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Vintage, PJ Dressing, Stuart Weitzman, high fashion, LA, CA, TX, blogger, Investment Piece, red
Red, PJ dressing, robe, vintage, Stuart Weitzman, LA, CA, TX, Investment Piece, blogger
Red, vintage, robe, PJ Dressing, high fashion, Stuart Weitzman, blogger, Investment Piece
Vintage, robe, PJ Dressing, LA, CA, TX, high fashion, Investment Piece
PJ Dressing, red, robe, vintage, Stuart Weitzman, LA, CA, blogger, Investment Piece

PJ Dressing is in, and I am on board! I have recently developed a thing for vintage robes, and while they are great for being around the house, they are also great as a dress (I wear everything else as dress!)! I’ve done PJ dressing before (here) but I really like this take on it. The robe feels like a mini dress, which feels vintage and modern all at the same time, and I love the balance of the high boots. It’s not blatant PJ dressing, but a more subtle form; and either way I’m the winner as I’m super comfy!

Would you wear your robe as a dress?


Vintage robe found on Etsy
Boots: Stuart Weitzman

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