Gift Guide: Travel Lovers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Travel Lovers

Loves, as you may know,I split time between two different states. It’s amazing and hard and means I travel a lot. I also travel for fun. Remember the airport season in “Up in the Air” when George Clooney breaks down all of the different travelers to Anna Kendrick? Well, there’s a kind of traveler you want to be–and I’ve rounded up gifts that the travelers you love will want! Without further ado: here’s my gift guide for travel lovers. Continue reading Gift Guide: Travel Lovers

Gift Guides: Art, Music, and Fashion

Investment Piece: Pretending to be in Paris

Tis the season and we’re gifting like mad! However, here at Investment Piece we’re switching it up a little. Yes, we still have gift guides galore for you, including travel, active, last minute, and of course a gift guide for you! I also have a thought piece in defense of gift cards this Sunday. What we’re not doing? Gift Guides for Her and Gift Guides for Him. Why? Gifts can be a very personal thing (you can read about my gifting thoughts here). Also, I’m assuming that if you’re giving a gift to a man or woman in your life (both friends and more) that you have something in mind and they might have a list. So many times gift guides can be so cliche. What to get the man in your life? Whiskey stones and a tie. What to get the woman in your life? Lotion and a candle. At Investment Piece, we think men and women are more than that. There are women who love tech and men who love fashion. This year we’re “combining” men and women’s gift guides into broader categories, and today, we chat art lovers, music lovers, and fashion lovers. Give to the complicated and layered people in your life! Continue reading Gift Guides: Art, Music, and Fashion

Gift Guide: Technology Lovers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide: Tech Lovers

Another day, another gift guide! This one focuses on the people you love who love technology and gadgets; that’s right, your tech lovers! From wireless earbuds to a projection screen to picture printers, I’ve looked high and low and found what I think technology lovers would love to get! So, let’s get to giving! Continue reading Gift Guide: Technology Lovers

Gift Guide: Experiences

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You can deny.
You can beg.
You can ignore.

However, loves, we are really into the holiday season. I hope that there’s fuzzy feelings, snow, and some magic. I hope that you’re ahead on shopping, loving our gift guides, and not at all anxious about your to-do list. I hope you get to give yourself a present. Most of all, I hope that you’ll consider presents that don’t fit under the tree, and no this isn’t a car commercial. I love shopping, I love gifts, I love picking our things for people I love. And some of the best things to give? Experience. It’s perfect for the people who buy themselves their wish list, as well as anyone who just wants a little bit of your time.
Continue reading Gift Guide: Experiences

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty

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Have you gotten all your shopping done? If you have, I’m very impressed! I love doing these holiday gift guides, but I haven’t even started on my shopping! But while we’re chatting about gift guides, let’s chat about beauty gifts. Yes, there are items on this guide perfect for multiple people in your life (including the beauty lover!). Other ways that beauty gifts can help you out? Get a lipstick set, break it apart and use the lipsticks as stocking stuffers, or little gifts. (This also works with perfume sets, or any set.) Gift Guides and helpful hints! It’s your lucky day! Without further ado: My Holiday Gift Guide Beauty! Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty

Holiday Gift Guides: Kids’

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By no means do I claim to know what the cool kids like, but I have rounded up some holiday gifts to fit all ages! (These picks are based on the amazing kids in my life, I’m sure that the fantastic kids in your life have a list, but we can all use some ideas!) So, without further ado: my holiday gift guide for kids! Continue reading Holiday Gift Guides: Kids’