Fashion Stories: Childhood Trends

This week I am so thrilled and grateful to be featured in Voyage Austin. Both the process of this interview and while giving it, I couldn’t help but think about our stories. And our fashion. And what shapes both. It’s always funny as I always think I’m SO DIFFERENT in various stages of my life, but when I look back- there’s always a through line.

This was one of my first fashion stories, chatting about childhood fashion and what I still wear. Believe it or not, I think about it all the time- or I should say I think about how my fashion has stayed constant. The fashion that really makes me who I am.

The Voyage article is so nice- and it’s even niecer to tie it back to what I’ve been wearing for life.

Loves, as you know, I’m a big believer that fashion helps us tell our stories. And our stories matter. This summer, I’ve spent a lot of time helping my mom clean out many things. In mom’s house? A lot of baby pictures, which got me to thinking:

Last month we talked wedding dresses (see here) and yes, those are an item most of us can’t get out of our closet. Another item we tend to hold onto? Baby clothes (though my mom has mine boxed in the attic, but still). It made me wonder: does how we dress as children influence how we dress as adults? Are the things that were in our closets as kids still in our closets?

In my case, yes!! I was never one to turn down a party dress (I refused to wear pants till I was 5); and I’m still very partial to a great party dress (and shoes). There are direct lines between what I wore (and many times a day I changed) as a kid, and what I wear (and how many times a day I change) a day now. Ironically enough, my mom used to take pictures of all of my baby outfits, now I take pictures of my outfits. Everything comes around?

I hope you enjoy this video I made about these thoughts. I’d love to know:
What was in your closet as a kid? What can’t you get rid of? Did what you wear then affect what you wear now?


***Note: I think I ramble too much. At one point, what I was trying to explain was I danced as a kid (yes, I still wear leotards around), and it got me in the habit of wearing a bun ALL the time