “flight” mode when confronted with the unexpected. I’m trying to learn how to let anxiety simply beat through me, and how to treat it with the same compassion I might bestow on a loved one, or as I’m also learning, on myself.

Right now, I’m working on my own wellness practice, like meditation — I enjoy the “Calm” app — and 4-7-8 breathing. But I’ve found that the very best thing I can do for myself is to stare my anxiety, and the guilt that comes with it, straight in the face — not to embalm it in lavender or distract it with 18 tabs of suede mules that, in some strange way, might make each hard day feel more navigable. Absolutely everything changed when I began accepting my anxiety for what it is, not trying to fix it like something I could tend with a Band-Aid — how one might fix a fourth-grade astigmatism with a pair of glasses from LensCrafters.

Holiday Hangovers

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

I’m a believer that it’s not only too much alcohol that can leave us with hangovers (I’ve written about it here). Normally we think of holiday hangovers in relation to the winter holiday break, but summer has its own big holiday–and the hangover that comes with it.

Investment Piece: Don't Go in the Water

We’re officially half way through the year. And if you’re in the States, this weekend was the 4th. I’m not going to claim that this year is any way, shape, or form normal (2020 is its own brand of just -I’m shaking my head though you can’t see it), but it’s still a lot, and there was still a holiday, and there’s still a hangover.

Did you have a good holiday? I did! It was a nice balance of work (redoing the yard, cleaning, etc) and rest (movies and the like at home!). I didn’t over extend. But today, I’m still dragging. There’s the urge to not do anything, the need to recover.

Investment Piece: Holiday Hangover

So. How do you cure a hangover? Especially a holiday hangover?

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m resting. No, not all day (while we’re all at home is anyone getting a full day off? How? Is that another convo?), but I’m letting myself take some time when I need it. I’m planning projects that get me excited (finishing the backyard, some re-decorating). I’m gearing up to work through my closet, and I’m thinking about what I want to wear for the summer heat that’s coming (swimsuits mainly). And because it’s always good advice, I’m making sure that I drink enough water!

Are you suffering from a holiday hangover? How are you curing it?

Below I’ve linked some of the summer styles I’m thinking about living in for the rest of the summer, as for today you can find me working in the morning, then watching a movie on the couch! It’s hangover recovery!

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Investment Piece: holiday hangover

More Sales

Are you taking the 4 day weekend for the holiday? Or not celebrating? What are you up to?
No matter where you are and what you’re doing, I’m hoping that you’re staying safe, healthy, and enjoying the summer sales!

I’ve done another round up of sales that I’m shopping this weekend. My latest picks, as always, are over on the LiketoKnowit App (follow me @racheladelicia) and on the tab to the left that says “My Looks!”. From swim to summer clothes and shoes, I like to think I have everyone covered!

Happy shopping!

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Designer swim for under $100? These picks will have you looking chic and being cool all season long!

Summer Dresses
I have a thing for dresses! And these are all under $50! And perfect for the rest of summer!

Madewell may be having the BEST sale with 30% off sale prices with code GIANT from


To Shoes and bags:

What are you shopping for?

Summer Sales

My loves! It’s a wild week in a wild time. I hope that you’re standing up for what you believe, getting some rest, and in the meantime there are some amazing sales! Revolutions need fashion too!

These are some of my faves from here, there, and every where!
Happy shopping!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does no not affect the price for you,I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Get up to 70% off! Here are my picks!

Get up to 70% on everything you need for summer! From clothes:

To shoes and bags:

Get an extra 40% off sale! From dresses to shorts, these are my picks!

On Friday I’ll post more picks, but you can always keep up with my shopping by following me in the LiketoKnowIt app or over on the tab!
Happy Shopping!

Into the Jungle

Investment Piece: into the jungle
Investment Piece: Into the Jungle
Investment Piece: into the jungle

Into the jungle.

Holiday weeks are wild, aren’t they? Even though we are at home (which can be even more wild! And jungle like-see my backyard above!), it can be a time of activity and hopefully of rest. Also, a time of being off your schedule. Here’s how we are celebrating:

-Blazers and shorts? Yes! It was a long time coming for me to love this combo (see here and here) but I do. It’s the perfect business look for the hot months!

-Scarves as hair. It was my go-to accersory last summer. As in, my hair was shorter (which I loved!), but it let me have long hair when I needed it. I’ll be doing an Insta story (@racheladelicia) on exactly how I do this, but it’s essentially tie a long scarf over a low bun and have fun!

-Sales. The next few posts (Wed/Fri/Sun) will be sales picks. We’re at home (or wearing our masks out). There’s a lot going on. And yet, there are sales. Do I think fashion is divorced from everything? No. In fact, it can be a part of your story. If you want to shop the sales, do so!

-If you’re in America it’s our “birthday”. I believe being a patriot is holding your country to the best it can be, its highest ideals. Call your reps. Fight for what you believe. Let’s be our best.

Investment Piece: Into the Jungle
Investment Piece: Into the Jungle
Investment Piece: Into the Jungle

The jungle.
It may look different this holiday weekend. I’m redoing my backyard to be a little more civilized, but I can never resist a green space, or an excuse for a great outfit. How are you spending this holiday weekend?

I’ve linked similar pieces to this outfit below. Happy shopping!

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Investment Piece: Into the Jungle

Ex Files: The Eavesdropping

This is a repost. One of the things that I oddly miss the most during this Pandemic? Eavesdropping. People watching. Making up stories about the things I see people do in the wild. While it’s clearly not the most important thing, I miss strangers and my brief glimpses into their lives. So. To relive that, I’m re-reading and relishing this story. About Eavesdropping! What do you miss? XO RA

Loves! It’s time for our monthly dose of dating horror stories: The Ex-Files! In my ultimate attempt to become Carrie Bradshaw, and satisfy my friends’ need to hear my awful dating stories (and sadly, there are a lot), we give you: Ex Files, dating horror stories. Yes, these stories really happened, yes, names/dates/places have been changed to protect those involved, and yes, if you wanted to be remembered well, behave better. Missed last month’s gem? You can get your fix on here
Happy Reading!! XO RA

The Eavesdropping

If you follow my acting twitter account (@adeliciamorris, sorry for the political/football rants now), you may have read this riveting, real time date that I overheard recently: (Read up)
Investment Piece: The Ex Files
Investment Piece: The Ex Files
Investment Piece: The Ex Files
Investment Piece: Ex Files

The story is as simple as I tweeted it. I sat next to (basically on top of) a couple on a horrible date at a cafe in LA. She was a cute, 20 something, who clearly wanted out. He was a bum, who had excuses for everything, might not believe in capitalism, and wasn’t kind to her. While I had to leave before them, as the cafe needed my table; I (and those following on twitter) couldn’t help but wonder if he left her with the bill. My guess is that he did. My hope is that she never finds herself in this situation again.

What stood out to me about this story, besides the obvious horror, was that it was a date that I had been on; not recently, and maybe not to this extreme, but I dated this guy in my 20s. I remember dates that were just so off, with men who couldn’t see (or care) my discomfort, and times when I thought that being a nun might be a viable option. LA is home to many of these “manchilds”, the guys who think it’s great to not take or have responsibilities, who use women, who think nothing of stiffing a girl on a date. The sad truth? My guess is this happens more than we think, to varying degrees, in cities around the world.

So, my question becomes: women, why are we allowing this? I’m not anti giving people a chance, and have some childish habits myself (I clap like a kid on Christmas when I get new shoes). However, there has to be a line and I think it’s time we drew it. Out on a date and it’s going horrible? Leave. Uncomfortable? Leave. Can tell that this guy doesn’t respect you? Leave. Like you, I was raised to always be polite and make people fell at ease; however, that shouldn’t come at a personal price. My new challenge to others, and myself, is that the next time I’m in a situation like that is that I will get myself out of it. I will make an excuse, tell the truth, ditch, whatever needs to be done so that I leave.

Here’s hoping that girl got out!


into joy

Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy

Joy is a revolutionary act. Joy is just as necessary as anything else you’re doing at the moment.
So. How are you diving into joy right now?
There are so many big ways to find joy, so many small ways.
These are some of the ways I’m diving into joy right now:

– yes. I got a little (toddler pool). We’re re-doing our back patio to have a nice seating area, and this little pool is one of my favorite things. I fill it up almost nightly. Sometimes I just put my feet in, sometimes I get in. It’s the best thing!

-Playtime. I’m friends with the little girls down the street (5 and 3 YOs). At least once a week we get together: we race, play tag, play pretend (including fashion show and parade), sing, and read. It’s balm. They also remind to me play. To do art that no one will see, be goofy. To be with my friends how I can. And throw myself dance parties occasionally.

– Summer rompers. I resisted this one, as I have to admit rompers and I aren’t usually friends. I’m super long waisted and tall- so they often don’t fit me well. This one? Was perfect. I sized up from my “regular/go-to” size and it fits excellently. It looks tailored, but not too tight. It’s pulled together, with room for fun. Isn’t that what summer is supposed to be about? Also, I can never resist great shoes and great hats–they are my forever joy.

As the days get longer, we can get lost and bogged down in the heat. Joy is important and it’s worth making time for, it’s worth making a priority. However big or small the joy is, I find it informs the work.

What are you doing to dive into joy?

I’ve linked this romper and shoes, as well as similar options!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you,I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: into joy

Designer Spotlight: Madame Gres

Investment Piece: Desinger to know: Madame Gres

Loves, if you love the elegant look of Grecian Stlye pleats, cutouts, and dresses that look like sculpture, you have someone to thank: Madame Gres, the famous Couturier who dressed Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich. She’s a designer to know! (Especially if you love vintage, like me!)

Madame Gres was born as Germaine Krebs in Paris, 1903. Her first aspiration was to be a sculptor, however, she was unsuccessful. This was our gain! She took her love of the Grecian like sculptures to clothes (specializing in jersey). Madame Gres got her start as a fashion designer by designing costumes for Jean Giradoux’s play, “The Trojan War Will Not Take Place”. After this, Gres started her first line Alix (she went by the name Alix Barton at the time), and this line functioned from 1934-42.

Investment Piece: Designer to know: Madame Gres

My favorite story about Madame Gres, which I think is telling, takes place during the German Occupation of Paris during WWII. Gres was commanded to quit making couture and to start making “utilitarian clothes”, as well as dress the wives of German Officers. Gres refused, and continued to make gowns in the colors of the French flag (red, white, and blue). Gres was eventually run out of Paris, and she staying in the Pyrenees till the Occupation was over. Fashion can change the world!

“Madame Gres” was officially founded in 1942, a couture house that specialized in the above mentioned pleated dresses. Each piece is a work of art, taking over 300 hours to make each dress, and with all the pleating done by hand. Gres would drape and sculpt her work on the models, and she refused to sacrifice any quality or attention to detail throughout her career. Gres was called the “Sphinx of Fashion”, and the New York Times said her house: “was the most intellectual place in Europe to buy clothes”. Gres was known as the place to go for chic, draped gowns, that looked like Greek Sculpture. (Side note: Gres is also credited with creating cutouts).

If you’re wondering how to identify a Madame Gres piece, look for these things:
-Pleats (created by hand, then sewn together)
-Lots of folds/drapes
-Bias Cut
-Greco-Roman Influence: capes, togas, wraps (Though it should be said that Gres also had some Asian and Eastern Influnces and did a line of kimonos)

Gres did some structured pieces, but they are not as well known as her “classic” pieces.

Investment Piece: Designer to know: Madame Gres

Madame Gres resisted the transition from Couture to ready to wear, although she did start a ready to wear line in the 1980s. She hated mass production, didn’t want to sacrifice her quality or lower her price; however, costs forced her to change her business plan. Madame Gres also had a perfume house, Parfumes Gres, which she had to sell to keep her Couture House afloat.

Madame Gres died in 1993, still beloved and revered by the fashion community.

Also love these videos showcasing Madame Gres:

So, if you love Madame Gres like I do, you may be wondering where you can find a piece! Loves, it’s not always easy. These dresses are works of art (and priced accordingly), and not always on the market. However, Investment Piece Favorite Rachel Zabar Vintage has quite a few Madame Gres pieces right now! Take a look here, and let’s swoon together. A side note: I take gifts year round!