A Look Back: Fashion Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. It’s partially the actress in me, and partially all the stories, but I can’t help but love any and all characters. It’s partially my belief that fashion is a mode with which to tell our stories, and there’s no better story than a costume. And,also? I just love to dress up!

This year I’m planning two costumes for “Fashion Halloween”, and I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks!(Let’s just say a Dino and a historical fave are involved!) In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane and think about all the fashion Halloweens that have come before: Cleopatra, A Mermaid, Lady MacBeth, the Birds, etc.)

Do you know what you’re going to be yet? Do you have a plan?
I’ve started sharing some of my costume ideas: from subtle things to comic book heroes, I’ve linked some below, and you can always shop my looks on the sidebar, or follow me in the LiketoKnowit and ShopStyle apps for daily inspiration!

Let’s get excited about spooking, shall we?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

More subtle touches:

Some of my current fave Comic Hereo costumes:

And you can shop some favorite Halloween tees here

And costume ideas here

Sunday Chronicles: Spooky Season

Shadow of a woman dressed as Maleficent with horns on her head and holding a raven

October is it’s own kind of magic, and not just Halloween. The crispness in the air, the endings and the beginnings, the beginning of the holiday season.
There is that aspect- I know that this is the month that time seems to speed up, we start chatting about the holidays (I have already seen Christmas trees out in stores), I’m supposed to start talking about holiday gifts, and a lot of us will breeze right over Halloween (or dress up and have their tree up!) and go right into the HOLIDAY season.

Yet, the older I get the more I want to enjoy the season I’m in. Right now, that means spooky season. I want to enjoy the changing of the seasons, the pumpkins, the scary movies (or really just watching all the Hocus Pocus), the costumes (have I mentioned how much I love Fashion Halloween?), and just enjoying October.

So, if I’m not rushing into the next season, what does it mean to really be present in spooky season (besides the obvious)?
For me, it means a few things:
-spending time in the cool weather. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s just starting to be cool where I am (and it still heats up in the afternoon!). So wearing a sweater, or jacket when I can means something
-fall and Halloween decorations. The more I don’t want to rush the seasons (really, I won’t put up Christmas till December, will try to take in November as much as I can), this means that this weekend I’m putting out pumpkins. And skeletons. Wreaths full of fall flowers and motifs. Planning costumes and getting out boots
-curating my social media and consumption. I’m not the best Horror Movie Watcher (Though I do love some horror, I’m more a thriller gal, very much a Hocus Pocus gal, have the Peanuts Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on repeat), but I love to watch shows, movies, and listen to songs (Monster Watch) that match the season
-participate in fall activities. I’m not running to orchards or pumpkin patches. But I am making sure that I go out and do what fall means to me. Yes, some of it is basic. But, aren’t we all a little basic? I’m loving carving pumpkin parties, tailgates, and am so excited to hand out candy on Halloween (I also do a Hocus Pocus watch and make butternut squash soup!) Though if you want to ask me to apple of pumpkin pick with you I won’t say no!

I really am just concentrating on enjoying the moments, without rushing ahead. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my Halloween costumes- and my plans for holiday shopping. That’s what spooky season means to me! What does spooky season mean to you? And how are you celebrating?

I would love to hear about it!
Wishing us all a week of spooky and amazing shoes! XO RA

Film Style: Hitchcock’s Heroines

Investment Piece: Film Style

As an actress, movie buff, and fashion lover I am endlessly fascinated by and inspired by the fashion we’re presented with in films. I would argue that fashion in films is incredibly important: fashion presented in films can influence how we think of an era, of an actress, influence what we buy, and what designers put on the runway. There may be no one more influencial than Alfred Hitchcock and his heroines. Hitchcock had a thing for blondes (if you haven’t read about that, it’s fascinating topic to research), and his blondes were always impeccably dressed.

Hitchchock, his films, and his heroines are full on iconic, and have been written about almost ad nauseam, but their influence stands. Several runway collections, outfits, and costumes have taken a page from the Hitchcock Heroine playbook; be in Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”:
Investemnt Piece; Hitchcock's Heroines
To Janet Leigh in “Psycho”:
Investemnt Piece: Hitchcock's Heroines

And full disclosure: I’ve dressed up as Tippi Hedren as her character in “The Birds” for Halloween (top pic) in years past, and it’s one of my favorite Fashion Halloweens!

From suits to gowns to pencil skirts, Hitchcock’s heroine’s were always dressed impeccably, and on trend. The outfits never took over the movie, but left a impact on the viewer. These designs were often done by Edith Head, infamous costume designer (loves, Edith designed or put together some of the most iconic and beautiful garments ever. She is a icon on her own, and if you don’t know about her I cannot more strongly urge you to at least Google her. I promise I will feature her on an upcoming Designer Spotlight–she’s that important), but the designs shown in Hitchcock’s films inspired everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Bottega Veneta. Some great reading on the subject can be found:
Hitchcock Fashion Moments and Hitchcock’s Heroines and their influence on fashion.

Investment Piece: Hitchcock's Heroines

The great thing about the fashion that Hitchcock heronines inspires? You don’t have to wait for a designer to present it to you! Have a pencil skirt? Add kitten heels and a blouse? Got a draped gown? Add a necklace! Have a skirt suit set? You’re good to go! Need some inspiration and/or examples of Hitchcock’s Heroines? TCM often shows Hitchcock movies and the inspiration they provide from Halloween costumes to day to day fashion inspiration is endless!

What movies do you go to for fashion inspiration? And what Hitchcock heroine do you want to dress like?


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Fashion Stories: How To Style Colored Tights

Remember when I played with colored tights (a bit out of my comfort zone but so fun!)? Well, it turns out that colored and patterned tights are a statement piece for fall. So! I couldn’t help but revisit how we can style them (and I’ve updated some of my fave tights!).

Tights, hose, whatever you want to call them- they are a winter staple and at the same time an accessory to play with. I’ll be honest, I was a little scared of playing with colored tights. If I wore blue tights with a blue outfit would I look like a blueberry? But then I thought- if I can wear all black and feel chic why not play with other colors? If I believe that clothes are how we tell our stories, why not have a little fun?

So- I began to play. From patterns, then patterns with colors. Pastels with neutrals, then pastels with color. And then- bright colors.
My tips?
-Have an outfit formula. For me that was a skirt and a top, meaning that I could add or subtract color of any portion of the outfit. I could go more neutral or add more color.
-Be comfortable and confident. Part of trying anything new is that- simply trying! I tried things on, saw what I liked. I realized that there were days when I would be more bold and days when I would be more timid- but either way I wanted to be comfortable. The only way to get there is to try.
-I broke colored tights into 3 categories:patterns (sub group patterns with color), pastels (the lighter they are the more “nude” they’ll be), and brights(fyi colors like navy and maroon will read closer to black!). Each of these give you so much room to play and have fun!

And I think the main thing is to have fun! As I mention, if we don’t like it, we can always just change our outfits. Throughout the day I’ll be updating these looks on the @shopltk app!

I would love to know: do you rock colored tights? With what? How did you get comfortable with them? When you have a new fashion item how do you style it? I would love to know any and all of it!


Below I’ve linked some of my favorite colored (and patterned) tights! Note: While this post does contain affiliate links, that does not affect the price for you, even thought I might earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

How to OverDress Sneakily

a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platfroms
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platforms
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platforms

I know that you’ve heard me say that party dresses are some of my favorites. There has never been one that I can say no to. And I tend to overdress. Not on purpose! But yes, I am that friend who will show up cocktail ready (in more ways than one!) no matter how many times you tell me that the event is casual.

And yet. Maybe my second favorite thing (fashion wise at least) is an outfit that seems FANCY yet feels like pjs. Wearing your pjs works. And vintage lingerie is more than adequate. But so many of my favorite outfits- when I’m told that I’m overdressing- are the ones that are easy. That feel good. That still let me overdress.

So is it possible to overdress (in a sneaky way) and get the high of high dressing and yet deep like you’re in your pjs?

Yes. They are called silk caftans. And when paired with platforms (though I’ve also worn this dress to the grocery store with sandals and gotten compliments on it!)
And while this one was gifted (from Silk Ranch It is not influenced by that! In fact, you can see how much I love their silk caftans and pants here.

And in fact, as much I wasn’t influenced, the first few times I wore this dress, I wore it backwards (on accident!)

a woman in a gold and purple caftan

Yep. I thought that this part, with the V and the tassel was the front. Then Sheryl sent me a message letting me know the caftan was supposed to go another away! A little insight into that sometimes being the best dressed means making it your own- and that great things can be worn more than one way!

a woman in a gold and purple caftan
a woman in a gold and purple caftan
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and platform shoes

So, here’s what’s great about a silk dress- be it caftan or slip or shirt. It reads overdress. As in, no matter what you’re going to, in a silk dress you’ll always be on point for your events. And in some cases, you’ll be the fanciest one there- but why risk underdressing? And what I love about a caftan? They are both casual (read drinks by the pool) and fancy (read fancy cocktail parties). And the best part of silk (esp caftans?) They feel like pjs. Meaning that no matter how many people love your dress, or how fancy it is- you’ll be comfy (like pjs comfy). And paired with platforms (did you know they’re in again?!?) or even your flip flops, the silk caftan will never steer you wrong.

How to overdress sneakily? Silk. Especially a caftan. Add some platforms. Or some sandals. OR clogs (also in!)! And then indulge in the compliments. Like that you look good while feeling comfy.

I can’t recommend Silk Ranch enough. And I’ve linked similar items below. How do you overdress in a sneaky way?


Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in gold and purple caftan and brown platforms

Ex Files: The One Who Argued about Football

a purple TCU flag flies on a patio with hanging crystals, sliding door and wooden fence

It’s ex-files, where we stop chatting fashion for just a minute and talk dating horror stories. An attempt to be like Carrie Bradshaw? Sure. But let’s be honest, dating horror stories are both horrifying and funny. Names may have been changed to protect identities, some details moved about. Hungry for more? Try: Tinder on an Airplane, Jumping to Conclusions, and The One Who Asked for his Money Back. There are quite a few more when you search “ex files” in the search tab!” Also if you want to be written warmly about- behave better! xo RA

Without further ado I bring you:
The One Who Argued About Football

We know that I love football (my feelings on football are ever fluid, aka mainly I’m mad about some coaching changes, and as my schedule changes I can no longer prioritize football, or use it as time alone, but that’s a convo for another post). Yet, I was raised on football, know football, and do love it. And so when that is recognized- I LOVE it.

A few years ago (or more, my sense of time is so off lately!), I got a message from one of the best football coaches of all time (and the head coach of my alma mater at the time. Yes, you probably know but as I didn’t ask for his permission to use his name, we’re protecting him!) sent me a message stating “It’s nice to see someone who knows so much about football”. As you can only imagine, this message made my day, month, year, and if at one point you heard a happy yelp that might have been me!

So, you can also imagine my defeat when my boyfriend at the time, when told about the BEST message ever was blasé. In fact, I think his exact words were “It’s not a compliment”. Note- it was a compliment. And -at least to me- it was a big deal. Yet, never wanting to rock the boat, I didn’t argue at the time.

However, a few weeks (maybe months) later, a football fight happened. We rooted for different pro teams (which can work, as long as there’s respect). But. There was a call in the game that this ex and I had different views on. He said:” You need to calm down, it’s not like you get football.”

And when I tell you I was mad. When I tell you how I hated that comment. When I tell you the joy I felt when I got to say : “Oh Really?!? According to (redacted hall of fame coach) I do get football. And I think he knows more than you!”

This was not the fight that broke us up. But I won’t lie and tell you that someone I was in an relationship to essentially poo-poo my knowledge and interests didn’t influence the rest of our relationships. I don’t think that we have to agree on everything, but I do think us thinking highly of our partners- and all of their interests is key.

Has there ever been a fight that changed how you saw partner? I would LOVE to hear about it!

Fall 2022 Trends

a woman in a hot pink suit in a hotel entrance

Every season I always get antsy to chat about trends- for more than one reason. There are so many micro trends ( we can both hate and love social media for that), that sometimes trend reports can feel outdated (even if they’re brand new). And also, there are trends that we’ll hate and trends that we won’t follow (I write about it here). Beyond that, I’m a firm believer that trends are just suggestions (aka when you find your own style you stick to it) and while trends may come and go- you can ignore a lot of them.

Which makes them hard to write about.

And also hard to clean out our closets as you never know what will come back (there’s been a pair of hot pink, platform boots that I can’t seem to let go of, but now know why!)

But. While I won’t be addressing all the trends (And there are so many places you can get them from!) and might chat about trends I’m seeing that aren’t official (like all the platforms I’m seeing on the red carpets but are on no “list” or the hot pink spawned by Valentino) this fall season I can’t help but share my fave fall 2022 trends with you. Take what you love. Leave what you don’t. Use what you have, buy what you are WAY too in love with. That’s what fall trends are for.

an open fall trend catalog on a woman's lap

(At some point we might chat why the summer to fall transition feels SO big, especially with trends. We might also chat why transitions feel so big, I’ve written about it here, and here– a round up of thoughts and outfits to get through the summer to fall transitions and fall trends.)

But, with all of that, let’s take a look at some of my favorite Fall 2022 trends. Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I might earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Oldies But Goodies
Inlcuded: Suits. Slip Dresses. Knits. Boots. Maxi dresses and skirts. Velvets. Embellishments.

Another reason why trends can be difficult to chat about? They come back? Has there been a fall in you lifetime when some sort of boots weren’t in? Or blazers? OR Sweaters?
Yes, these items are always in and always in some new style. This season it’s in plaids, pinks, knit sets, high boots, and all the velvets, etc you can love. And of course those will change over the course of the season. Here are some of my current faves:

Clogs and Platforms
If you’ve been paying attention to any of the red carpets of the recent film fest, fashion weeks, etc, the two shoes that you’ve been seeing over and over are clogs (go with anything from slouchy suits to jeans) to platforms (wear with dresses and suits and more). These are some of my faves:

a graphic with a model in head to toe leather with words saying Head to toe leather
While I feel as if leather is in style every cold weather season, this fall it’s so chic to wear leather (or faux leather) head to toe. From dresses. To suits. So mix and match. Thes are some of my faves:

Cliche? Yes. This season they cliche leans over the knee and western leaning. I love a great statement boot, and from velvets to patterns to all of the above, these are some of my faves:

a close up of a woman in a knit skirt and boots

What fall trends are you looking forward to? Are there any you’re not going to try (for me that’s cargo pants! But if you’re wearing them I can’t wait to see!)? What do you already have that matches the current trends?
I can’t wait to see your fall picks!

Why You Should Rock Zebra

a woman in a zebra print suit in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra print suit and yellow heels in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra suit in fronts of a stone wall

I am a firm believer that animal prints are neutral, but I will acknowledge that usually when I’m thinking of animal prints, I’m thinking of leopard. And leopard being a neutral is a hill I’m willing to die on. Yet, leopard isn’t the only animal print (out there, on trend, worth your time) that’s neutral. Perhaps we overlook it, but zebra print (especially in easy separates that read a as a suit but feel like pjs) is something that you should rock – often.

a woman in a zebra suit in front of a stone wall

You can see some of my other favorite zebra print items here.
One of the things that I love about zebra print is that it’s just a bit unexpected. It’s a lot neutral (black and white together? And if you’re someone who wants to follow the “old” rule about not wearing white after Labor Day, this is a nice work around!) and yet a bit bold. Easy to down play, and yet easy to pair with a statement piece- or a pop of color in your shoes, bag, etc.

It’s easy to not think about zebra; as much as black and white make it a neutral, you sometimes have to think about that color combo in new ways. Yet, when you do, so much opens (fashion wise at least) opens up!

a woman in zebra print in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra suit in a front of a stone wall

So, why do I think that zebra should be what you rock this fall (aside from the above reasons)? It’s fun. And chic. While zebra can be used as a statement, if used as a neutral you can put your own spin on it, though I have to say I’m currently loving shades of yellow with it!

Zebra is the ultimate combination of playing it safe while standing out that you can rock all season long (and into the the winter and early spring!). I’m loving this jacket that’s a wrap coat and easy pull on pants- and I’ve linked them below! These shoes are from last winter, but I’ve found you similar.

As summer ends and we start fall, what animal prints are you looking to wear? And how?
I’d love to hear all about it!

xo RA

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a zebra suit in front of a stone wall

What to do when you HATE the trend

I originally wrote this post a few years ago. I pull it out now and again, because I can’t stop thinking about this topic. Again we’re finding ourselves at a time when trends are going to be presented. We’re in the middle of a transition to a new season. We’re being told what’s trendy, what we should buy, and the looks that we HAVE to have. And loves, I’m not mad at any of that. I love seeing new interpretations and getting to explore new sides of ourselves through fashion. The flip side of that? What if we hate it all. What if the trends for fall or next spring are just awful and wrong for us? Next week I’ll be sharing what 2021 Fall trends I’m excited about (and also what trends you can buy vintage!). I know that trends can have this negative connotation. But I really think if we can think of them as the fashion being offered to us- to do what we need to- they seem more appealing.
With that I feel a little bit better. I hope you do you!

Wishing us all a week of good trends and amazing shoes!


NY Fashion week has come and gone, and we’ve been presented with what’s on trend for now, and for the Fall. Which is great, right? Hopefully you’ve been inspired and are excited about what will be/is offered to you, and you have ideas and plans on how to wear it (or you’re excited to see how we wear it here!) But loves, let’s be honest with each other. There’s a chance, and there are times, when you just HATE a trend. Maybe you try it and it’s just not flattering on you. Maybe it brings back bad memories. Maybe you just hate it so much you can’t bring yourself to try it or think about it. I get it. I know, I’m in fashion and supposed to encourage you to try new things. Which I think you should. But not everything is for everyone.

Loves, I’ve struggled with this part all week. A part of me is torn–I feel as if I’m supposed to encourage you to try new things. Maybe the right piece, the right time, the right color will change your mind on a trend. Maybe. Trying different versions of a trend is also valid. Maybe you hate cold shoulder, but you love a certain off-the-shoulder. Maybe. Classics may be your thing and you don’t want to vary out, but one dress could change your mind. Maybe. I think all these avenues are great-again, I’m for us all trying things. But loves, sometimes things don’t work. And that’s valid too. Trends are simply that, a passing fancy, and if you don’t like it, it’s ok. A new trend will come about, or classics are always in style.
There are trends that I don’t like; and my personal view is that fashion is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself–not a list of things you HAVE to wear.

So, at the end of the day my biggest advice is, if you don’t love it, don’t wear it. That simple. Love what you wear, wear what makes you feel good!


Sunday Chronicles: Not Going to Plan

Investment Piece: Green Envy

I’ve had one of those weeks. Well, not one of THOSE weeks, but one of those weeks that did not go to plan. At all. In any way. Which can be incredibly frustrating, and leave you feeling behind or worse. But, there are times when things are not going to plan, when it can be a gift. Right? At least that’s the mindset I’m going with.

This past week I had plans, and ways that I thought things would go. As the saying goes, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans”. I’ve found it to be true over and over again. This week I came down with what could only be described as part vaxx reaction/part allergies. I ran fever, chills, sore throat, dibilatating headache. My car was in the shop, which was both a pain to deal with and then had to budge for that unexpected expense. I had to cancel my plans, I had to rearrange my schedule, I had to take time for me. And while there were times that having to put all my plans on hold was upsetting, there are times when things not going to plan was the best thing to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I think about things (mindset) and how I roll with the punches. Being a planner, I can sometimes get a little (a lot) upset when things don’t go according to my plan. Trusting that I’m always in the right place at the right time, that things will always work out for the best, and that the unplanned can be gift doesn’t always come naturally. I work at it. I’m getting better at it.

Because, the thing is, not going to plan is a gift. Sometimes it means that we get something so much more amazing than what we had planned. I had to rearrange things this week. I missed some things that I was looking forward to. And, I felt behind as I didn’t do my plan. But you know what? I got to rest. I got to really look at some things and I got the chance to do some self care. Work worked out, and while there are things I’m playing catch up on, I’m full of new ideas and in a place where I’m rested enough to get more done.

There are times when our plans won’t get us where we want to be, and we have to trust that things not going to plan will. I’m working on it. How about you?

Wishing us all a week of great events (planned or not) and amazing shoes! XO RA