A new year, new me?

Close up of a woman in a tan sweetheart neckline sweater and grey maxi skirt in front of a white background

I got a lot out of the holiday break – rest and more that I can’t wait to share with you. Perhaps it’s Mercury in Retrograde, or just luck, but the beginning of the year isn’t going my way. My at home spin bike (which to be fair, I went cheap on), bent (with me on it) sending me flying across a room and into a bookcase, screwing up my back (hopefully not for long!). Then on the first day of the new year our Internet went out, and getting it back was a process! The big news is that I’m aok and can’t wait to be in new fashion with you for the new year! Short term? The new year (for us) is being pushed back a bit! Meet me here on Friday for new outfits and posts. I want to hear all about your holiday and what you’re wearing for the new year!!


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