What to do when you HATE the trend

I originally wrote this post a few years ago. I pull it out now and again, because I can’t stop thinking about this topic. Again we’re finding ourselves at a time when trends are going to be presented. We’re in the middle of a transition to a new season. We’re being told what’s trendy, what we should buy, and the looks that we HAVE to have. And loves, I’m not mad at any of that. I love seeing new interpretations and getting to explore new sides of ourselves through fashion. The flip side of that? What if we hate it all. What if the trends for fall or next spring are just awful and wrong for us? Next week I’ll be sharing what 2021 Fall trends I’m excited about (and also what trends you can buy vintage!). I know that trends can have this negative connotation. But I really think if we can think of them as the fashion being offered to us- to do what we need to- they seem more appealing.
With that I feel a little bit better. I hope you do you!

Wishing us all a week of good trends and amazing shoes!


NY Fashion week has come and gone, and we’ve been presented with what’s on trend for now, and for the Fall. Which is great, right? Hopefully you’ve been inspired and are excited about what will be/is offered to you, and you have ideas and plans on how to wear it (or you’re excited to see how we wear it here!) But loves, let’s be honest with each other. There’s a chance, and there are times, when you just HATE a trend. Maybe you try it and it’s just not flattering on you. Maybe it brings back bad memories. Maybe you just hate it so much you can’t bring yourself to try it or think about it. I get it. I know, I’m in fashion and supposed to encourage you to try new things. Which I think you should. But not everything is for everyone.

Loves, I’ve struggled with this part all week. A part of me is torn–I feel as if I’m supposed to encourage you to try new things. Maybe the right piece, the right time, the right color will change your mind on a trend. Maybe. Trying different versions of a trend is also valid. Maybe you hate cold shoulder, but you love a certain off-the-shoulder. Maybe. Classics may be your thing and you don’t want to vary out, but one dress could change your mind. Maybe. I think all these avenues are great-again, I’m for us all trying things. But loves, sometimes things don’t work. And that’s valid too. Trends are simply that, a passing fancy, and if you don’t like it, it’s ok. A new trend will come about, or classics are always in style.
There are trends that I don’t like; and my personal view is that fashion is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself–not a list of things you HAVE to wear.

So, at the end of the day my biggest advice is, if you don’t love it, don’t wear it. That simple. Love what you wear, wear what makes you feel good!


Change of Season

Investment Piece: Change of Season
Investment Piece: Change of Season
Investment Piece: Change of Season

The eve of my 13th birthday I could barely sleep, I was so convinced that I would wake up and things would be different- because I would be a TEENAGER. Sadly, I was fated to be disappointed, because as we all know, change doesn’t happen over night, we rarely wake up different people, and seasons take seasons for a reason.

We’ll not chat about what it says about me that knowing all this I somehow thought things might be different on my 16, 18, 21, 30th birthdays. What can I say? I’m stubborn.

And, maybe, my hope springs eternal. It’s that time again, the change of seasons. The first day of fall is Wednesday, and while it’s in the 90s today, I’m dreaming of (much) lower temps, all sorts of sweaters, jackets, and boots. Will it happen all on Wednesay morning? I wish. But. One can dress for it, just in case.

Also, since change of season takes its own time, I thought that I would help it along.

Investment Piece: Change of Season
Investment Piece: Change of Season
Investment Piece: Change of Season

What can spur the change of season along? I thought about sweaters, but didn’t want to die of heat stroke. Boots are slowly making their way into my rotation, as well as a few light jackets. Somehow, that hasn’t been enough for me.

So, I did what anyone wold be doing. I trimmed (yes, I really did cut branches dressed like this). I also began to clean out my closet, bring my fall wardrobe to the front, and shop to fill in the gaps. (Yes, I don’t think that one can have too many sweaters)

Also, while I’m spuring change, I’m changing how I look at things. I’ve never been one to go for chocolate (brown). I thought that perhaps it wasn’t my color. Then- I fell in love with this dress. The flower, the straps, the way it fits. And it’s brown. Which is ironically, perfect for fall. Maybe changing things changes things? One can hope.

And if by putting on a new dress color makes the temps drop, I will go through the rainbow.

What are you changing for fall? This dress is vintage, but I’ve found you similar and linked them below!

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Investment Piece: Change of Season

Sunday Chronicles: Routine

Investment Piece: Rountine

I’m paraphrasing but there’s an old saying:
“Adventure is dangerous, but routine will kill you”

Yes and yes. What if adventure is dangerous? What if routine will kill you? What if you need both to get by?

I can be incredibly spontaneous, I fall in love (with shoes) at first sight all the time, my desires can change, there are days when I feel like someone different every few hours. And yet, I thrive best when I have a bit of a routine. I need a bit of structure, I do my best work when I’m secure, without a plan I waste time like a champ. Balancing all of that is my greatest struggle.

This past year, and really all the time as I’ve always worked from home, has been hard as I’ve felt that no routine has lasted more than a few weeks. Yet, with the start of the new season, and the new year (Jewish!) I’ve been determined to find (and stick to) a routine that works for me. With just enough structure to keep me thriving and just enough adventure to keep me on my toes (and creative). Some of my goals? A sleep routine (go to bed a bit earlier, wake up a bit earlier), some schedules (workouts, shoots, etc), and some other goals (all the water drinking, walking, etc). Some routines have been easy to fall into. Some others? Not so much.

So what is it about routines that make them difficult? Both sticking to them and not getting drowned by them. I’m not sure that I have all the answers. There are days when I feel great about my progress and days when I wonder what I’m doing. On both kinds of days I’m attempting to give myself grace.

What else am I trying?

*lists. Which is weird, I know. But when I give myself detailed things to do and accomplish that I can cross off (if you tell me that crossing something off a list doesn’t feel good, I don’t know that I believe you!) I tend to get more done. Which leads me to :
*alarms. To get up, yes. But for tasks, for time lines, for all my little goals
*measuring. My steps. My glasses of water. My writing. Outfits. Shopping. It’s both daunting and helpful
*rewards. Corny? Perhaps. But they help keep me motivated and on the right track. From a glass of wine to revising my Wishlist, I pick both small things and work towards large things. These things keep me working towards my own best interests, even when it’s difficult or I stray a bit.

I would love to know: what are your tips for switching your routines up and sticking to them? What are your current routines? Your current goals?

Wishing us all a week of routine, progress and amazing shoes! XO RA

Color Me Wild

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment piece: Color Me Wild

Leopard is a neutral (yes, I think so).
We’ve established that time and time again, and it’s something I do really believe. However, what if we took something we know to be true (leopard is a neutral) and we played with it? Turned it on its head? For just a brief moment, made it untrue?
This is aka when I saw this leopard print dress in this stunning shade of blue, I knew I had to have it. While it’s not completely wild, it’s not a true neutral. It’s showsstopping (the sleeves and slits help with that) and yet it’s a tad bit subtle. Color with wildness and reason.
The balance felt right to me, and also? Is fun. Fashion is a lot of things, and one of those things is fun. Color. Print. The wild? How could you not have fun playing with that?

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

It’s time to get back out there (within reason).
Another thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. There are so many things that I’ve missed over this past year- some I’m ready to dive back into, some I’m not so ready. Perhaps that’s where the wild comes in. If I can look at leopard in a new way (color), could I look at the wild (outside, however you want to label it) in a new way?

These shots were taken under an underpass. Everytime a car passed over it sounded like thunder I was convinced it was going to storm all shoot. But. I loved how I got to see something I pass almost everyday in a new way. Yes, there’s a path (to cross the street), and some rocky landscaping, but when I pass by it every day I barely see it. Exploring it, shooting it, climbing it- I was able to see it in a whole new light.

And if an underpass can be a whole new world, what else am I overlooking? What wild out there could be made new?

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

What could you look at anew – from patterns to places? What are you currently comfortable with, and what do you long to be comfortable with? Are you coloring yourself wild or are you playing it safe?

These are questions I’m asking myself and exploring. There are times when I’m coloring wild and times when I’m way more neutral. I’m learning to give myself grace, and have fun, either way.

What about you?

This dress is Hanifa, I have this sweater dress from them, and I have to let you know how much I adore this brand. Almost everything from their new collection is on my Wishlist. I’ve also liked similar dresses for you below. Color wild!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

3 Heeled Outfits

Beloveds, I am a heel gal. I love them, I wear them with everything, will always choose them. But I know that, for some, heels always = dresses. Or skirts. Or something a bit fancy. So, I decided the best way to make my case that heels go with everything (EVERYTHING), I’ve come up with 3 outfits (or outfit formulas) to wear with heels. No dresses or skirts to be seen!

I am wearing my perfect sandals from Sarah Flint. I love that they go with everything, have arch support, and a steel enforced heel. Use code SARAHFLINT-BAINVESTMENTPIECE to get $50 off your first pair!

What are your go-to outfits to wear with heels?

Kicking It

Investment Piece: Kicking It
Investment Piece: kicking it
Investment Piece: Kicking It

Transitions can always be difficult, but the one from summer into fall? Brutal. It’s not that I don’t love summer- I do. I have never met a swimsuit I didn’t love (and wear with everything (see here for starters). Fall is one of my favorite seasons (maybe my most favorite). But the combination of them together?

I want to layer, to wear all the sweaters, stun you with how I can pull off a sundress and a turtleneck at the same time, and to rock all my fantastic boots. But it’s 102 in the afternoons. Getting into these jeans felt like a feat in and of itself. (Yes, all the shoots are done as early as possible because of all of that!)

With all of that said, I get that it may be a little odd that I’m in jeans and a (cropped) sweatshirt. Maybe I’m looking forward? Or maybe, I’m taking the best (cool mornings) and running with them. These jeans are some of the coolest jeans I think I’ve ever owned. Just rigid enough, you may have to work a bit to get them on, but they hold you in and make me feel as if my legs are super long. The bootcut isn’t as dramatic as it could be, but I like it that way- a bit subtle.

Investment Piece: Kicking It
Investment Piece: Kicking it

And this sweatshirt! The crop, the short sleeve. THE INITIAL! I have always had a soft spot for tops with my initial (perhaps because Laverne and Shirely was one of my favorite shows when it was shown as repeats when I was a toddler?). It’s both chic and a tad nostalgic. I know it may not be for everyone, but if you’re in need of a sweatshirt, you can find this exact one here.

Investment Piece: Kicking It

I’m well aware that kicking it like this may mean that I’m changing half way through the day (sometimes, oftentimes, more than once during the day). And that perhaps I should ease into transitions with more layering. But there are times when I can’t resist dressing for what I wish were happening (be it party dresses or weather). Because if we don’t build it, how will it ever come?

I’ve linked these exact jeans and more sweatshirt options below. How are you kicking it during these transitions?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Kicking It

Sunday Chronicles: Grandparents Day

Investment Piece: Grandparents Day
My parental (Grandma) and maternal (Mimi) grandmothers

I know that some of these “holidays” aren’t really big deals. See “red wine day” (not that I didn’t celebrate), “French fry day”, “pancake day”, etc, etc, etc. However, as someone who was lucky enough to be close to her grandparents, and miss them now that they’re gone, Grandparents Day for me is actually something I’m into this year.

My maternal grandmother, my Mimi, was a bit like my nanny growing up. She drove us to school and picked us up (making sure she was first in the pick-up line), made dinner, used to pay me $1 to eat a taco at dinner (instead of just queso. I also got paid $1 not to tell my mom we watched soap operas with her!). Mimi taught me about mixing patterns, red lipstick, the wonders of Vaseline as a night cream, and her infamous pecan pie recipe.

My paternal grandmother, my Grandma, taught me to quilt, make hand pies, made the best toast (I know, completely random. She also made so many amazing things- but I often miss her toast!). Grandma taught me to indulge my artistic side, laugh when you can, and indulge while keeping to your schedule.

My Papa (paternal grandfather, not pictured!) was a bear of a man (to others) but to me was the person who would tell me to give his neck some love. He worked/owned a construction company but my most vivid memories of him are watching sports (silently) on his lap/chest with his miniature poodle (Cheerie, who wore bows and had her nails painted). Papa taught me about juxatipositons, home repair, and boundaries with compromise.

I know that families are complex and relationships are hardly ever linear. No matter you’re feelings on holidays like Grandparents Day, I hope that you’ve been lucky enough to have the love of a great grandparent. And if not, that in your adult life you’ve made a chosen family that provides you with that kind of love. I adore you, and would even wait in line to pick you up.

Wishing us all a week of strong love and amazing shoes!

All the Drama

Investment Piece: All the Drama
Investment Piece: All the drama
Investment Piece: All the Drama
I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to as many events this year, even with things opening up. A part of it is that I’m still not quite ready for big crowds (I’m hoping that I’m not the only one with a bit of anxiety about that!), and a part of it is that so many of the events that I am able and ready for all happen to fall on the same day.

It’s getting to be a little bit ironic actually, the more I have on my calendar the more likely it is that all the events will fall on that one day. If my day is completely clear- it tends to stay that way.
So, the few times that I am out and about I need outfits that can do it all- casual BBQs, more formal celebrations. It’s the one time in my life that I have needed all those “Day to Night” looks that were in all the magazines when I was growing up.

Investment Piece: all the drama
Investment Piece: all drama

One of my favorite things is when something is two things. Perhaps it’s because it makes me a bit better about being so complex myself, or maybe it’s because it just makes my life easier. Or even more honestly, it means that when I have days that are booked full, I don’t have to change my outfit quite as many times!

Take for instance, dresses like this one. At first glance, it’s a simple caftan; it’s comfy, it’s throw on and go, it’s perfect for errands or lounging. And yet, it brings all the drama. It’s one shoulder, there’s the draping, the leg slit, and it’s perfect for weddings or other events when you need to stand out a bit.

Able to bring all the drama while feeling like you’re in your pjs? That’s a two in one that I can appreciate (and wear everywhere).

Investment Piece: all the drama

This caftan was a custom made by one of my long time favorite small shops, AAvintedge. The first thing I ever bought from them was a caftan, and it’s always fun when I add to my collection. This drama-filled dress does do it all, obviously it goes amazing with heels, but I’ve also thrown on flip flops with it and also worn it to the grocery store with sneakers.

Maybe it’s not all the drama I love, but the versatility!

I would love to know- what do you wear when you have to do it all in a day?
You can follow @aavintedge on IG and get yourself a caftan, or I’ve linked similar styles for you below!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

The heels above are my perfect sandals from Sarah Flint! I love how they support me- with arch support and a steel stiletto no matter how full my day is. You can shop this link for $50 off your first perfect sandal, or any Sarah Flint you love!

Investment Piece: All the Drama

Now and Then: Lug Sole Boots

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

This season there’s a “new”trend – lug sole boots. Here’s the thing, as someone who can remember the 1990s, I’m here to tell you that this is not the first time that lug sole boots are “in”, to be worn with everything from slip dresses to jeans.

Yes, I have feelings and thoughts about the 90s being back. Some of them are good. Some of them are ego based. The good news is that getting the chance to “redo” parts of my youth leaves me more free to choose what I really love. And, like many other trends, leaves me fascinated by what comes back and what trends we can buy vintage. Currently, I can’t stop thinking about lug sole boots.

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

In the 90s, all the cool kids wore lug sole boots (With slip dresses and flannel). Of course, at the time, a lot of those lug sole boots were Doc Martins (I can’t tell you how much I begged for a pair but as I was growing, the cheap kind- aka knock offs- were what my parents were willing to do) or combat boots. The options this time around are more plentiful, but if you’re looking both new and vintage, all of the sudden your options become limitless!

InvestmentPiece: Lug Sole Boots

Some of the modern lug sole boots are so chic, streamlined, and perfect for dresses that I’m very tempted. Like these knee high boots from Madewell. I think they would go perfect with jeans and a blazer, or, for old time’s sake, a slip dress and some flannel.

Ironically, when this trend first came about I didn’t LOVE it. Of course, I’ve been 5’10 since I was 11 years old (yes, taller than all of the boys) and with bigger feet (about a size 9) it always felt like this style made me look bigger. Yet. When I started researching fall styles and saw this all over, from editorials to sales, I fell in love with some vintage lug sole boots. I can’t wait to wear them with my leggings and yes- even dresses. Maybe everything does deserve a second chance?

Pro tip- while I’ve linked some vintage lug sole boots for you below, some key words if you’re vintage searching yourself that are super helpful include: Lug Sole, 90s boots, Steve Madden, Doc Martin, combat boots, hiking boots, thick sole, fall boots.

What do you think? Are you pulling out old lug sole boots? Buying new? How do you feel about this trend being both a now and then situation? I would love to know all of your thoughts!

As usual, I’ve linked some of my faves- both now and then, aka new and vintage- for you below. Happy shopping!

Note: this post may contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

New lug sole boots:

Vintage lug sole boots: