Metallic Moments

a woman in a silver strapless dress and pink feather shoes in a garden
a woman in gold pants and a black sweater and black heels
a woman in gold pants and a black sweater
a woman in a silver dress with pink feathered shoes in a garden

The thing that I love about metallics?

They are simultaneously a statement and a neutral. Make them the focal point of your outfit (add classics a la a great black sweater and heels-I added hose for fun!) Or keep them as an accent- aka pair your silver dress as merely a backdrop to feathered shoes! There is no right, or wrong, way to wear metallics. And at this time of year I love that metallics feel festive (especially for NYE) and pair well with “holiday” colors (Think reds and greens and blues!). They’re not only statement and neutral, metallics are holiday and non-holiday. Perhaps, metallics are whatever you need them to be, and that’s just one of the reasons I like them so much.

Yep, it’s one of those you can buy now and wear forever situations.

a woman in Gold Pants and a black sweater
a woman in a silver dress and pink feathered shoes

There are so many, many metallics I love- from dresses to suits to shoes. And so many ways to wear metallics (as we’ve mentioned). My current faves? Gold pants. These are gold foil jeans that are just slightly cropped- and go with everything. Here with a black sweater. To the store? I’ve paired them with a denim shirt, a grey sweater, and a plain t-shirt with sneakers. To a party? Paired with a blazer and classic pumps and statement jewelry. And that’s just in the past few weeks! I can’t wait to wear it through the holiday season and into the new year.

Another current fave? Silver (strapless) dress. (Ironically also coated denim) I’ve paired it with velvet mules for drinks with friends. Feathers for a party. There’s a sheer vintage dress (also metallic) I have that I want to wear it under. Pair it with sweaters. So many shoes. And in the new year- it will pair well with everything from sneakers to denim jackets and more.

Moments like the holidays? Perfect for the holidays. They feel fancy and you can do any outfit, theme, or even decoration around them. And the outfits you can make with metallics-gold, silver, and even beyond- are truly amazing at this time of the year. Moments after the holidays? Can also be metallic. From casual to post-holiday dressy!

How do you wear your metallics? And do you wear them a lot at this time of year?
Below I’ve linked metallics I’m currently loving (including these exact pants and dress!). I would love to see how you style them! XO RA

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