InvestmentPiece, fashion, yellow, vintage, la perla, la, Tx,
Yellow, InvestmentPiece, fashion, vintage, la perla, turtleneck, Tx, la, blogger
Yellow, InvestmentPiece, fashion, Tx, la, vintage, la perla
InvestmentPiece, fashion, blogger, TX, LA, socks with sandals,
Yellow, InvestmentPiece, la, Tx, blogger, fashion, vintage, la Perla
Yellow, InvestmentPiece, Tx, la, vintage, la perla, citizens of humanity

Add yellow to the list of colors that I thought that I would never wear. And yes, there are shades that aren’t for me. However, lately, I can’t help but be attracted to it! I don’t know if it’s the sunny aspects, or the unexpectedness of it–but I can’t’ get enough. Especially when it’s in the shape of this stunning, vintage La Perla corset. The pleating alone is enough to make me swoon. Yet, I wasn’t sure what to pair with it (I don’t shy away from lingerie in public but want it really flow). My solution? Wear it under a turtleneck. I love the juxtatiposition, it was the perfect fall outfit! And socks with sandals! Loves, I have a thing for socks with peep toes –seen as early as here (yes, that’s one of my very first posts!)

That’s how we’re dealing with Wednesday loves!


Top: vintage via Bloomers and Frocks in Austin!
Turtleneck: Target
Jeans: Citizens
Socks: Hanes
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff



Last week I had the great opportunity to attend Fashion Week LA in Downtown LA. It was a great two evenings of wonderful fashion, and the chance to meet new designers, fellow bloggers, and fashion lovers!

FWLA had an unique approach this year; all designers were local, and the majority of the clothes are made in LA! What does this mean for us? I got to see a bunch of emerging designers (with new, fresh points of view) and get to bring that to you!
There was a mix of evening and RTW looks, everything from modest, yet flattering t-shirt dresses to layers of tulle. I loved being a part of the audience, meeting the designers and getting to see some of the amazing fashion they have to offer! Some of my fave looks:
FWLA, investmentpiece
FWLA, investmentpiece
InvestmentPiece, FWLA

A full list of designers: DannyLA, JM by JMonquie, Karen Michelle, Jonathan Marc Stein, Hopeless+Cause Atlier, Kimmi Swimwear, Ed Designs, Michelle Bauer, Elavana, Mercedeh Maralan, Honorine B, Nikki Wright, Nickoli August, Marnett E’Leion Couture, Lilika Designs, Talia Leilani, Silva Fritz, Romeo+ Juliet Couture. There is truly something for everything, and there’s even better news! Thanks to a partnership with the Nifty App, you can shop the looks from FWLA. Simply download the app from the App Store (Nifty Fashion) or go to Nifty. You can shop the looks from FWLA, and your fave stores!

Happy Shopping!


Pom, fur, Gucci, sweater, high fashion, fall look, Investment Piece, CA, TX
Fur Pom, high fashion, shoe clips, investment piece, fashion blogger, CA, TX
Fur, Pom, fall look, Gucci, jeans, investment piece, fashion blogger, CA, TX
Zara, fur, Pom, fall look, investment piece, fashion blogger, CA, TX
Fall look, fur Pom, jeans, Gucci, Zara, investment piece, fashion blogger, CA, TX
Fur Pom, Gucci, Zara, investment piece, fashion blogger, CA, TX

It finally feels like fall–which is deserving of a celebration in and of itself! And how I’m celebrating? Fall details, like these fur poms on my shoes! The deal? These are little clips that can go on any shoe (or bag or anything!) that add a little pop, and is very much on trend. What I love is that they make any shoe a new shoe–and I love the fur detail! Paired with destroyed jeans and a simple sweater, and a stunning vintage Gucci bag, I think it’s a great welcome to fall! What are your favorite fall details?


Bag: vintage
Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Marc Jacobs, old, similar here
Poms: here

Sunday Chronciles: Rock the Vote

investment Piece, Rock the Vote, Sunday chronicles, fashion blogger

Loves, let me be clear, I have no intention of starting a fiery political discussion. This election has us all a little raw, and all a little firm in our positions. That’s ok. I support your right to believe what you believe, and to vote what you feel to be right. What I’m here to chat about is voting. The act. The thing that our ancestors fought for the right for, rocking the vote. Beyond the president (which I get, you may not like the candidates, I still feel like you should vote. No matter what, your voice matters), there is so much on the ballot this year. Senators and Representatives. State wide props and laws. Judges and Sheriffs. Local elections. All of this matters. All of this demands that we educate ourselves about what we truly think is best for our nation, our state, our city–and then using our right to have our voice be heard. Change moves from small up, so little elections matter. Props that take your tax dollar, that affect schools, matter. Even if you don’t like who you’re voting for, it matters. Even if you think your vote won’t be counted, it will, and it matters. I won’t tell you how to vote. I won’t shame you for your opinion. What I will ask is that you vote. Speak up. Rock the vote.

Wishing us all a week of exercising our rights and amazing shoes! XO RA

Mom’s Pick

Green, fashion, blogger, Banana Republic, blogger, CA, TX, Investment Piece
Green, fashion, shopping, blogger, CA, TX, Banana Republic, Investment Piece
T-strap, green, fashion, shopping, CA, TX, banana republic, blogger, Investment Piece
Green, dress, fashion, shopping, Banana Republic, blogger, CA, TX, Investment Piece
Fashion, shopping, green, TX, CA, Banana Republic, blogger, Investment Piece

As much as I love styling, I sometimes let my mom in on the fun; so this is mom’s pick. If you follow me on Instagram (and please do @racheladelicia) you know that my mom helped me pick out this little number for my pop-up at Beehive Ft Worth! And while green isn’t a go-to color for me, I have to say we were both drawn to this dress and these shoes! I love the wrap and pleat detail on the dress, it’s universally flattering and looks just as great with flats as it does heels. And these heels! I love the vintage feel of them (t-strap and all)! Yes, they are both green, but almost come off as neutral–I’ve worn the shoes with pinks, reds, metallics, and your standard neutrals. Great job Mom!

Happy Friday! XO RA

Dress: Banana Republic and on sale!
Shoes: Banana Republic, sold out,similar here

Fashion Halloween: Lady MacBeth

Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, investment piece, fashion blogger,

I’ve been a 1950s housewife and a mermaid, you know I’m an actress–is it any surprise that I would chose a Shakespeare character for our next Fashion Halloween segment? (Missed the last two? Get caught up here and ) I have always loved Macbeth, and when I tutored kids would always suggest Lady as a costume idea; mainly as I felt that it would be easy and fun –I mean who doesn’t want to pace and rub their hands saying “Out Damn Spot” all night? And this year? I decided to take my own advice! The look is simple (full disclosure, I based my look on the Marion Collitard version from 2015, haven’t seen that version? You should), all you need is a dress that lends itself to a gown, meaning maybe a train, maybe a sleeve, but really any long dress will do. (This dress look familiar? See the original look here) I happened to have a rhinestone headpiece. And chose to do very simple makeup-hallowed eyes as the main look. Of course, if you wanted a more “traditional” look you could of course rent a “Shakespeare” costume. However, a wild woman driven crazy and muttering to herself? That’s a fashion Halloween I could get behind!

Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, InvestmentPiece, fashion blogger, CA, TX
Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, fashion blogger, InvestmentPiece, CA, TX
Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, fashion blogger, Invesement Piece, CA, TX, Shakespeare
Fashion Halloween, fashion blogger, investment piece, Shakespeare, CA, TX
Fashion Halloween, fashion blogger, investment piece, Shakespeare, CA, TX


Dress over Jeans

Vintage, dress, jeans, Nicholas kirkwood, InvestmentPiece, high fashion, blogger, CA, TX
Levis, boots, pearls, Nicholas Kirkwood, investment Piece, blogger, CA, TX
Dress over jeans, vintage, Levi's, boots, pearls, Nicholas Kirkwood, Investment Piece, blogger, CA, TX,
Dress over jeans, vintage, high fashion, Levi's, boots, pearls, Nicholas Kirkwood, Investment Piece, blogger, CA,, TX
Dress over jeans, vintage, high fashion, Levi's, Nicholas Kirkwood, Investment Piece, blogger, CA, TX
High fashion, dress over jeans, boots, pearls, Levi's, Nicholas Kirkwood, InvestmentPiece, blogger, CA, TX

One of the biggest “looks” this season is a dress over jeans, and I love it! As a tall girl this is an old trick I’ve used to get away with mini-dresses that are just on the edge of being too short. It’s a great way to get away with wearing something short (although loves, this look also looks great with longer skirts and dresses, trust me, please and try it!) and it’s a fresh way to get a new look out of your pieces! Because Fall is taking it’s time (though it is coming) I love the look of a sleeve less fall dress (wool, checked, perfection–this actually came with a belt and I also can’t wait to wear this dress with its belt and flat boots!) over cropped jeans with ankle booties. It’s fall-like, it’s fresh, and it’s fun! So, would you try this look?


Dress: vintage
Jeans: Levi’s
Booties: Nicholas Kirkwood



Loves, I’m so excited to be attending FWLA this year! There are so many lines, designer interviews and behind the scenes stories to share with you- please stay tuned for those! In the meantime here are some behind the scenes pics! Enjoy!



Ballet Pink

Ballet, pink, high fashion, blogger, LA, CA, Investment Piece,
Ballet, pink, high fashion, blogger, CA, TX, Investment Piece
Ballet, pink, high fashion, blogger, CA, TX, Investment Piece
Ballet, pink, high fashion, CA, TX, Investment Piece
Ballet, pink, high fashion, LA, CA, TX, blogger, Investment Piece

Count this as your weekly dose of pink! A loving reminder to check you and your loved ones for Breast Cancer. Want more ways to be involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month?? Check out National Breast Cancer Foundation

And onto fashion:

Ballet was one of my first loves and to this day I can’t resist dressing like a ballerina–ballet pink, tutu like skirts, leotards. You name it, I’m in. But I also like a little edge (see here). So when the chance appeared to shoot a sweet ballet-pink outfit in a construction zone I took it (I just love juxatipositons)! I also love how this skirt is a bit sheer, and how the leotard shows just enough of a back; meaning that it’s sweet but no one aspect is too sweet. The lace up shoes just add to my ballet fantasy. And yet, I don’t feel like a little girl playing dress up! I’m a woman playing dress up, and that’s oh-so-much-better!

Happy Monday! XO RA

Skirt: Free people, old, I do have a soft spot for this tulle one
Leotard: Free People
Shoes: Jill Sander, old

Sunday Chronicles: Fall Movies


Fall means pumpkin everything, the return of cool weather, sweaters, boots and scarves. However, to me, fall also means the return of movies. Not that movies go anywhere, but like the seasons change we move from a period of Blockbuster, fun, summer movies to more serious, “award” worthy, in depth movies. (Side note, we could go off on what an “award” film is loves, and how I feel like it’s criminal that comedies don’t receive more awards, but that’s a topic for another time.) As an actress and someone who loves movies, this is one of the best parts of fall. I simply love movies; I love the stories, the visuals, the way that they touch me. I love going to the movies, especially matinees (it feels like you’re playing hooky!) So this onslaught of fall movies is a little like heaven to me. What about you? Do you love fall movies like I do? Below is a small list of movies I’m looking forward to seeing (this is by no means all of them!) What are you excited to see?

For more information about fall movies and their plots check here, here and here

My picks:

Fences (pictured above)
American Pastoral
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Edge of Seventeen
The Dressmaker
The Accountant
Miss Sloane
Nocturnal Animals
A Monster Calls
Max Rose
The Girl on the Train
The Handmaiden
Manchester by the Sea
And La La Land

I can’t wait to share my faves with you through the season!

Wishing us all a week of stories and amazing shoes! XO RA