Fashion Halloween: Dorothy

a woman with pumpkin in pigtails, red ruby shoes, a blue striped dress, white undershirt
a woman in pumpkins in ruby red slippers in a blue striped dress with a white shirt
a woman in a blue and white striped dress with ruby red slippers and a cat and a gold round
a woman with pumpkins in ruby red slippers and blue socks and blue and white dress
a woman in pumpkins in a blue and white dress with a white undershirt, red ruby slippers, blue socks
a cat with a basket and ruby red slippers
close up of feet in ruby red slippers and blue socks a gold rug, a broom, and a white wall

Honestly, my plans for my big Fashion Halloween were delayed (get ready for next year!) and then I realized I could easily be Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz). Fun fact? This was my favorite movie when I was 4-5 ( in fact, my grandparents were the first people to record it on their VCR for me and because of timing it took me years to know that a part of the film was in black and white- yes, I’m not that old but that old! If you know, you know- and I may lie about my age!) But. Dorothy has always been a fave. And ruby red slippers (or as I’ve always called them “date shoes” have always been a closet staple). So, when I realized I could easily do the Dorothy outfit- from hair (from pigtails to curls to braids) to dress (any light blue or gingham, or apron with a white undershirt- as long as it’s short sleeved, in this case a vintage Laura Ashley dress pinned over a white short sleeve shirt) and paired with a basket and a Toto(I tried to get my cat involved! This was our our best bet and she was interested but the pics were not our best! In short, animals are always a crap shoot but worth a try and as someone who loves to be near me this Cat and Toto is always a risk!) and of course- the Ruby Red Slippers. More a Fashion Story, but I was so obsessed with Wizard of Ozthat I thought that all red shoes were magic as a kid, and therefore that all women should own a pair of red shoes to wear on dates (aka date shoes), so I’ve kept more than one pair of red heels on hand -but who could resist a sparkly pair? And then to pair those with socks (slippers with blue socks and red sparkly shoes)?!? Magic.

It was my mom who suggest the broom- both a nod to Dorothy killing the Wicked Witch and Halloween in general. And yet- both that and the “yellow brick road” (aka gold towel) were so perfect.
Last minute. High fashion. Perfect Halloween (I was also Dorothy in high school with friends and this one might be the best!)

Tonight for Halloween, I’ll be in Skeleton Pjs (seen here handing out candy.You may have already worn a costume, or had one planned for tonight, but if you’re in need of ideas I’m hoping this easy look is something you can get together (or keep in your mind till next year!)
I hope that whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re wearing that it’s fashion and fun and a bit of frolic!

Happy Halloween! Hope it’s fashion!

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