Trend to Try: Puff Sleeves

Investment Piece: trend to try puff sleeves

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Puff Sleeves. You can file this under things that aren’t quite a trend (even some of my picks are vintage, and puff sleeves are a very 1930s thing), but are having a moment. Loves, I am a big believer if that something we love is having a moment we join in. So, puff sleeves.

Investment Piece: Trend to Try Puff Sleeves

While I was making my summer Wishlist (a never ending process TBH), puff sleeves kept catching my eye. From tops to dresses, it seems that they are everywhere. And with good reason!
-A statement sleeve is an easy way to make any outfit pop
-They look good on everyone
-With so many options, there is a puff sleeve for every look and budget

Investment Piece: Trend to Try Puff Sleeve
I personally like my puff sleeves a little bold, but there are subtle puff sleeves. You can get them on tops, maxi dresses, mini dresses, sweaters, and even jackets. Puff sleeves can be perfect for parties and bbqs and all the summer things, as well as on a t-shirt running to Target.

In all my searching, I couldn’t find a puff sleeve that I didn’t like. I think the only question is: where are you wearing your puff sleeves?

These tops were some of my favorites:

And, again, more options here.

What are your favorite? How do you wear it?
I would love to know!

Happy puff sleeve shopping!