Sunday Chronicles: Year in Review and a Survey

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Year in Review

Loves, you’ve indulged me all month long as we celebrated the blog’s birthday (one week to go!). Isn’t it funny how different things can hit you at different times? The past few years when the blog had a birthday, it didn’t faze me. I was so focused on the growing and the doing, not even the vision, just the getting things done. This is in no way to imply that the blog, or myself for that matter, is at the peak, or exactly where we want to be. We’re still a work in progress.

However, this year, on the blog’s birthday I feel a little bit more secure in my vision, in my plans for the future; and, can look back at the year with a different eye. We started many different series this year. From Designer Spotlight to Fashion in the Wild, to Fashion Gives Back, Investment Piece began to look a bit past just our own fashion. Sometimes these series are the highlights of my month, sometimes they come together at the last minute. After sitting with them, and digesting them for a year, we’d love to know your thoughts.

What series do you love?
What series do you hate?
What do you wish we would focus on?
What do you wish we would leave out?

Our goal is to produce content that we all love (that’s me and you) and we can’t do that without your input. Ways to give feedback? Comment here, on Facebook, on Instagram, or email me at We truly want to know your thoughts on the series and would love to hear your ideas!

Investment Piece: LA Walk

And here’s the thing about looking back at a year in review, you can’t help but look forward. For months I’ve been playing with the idea of a video series that explores our closets. Our goal in the coming year is to get that into production. We’re playing with classes to teach you how to mix prints, how to shop more efficiently, and maybe getting experts in to teach us all (me) how to pack light. I’m excited about the future, excited about the fashion coming, and the brands we can’t wait to introduce you to!

Again, if there’s something you would love to see on site, we would love to hear about it. We’ve loved sharing all things blog birthday with you!

Stay tuned this week for our last giveaway and our last birthday edition of FBF!

Wishing us all a week of good memories and amazing shoes! XO RA

FBF: Gucci Top

Investment Piece: FBF: Gucci Top
Investment Piece: FBF: Gucci Top
Investment Piece: FBF: Gucci Top
Investment Piece: FBF: Gucci Top
Investment Piece: FBF Gucci Top

Who could have known that when I first started this blog that I would have shot a look that was not only perfect for logo week, but perfect for the FBF of that week? In case you missed it, all month long we’re celebrating the blog’s birthday. You can read all about it here. And every Friday I’m flashing back to one of our first posts. Did I know way back then that I would be doing a logo week now? Not at all. Turns out, I’m just ahead of myself. Because I loved this Gucci logo top then, and I love it now. And it fits perfect into logo week.

This top was a find at one of my favorites, Recess LA. And the originial post harks from the days when Investment Piece was me, my iPhone, and my gumption. We’ve come a long way. (And we still love logos!) This is all I originally wrote about this stunner of a Gucci top:

I’ve never been into wearing a ton of labels–but sometimes I can’t resist. I found this amazing vintage Gucci at one of my favorite LA stores, RecessLA, and fell in love–I mean look at that detail. Modern denim culottes make it feel fresh–and those slides are so comfy!

Yep. That was it. I mean it’s all true. Sadly, I let the crops and slides go in one of my closet clean outs. (Yes, there are times when I wish I had hung onto certain things). This Gucci logo top? Still in my closet. Still a go-to. I still love it with jeans. I love it with camel skirts. Or black pants. Maybe, I just love it. It was one of my first vintage logo pieces, and I can’t help but fawn over everything about it-the GGS, the hardware, the leather cuffs. It’s a classic and a standout, and maybe that’s what I love about all these logo pieces. What about you?

Thank you for staying tuned for all of logo week. Yes, logos can be a lot. I get that. But I hope you also think they’re fun, and a standout, and classic, and you got inspired to get you some.

I’ve linked some picks for you. Happy logo week shopping!

Note: this post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price to you, I may earn some commission from them. Thank you for the support!

Logo Week: How to Shop

Investment Piece: Logo Week: How to Shop

Loves, this may be the most exciting post of logo week. I know, I just set the standard high, especially as these Gucci boots are pretty stunning. BUT. Hear me out. We’ve reached the point in logo week where I don’t show you the logo pieces I love, I don’t share my logo styling tips, this is the part where I share with you how to shop for logos.

And loves, we’re not just talking about getting the new stuff. I mean we can.

Investment Piece: logo week how to shop
We chatted Fendi logo yesterday and I’m in love with the new logo pieces the designer house is offering this season. Like this skirt.

We all know that I love anything Gucci, and these kicks are extra, but can you help but love that logo?
Investment Piece: logo week: how to shop

And loves, if you long to shop for these new offerings from any designer with any logo (no judgement here, I’m with you), it’s fairly simple. From your favorite high end department store (Neimans, Barneys, etc) to your favorite online retailer (Net-a-Porter, FarFetch, etc) it can be simple to pick what you like and wear all the logos your heart desires.

However, what if you want a vintage logo. Or one that’s hard to find. How do you logo shop then?
Lucky for you, you have me. Let’s chat about it.

Why Shop Vintage Logos?

It’s no secret that I love vintage. I love mixing it with modern pieces, I love resale pieces. But why did I get into it? Honestly, it was a way to get the pieces I loved at prices I could afford. Yes, when I first got into resale and vintage it had nothing to do with the great style, the way it’s the ultimate recycling, or the endless juxatipositons it allows me to create. I began shopping vintage and resale as I could afford it.

Which, when you think about it, isn’t a bad reason.

And, even now, it’s a great reason to shop vintage logos. Some others? The logos don’t change. Some styles might, and some details might. But, the logos? They’re the same. And so often the vintage styles are SO similar to the new offerings. Case in point:

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants

Even better? You can get them at a fraction of the new price. So, how?

Really, knowing how to shop for (vintage) logos comes down to 2 things:

Knowing Where to Shop
The good news here is that there is no wrong answer. First places? Your local favorite vintage or resale shop. Goodwill is another place. But, let’s say you want to shop logos from the comfort of your couch. You’re in luck.
The most obvious places?
eBay and Etsy. Watch for authentication.
Other place? Instagram. Many sellers offer pieces there first (just search your item).

My other favorites? Vestiaire Collective and

Both sites offer vintage and current logos (and other items) that have been processed and authenticated, and are easy on the wallet.

The second thing you need to shop logos?

Decide what you want, either generally or specifically. Then you search for it. Here keywords are important, I’ve found pieces with “Fendi logo” but there are times when I’ve had to get really specific and say “Gucci Label hobo bag”. Use more than one keyword. Set alerts. Do this on more than one site.
Then you wait.

Sometimes what you’re looking for appears right away. Sometimes you wait for months. Patience is the real key here. (I’ve found it helps if you’re a bit forgiving in what you’re looking for, and if you think of it like a game). But it’s patience. Just patience.

These are my bit tips on shopping for logos. I’d love to know-what are yours?

And if you ever need help? We offer personal shopping services here at Investment Piece. We would love to logo shop (or just shop) for you!

Happy logo week!

Note: This post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Logo Week: Fendi Pants

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants
Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants
Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants

It’s still logo week. Yes, it may be a thing that I made up, but I like my creations so we’re sticking with it. And why wouldn’t we celebrate a week devoted to logo’s? As we chatted about Monday, the wearing of logos is undergoing a resurgerance. From runways to vintage, there”s a way to rock your logos. My way? All the ways.

I have to admit that the Fendi logo was not one that I had in spades before these pants. Gucci? Gucci I have a collection of all that. Fendi was a new logo to lust and collect. I fell in love when I saw a friend in vintage Fendi pants VERY similar to these new Fendi pants. Maybe I have a thing for vintage logos? Or maybe I don’t care about the logo when the cut is cute. Either way, and maybe it’s a little of both, I knew that I wanted to get my own vintage Fendi pants.

Mainly, as they are fun.
This is also the part where I tell you that I love the new ones, too. If you wanted to buy me a pair, or this Fendi logo dress I wouldn’t be mad. It is the blog’s birthday month, and my birthday is coming up. Just saying.

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants
Investment Piece: logo week: Fendi pants
Investment Piece: logo week: Fendi Pants

After falling in love with the Fendi logo, and yes, that includes the new offerings, I knew that I had to have my own. Sometimes the trick to getting what you want is looking for vintage (more on that tomorrow), so I started my search for Fendi pants in my usual places. Where I scored? eBay. And I couldn’t be happier!

I love the navy, the logos, the flare. There is this huge temptation to make the logo piece the center of the outfit. And I do–how great is this sweater? But I also think that you could use logos as a neutral. Hard? Yes. You do have to take into consideration the mixing of patterns, etc. However, I think that you could use the logo as a neutral, or at the very least a way to pop another color. Something new to try?

I’ve linked some of my favorite Fendi logo items, as well as similar sweaters and shoes below. Happy logo week!


Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

These pics were taken by @KYNPhoto (on Instagram) and it’s one of those times I had a hard time choosing!

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Fendi Pants

Skin Print: Exquisite Exfoliant

Investment Piece: Skin Print

Loves, I’m so excited to share another amazing Skin Print product with you! (If you recall: we’re thrilled to be featuring Skin Print on site, you can get the scoop and shop any product at any time under the “Skin Print” tab on our menu!)

So here is my ultimate skin goal: I want glowing skin, that looks youthful and dewy, and I’d love to not have to wear a lot of makeup (except for mascara and eyeliner). Skin Print is helping me to achieve these goals- and this Exquisite Exfoliant is completely changing the texture of my skin. I can deal with the occasional breakout, I can struggle with blackheads, and as I get older, I can have some texture issues. Two-Three times I week I’m using this exfoliant, out it on for 20 mins and then wash it off (I love it while I’m shaving my legs!); and I’m noticing that my skin is smoother, brighter, and those breakouts? Not a problem!

Investment Piece: Skin Print

The best part about Skin Print’s Exquisite Exfoliant? I can trust what I’m putting on my face. Skin Print is medical grade skin care that is made from the highest quality ingredients. It does what it says it’s going to do. It makes your skin feel good, both while you’re using it and after. And most importantly? Skin Print makes my skin LOOK good. And that what it’s all about, yes?

Investment Piece: Skin Print

I don’t endorse products that I don’t love, and let me reassure you, I love this Exquisite Exfoliant. If you’re looking for something that can really clean your skin, remove the gunk, and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, this is for you!

You can buy your own Exquisite Exfoliant here.

Want to read last month’s write up of the Skin Print EyeDeal that’s the best eye cream I’ve ever used? You can read all about it here. And loves, I owe you an apology. I promised you a giveaway for the EyeDeal. Then Harvey, then Irma; I know my family was affected and it took my focus. I heard from those of you that were affected and it took your focus. The giveaway fell apart. I apologize. That’s not what we want to have happen here (though we’re so grateful that everyone is safe!) So let’s do a redo! Comment on this post, comment on the Instagram I’ll post this afternoon about EyeDeal, sign up for our newsletter. That’s it! One lucky winner will be chosen (at random) to get their own EyeDeal. We will announce the winner next Thursday!

Good Luck!
And happy exfoliating!

Logo Week: Gucci Boots

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Gucci Boots
Investment Piece: Logo Week: Gucci boots
Investment Piece: logo week: Gucci boots

Logos. We all have an opinion. And dare I say–we all secretly love them?

Confession: there was a time when I thought that wearing logos was a bit tacky. Gauche even. I mean, head to toe logos? I didn’t think it was for me.

And yes, I love mixing low and high. It’s modern and feels fresh. But, maybe I’ve evolved. Maybe my sense of fashion has changed. Loves, it turns out I have a thing for logos. So much so that it’s logo week here at Investment Piece.
Now, there are some caveats to my new found love of logos. But before we get to those (as my logo tips are good) let’s enjoy these Gucci boots–because loves, they are good too.

Note: This shoot was spur of the moment while I was wearing this outfit and fell in love with flags in the air. Not the best pics I know, but this is how much I truly love this outfit. Points?

Investment Piece: logo week: Gucci boots
Investment Piece: logo week: Gucci boots
Investment Piece: logo week: Gucci boots

What really prompted logo week? Not only these amazing Gucci boots. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but logos are having a moment. From Gucci to Fendi to Dolce, there’s not only a resergance of vintage logo items seen everywhere; but, a selection of new logo items from all the designers for our wearing pleasure.

Again, I thought that logos were not for me. As logo week will prove, I was wrong.

We know that I have a thing for Gucci (and these Gucci Boots) and that I have a thing for vintage. Loves, when vintage and logos are combined it’s fantastic. And if you want to buy me some of the new logo pieces I won’t be mad at you. In the mean time these are my tips for wearing logos:

– Don’t wear logos head to toe. Yes, they do it on the runways. Yes, I live my life like it’s a runway. Maybe don’t do head to toe logos unless you’re on a real runway. It’s fresh to mix them up with low end/other pieces.
-Vintage logo pieces are super chic. New is fun. Vintage logo pieces are fantastic. And if you love the look of the new logo pieces, vintage gives you the chance to get the look for less!
-Wear logos different places. Shoes. Clothing. Accersories. If you like a logo there’s a piece for you.

What’s coming this week? More logos. More tips. More shopping. Let’s logo week?

OH! About these Gucci Boots! I found them vintage on Etsy. I was terrified that they wouldn’t fit, as vintage shoes hardly ever do. I love the kitten heel, the logo, and the way that they’re causal but feel special. I can’t stop wearing them with jeans and tees and sweaters. I’m trying to find a way to wear them with skirts and dresses-stay tuned!

I’ve linked some of my favorite logos and these fave jeans (AYR) and sweater. Happy Logo Week!

If you’re looking for great vintage logos this is a great place to start:
90% off luxury consignment

Note: This Post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Logo Week: Gucci Boots

Sunday Chronicle: Texas Pop Up!

Investment Piece: Texas Pop Up

Loves! We’re still celebrating our birthday month (read all about it here), and our latest venture gives you another chance to shop, sip, and have some fun! If you’re in TX, specifically Central Texas, I invite you to come to a Kendra Scott/Investment Piece pop up!

My sister has been nominated for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year in San Antonio, TX and this event will help her raise money for this worthy cause. You’ll get to shop special Kendra Scott pieces, with a portion of the proceeds going to leukemia and lymphoma research. A bonus? I’ll be there! We can chat fashion, blogging, and I’ll be offering a 10% discount on any personal shopping package purchased!

More about shopping with me here.

I hope that I get to meet some of you! Want more details? Want me to bring specific pieces? Email me at!

Wishing us all a week of getting together and amazing shoes!

FBF: Tied Up

Loves, as you know, we’re using the Friday’s in April to look back at some of my first posts, and the history of Investment Piece. Today? Tied Up. Why? I still wear this outfit (I legit just wore these shoes to get the mail and this top is a spring/summer go-to). But, more importantly, this was one of my first times shooting with a REAL photographer, you know, not just me and an iPhone or me and a camera. This tied up shoot marked the beginnings of my relationship with Katy Shayne–and that changed the blog. Learning how to work with an other professional, swap ideas, give over some control, and upping the quality were huge steps for me.

This is the part where I let you know I’m a control freak–so tied up for me also means letting other people take control. That’s a lot for a FBF .


So, without further ado: let’s get tied up. I’ve kept all the orginal wording, but have updated shopping options.  Thank you for indulging my FBFs!



Loves, I have two confessions: I’m becoming obsessed with vintage denim, and these Dr Scholl’s slides are more comfortable than they have a right to be. I love the slight flare of the jean–it goes great with this shirt tied up, or with all of my closet. The slides are perfection–as is the clutch that Clare V makes (that truly holds everything). I have to give credit to my cousin for introducing me to the slides (I completely copied her!) and I have to let you know–there’s something so comforting about this outfit to me. Pulled together, comfy, and just slightly summer-y. Perfect for errands or whatever the day throws at you!

Denim: AAVintedge
Shoes: Dr Scholls
Bag: Clare V

Updated shopping:

Note: This post does contain some affiliate links. While that doesn’t affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support.

The Best Therapy is Retail

Loves, it’s been a week, right? Just me? Either way, no matter what kind of week you’re having there’s always one kind of therapy that can make it better. Retail. Order amazing shoes and see how you feel when you get them–I’m not wrong. So, here are my round ups of sales and sales picks. Something for everyone.

Happy Shopping! And it’s therapy, so it doesn’t count!


Neiman Marcus
Take 30% off 3 items, 25% off 2 items, or 20% off of 1 item in online clearance. Retail therapy at its best!

My picks:

Get up to 25% off with the code EVENT18 And get free shipping with your Amazon Prime account.
My picks:

Lord and Taylor
Take an extra 30% off almost everything and 15% beauty with the code FRIENDS
My picks:

I hope that you found something to satisfy your therapy needs (have I mentioned that retail therapy is the best therapy?). Wishing us a good rest of the week!


Note this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for support!

Green Envy

Investment Piece: Green Envy
Investment Piece: Green Envy
Investment Piece: Green Envy
Investment Piece: Green Envy
Investment Piece: Green Envy

Jealousy is not always cute. I mean, we all get jealous, but there’s a huge chance that jealousy doesn’t look good on any of us. Get close to me and I will admit that I can get possessive, as if that’s something not as green as jealousy (it is!). But, what if a little green looks good on you? What if you look so good in green that you give others green envy?

***Yes, I know that green and jealousy aren’t synonyms but they go together. And I couldn’t resist. My big hope? Not for you to be jealous, but you to look so great in green that you make other people jealous. Make green envy work for you!

Remember when I thought I couldn’t wear green? Refresh yourself here. There was a time when I really thought that green wasn’t for me. Turns out, I was wrong. And have been proven wrong over and over again. Who knew?

This green is another vintage number (new thought: does green envy work for me only when it’s vintage? Discuss) from my Vintage trips with Bloomers and Frocks. (You can read about the trip here and Bloomers and Frocks here.) Confession? I didn’t pick out this dress. And it’s not in my closet, that’s right, it’s still available (I think) at Bloomers and Frocks (if you love it you might want to get on that). However, it was another time when I was convinced that green wouldn’t look good on me, and it did. Yes, shades have something to do with it, as does design. I love that this number is essentially a shirt dress, and was so comfy! I like the pattern, and the way it could be dressed up or down. In short, you’re lucky I’m leaving it for you.

Maybe the lesson is there’s a green for all of us? Or maybe green envy is so real that it can change your thoughts on a color? I don’t know, but in the mean time let’s get some green to inspire envy in everyone. Sound like a plan?

I’ve linked similar items to this green number below!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support.

Investment Piece: Green Envy