Trend to Try: Headbands

Update: so back in January, I thought we should try headbands. Now it’s the holiday season, and I’m letting you know that headbands are a must! From adding some piazza to your hair for all those holiday dos, to hiding the fact that maybe your hair is a bit dirty, headbands are the perfect season accessory. Here are some thoughts that still ring true. I’ve updated some shopping options that are more winter friendly (like the Velvet ones! I would love to know: are you headbanding it? XO RA

Investment Piece: Headbands
Investmentpiece: Headbands

I admit that a little bit ago when I got sent a “trend watch” email and it let me know that headbands were coming back, I didn’t believe it. Then I pulled out an old black one and began wearing it during the holiday season. Then I noticed other bloggers wearing one. Then Kate (you know, the Duchess) wore one. And finally, in my past President’s Day Holiday shopping headbands were everywhere.

And my loves, it’s time. I think headbands are a trend to try.

Here’s why I’m loving them:
*You don’t have to do your hair, but it looks like effort
*Hides that you may or may not need to get your roots done (just me?)
*Hides dirty hair
*Headbands are a way to punch up an outfit

I admit it, I’m drawn to the bigger, satin headbands that seem to be popping up in my life, though I’m not against a wrap around headband either. This is the headband that has me looking for anything satin, though this is the headband that started my little obession:
Investment Piece: In my Robe

Below are some headbands I’m loving and thinking of building outfits around:

(Styling tip: I’m personally avoiding bows and a ton of embellishments as I feel like that can read a little young on me. If those are your jam, by all means rock them. Headbands are accessories so my theory is we have free reign to have some fun with them!)

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New and winter-Ish options:

Another note: while I love some of the designer headbands, this is a trend you can try at a reasonable price! In my selections there are picks from Target/Amazon/etc!

I would love to know: are you rocking a headband?