Gift Guide: Friends and Family

In my effort to update how I do gift guides, and make them much more personal (the best kind of gifts IMO) I took some time to ask the people I love not only what’s on their current wish lists, but what type of gifts they love. The answers were a bit surprising, especially with my girlfriends. The past few years most of my friends and I have stopped exchanging gifts, instead opting for a big night out and calling it our gift to each other. (Obviously the pandemic changed that) Learning what things my friends might love has not only been eye-opening, it’s been fun. I clearly love shopping, but I also love shopping for other people as I feel there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding something someone you care about will love- and being right! Below, I’ve rounded up suggestions from my family and friends, what they love and what they need. I hope that these suggestions help you shop for people you love!

The best gifts, in my opinion, are those that make the receiver feel seen and loved. If there is nothing here to spark ideas for your friends and family, my best advice is to ask them- maybe their answers will be eye-opening and fun too!


Note: this post does contain afflilate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Am I the only one who thinks that shopping for your parents is difficult? My parents seem to have everything they need, and in the past few years have asked my sister and I to hold off on most gifts as they’re at the stage where they are thinking of downsizing. In other words, getting gift ideas out of them was hard! But I did it- my mom is looking for cozy robes (and loves stripes!), my dad wants to add to his baking collection (a hobby he’s taken up in retirement), and they both love fancy mop vacs! Here are some things they love:

My sister and I are alike, and vastly different. She also loves clothes and shoes, but also loves to bake (like my dad) and LOVES bags (I love bags but she puts me to shame). From cookbooks to Kate Spade Bags, these are a few things on her list:

As I mentioned, before the pandemic most of my “gifts” to friends were nice dinners where we got to spend time together and had an excuse to treat ourselves! Things have changed, and what I’m sending my friends (and what they want!) have changed too! Below are a few things I’m gifting, and a few things on various friend’s lists!

Investment Piece: Estelle Colored Glass

I got a pair of the most beautiful colored glass champagne coupes- and I’ve been obsessed with the company ever since! These are Estelle Colored Glass (inspired by the founder’s grandma and oh-so-chic). There a ton of colors and styles, and these have become my go-to gifts!
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Investment Piece: Holiday Ornaments
One of my girlfriends collects Starbucks mugs from every place she travels too, and while she loves doing that herself, she let me know that a special gift to her is an ornament. She loves having something to remember each year, friend, event. Knowing what your friends love may help in your ornament shopping, but I love these gilded ones with a little something for everyone.
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Of course friends let me know that they love things like lipsticks and FaceMasks, nice scarfs and gloves; but something that lasted with me is how many friends told me they love getting things that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Not in the “it’s too expensive way”, but more in the “I wouldn’t think of how this piece would change my life” way. Things in that category varied from pjs to kitchen appliances to beauty tools, but more that one person told me that luggage was on the list. That so many of us don’t think of updating our luggage, but it makes for a great gift!

Investment Piece: for the traveler
Keeping that in mind, I rounded up some luggage and travel accersories I love! Shop them here

Over on the ShopLTK app (follow me @racheladelicia) I have so many more ideas- beauty and lipsticks, jewelry and accessories, for him and her- and I’m adding more gift guides daily. I hope that these ideas have helped you shop for the people you love!