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Investment Piece: Holiday Traditions

Tis the season. For gifts, treats, magic, parties, and holiday traditions. As we get older the holidays can change, yet what keeps us coming back are the traditions. For me? It’s my mom’s beef stroganoff on Christmas Eve, setting out cookies for Santa, waiting for my sister to wake up so we can open presents, and my overwhelming desire for a white Christmas. I love the movies, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, and Elf top my lists. The holiday music only stations never fail to get me in the spirit. Seeing the pics of my friend’s kids with Santa makes my day, and getting Crhistmas cards in the mail always bring me cheer!There are so many holiday traditions, and every family has their own. Traditions keep the past alive and bring us into the future; and there’s no better time for traditions than the holiday season.

Some holiday traditions (from my family and others) that I love?

Let’s admit that tons of presents are for little kids. It’s fun to give to them, watch them open and play is simply magical. While I love spoiling the kids in my life, I equally love holiday traditions that put the emphasis not on giving, but on traditions and time together. One of the most “famous” traditions to curb crazy gifting is : Something to Wear, Something to Read, Something you Need, Something you Want, and maybe something special from Santa. My family has it’s own version of this: a recipe, a book, something from your own life you want to pass on, and one bought gift. Some families have the holiday tradition of volunteering at food kitchens. For some, the holiday tradition is to give gifts to others. As much as I love presents, I love all of these holiday traditions that take the focus aways from gifts.

Holiday Lights
Maybe you go see holiday lights with your family, maybe you go with your friends, or maybe you go with your romantic interest. Whoever you go with, who can resist the holiday tradition of holiday lights? I love my family’s tradition of driving around and seeing the lights (with hot chocolate) on Christmas Eve. Do you take part in this holiday tradition? Do you listen to carols while you look at the lights?

Angel Tree
This holiday tradition is related to gifting, but involves sponsoring a family in need for the holiday season. So many people I know participate in this holiday tradition. From gifts and toys to food for holiday dinners, getting an “Angel” family is a way to ensure that everyone in our communities gets to celebrate the season.I think it’s an amazing way to spread cheer and help those who need us.

Food is a big holiday tradition, as are music,parties,and family gatherings. Maybe there are holiday traditions you don’t love (for me that’s eggnog), or maybe there are some traditions that you’re looking to begin in your family.
I’d love to know: What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

If you like, you can read about the traditions I was up to in past years here as well as here.

I know this week is a bit crazy. This is what you can expect here: We’re leaning into holiday dressing and our outfit posts focus on party ready looks. We’re sharing our last two gift guides (stocking stuffers and gifts for you!). We’re so happy you’re spending some of your holiday time with us!

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