woman in black strapless top, pants, leopard corset in front of rock formationa woman in black strapless top, black pants and leopard corset in front of a rock formation
a woman in black strapless top, black pants and leopard corset in front of rock formations
a woman in black strapless top, black pants, leopard corset in front of rock formations
a woman in black strapless top, black pants, leopard corset in front of rock formations

This is part:
While I know that fashion month (or longer?) can often be full of designs that aren’t always practical in our day to day (and we shall be chatting about this more! However, I must say that that so many of the recent Paris shows were full of looks that I would wear any day- from skirts with blazers to silk tops and sleek pants!) that there are always elements from any runway that we can incorporate into our outfits. For me, this season were the corset details. The tie up (pro-tip it’s so much easier to get someone else to lace you up. If it fits properly, a corset won’t be painful, and if it’s for fashion, any corset can be adjusted for you, as long as you don’t care if there is a gap in the ties. I love that means that you can take what’s a fashion corset and wear it over anything (just adjust it!).
SO, this look is part what I love about fashion month.
Also part:
A bit retro. Not lacing the corset all the way, wearing it over more than one thing, gives it just a bit of a peplum-which feels both retro and modern. I love that it’s a bit playful, while being fashion. Also, this was fun. I felt fun in this outfit. I wanted to wear this outfit all day, and then to dinner and then to drinks, and then again in the morning.
And then part:
The shirt under the corset? Actually it’s a strapless bathing suit. I can’t overstate how much I truly believe that swimsuits make the best bodysuits! A must have foundation in your closet? A basic (if you’re comfortable strapless) black swimsuit to wear with everything. One (me) could argue you use a ton of swimsuits that could be used as bodysuits, but let’s start with black. This strapless one has served me so well- I wear it with almost everything from shorts to skirts to pants to under corsets. These pants? High waisted. Which is great for me, as I have a super high waist. But. Even if you’re not high waisted, a bit of a higher waist can: make crop tops a bit easier to style, add a bit of sophistication to any blouse, and make sitting super comfy. These heels? A spurge at the time, but my go-to black heels. The peep toe, the heel-a bit Barbie, a bit high end, a bit goes with everything.

And totally: an outfit I’ll go to again and again, or wear the corset over everything from tops and pants like this to dresses to knits- and everything else. Inspired by the recent runways, but this corset was a piece I’ve had for years (I did find you similar below). Corseted? Yes. But only in the best ways.

I hope that the total of all your parts -inspired by whatever strikes your fancy- brings you so much joy this weekend. Again, I’ve linked options to recreate this runway inspired look below!

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a woman in black strapless top and pants and a leopard corset in front of a rock formation

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