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Loves, I am not a big make-up person. Not that I don’t wear it- and when I’m cast and on set I often have to wear a lot- but in my day-to-day life I tend to stick to necessary concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick. Part of it is that I like a natural look, part of it is I’m not very good at applying my own makeup. So when I was offered the chance to get a make-over and learn from Chanel Master-Make-Up Artist John Fussell I jumped at it!


I sometimes find make-overs intimidating. I feel like I leave not looking like myself and completely unable to recreate any part of the look I liked. That was not the case at all with this experience! John and his team walked me through every step they did- explaining theory behind their technique and answering any questions I had. Then, after my entire look was complete, the team went over the steps and colors again- making sure that I felt confident that I could do it myself!

I went for a glowy skin with smoky eye look, and was thrilled with the results! I will be using this technique for my next night out; but John also went over some basic make-up guidelines. Below are some general tips I’ve learned, and can’t wait to incorporate into my routine!

-Do your foundation, blush, and lip before you do your eyes. Most people start with the eyes, but leaving them till last allows the proper amount of drama, and ensures that everything flows together. You can think of it like a bridge- there’s one between your neck and lips, then your cheeks, then your eyes- everything should transition
– Light changes based on season, adjust accordingly. Summer light is more golden, winter light has a blue-ish hue. You can warm up your summer make-up by hinting a hint of gold to your primer
-Blend, Blend, Blend
-The upward swipe of blush can age you. Smile and use a circle motion for an age-defying look. Make sure any contour you choose to use is flesh toned
– Anyone can wear any color- the secret is where you put it and how much. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, make-up colors follow basic artistic rules- white illuminates, black contracts
-Try a brown masacara if you’re blonde (and Chanel has a great chocolate brown one). It’s a great color to make your eyes pop- and will also be big for fall. Colored mascara is here through 2018- have some fun with that too!
-Putting a little color near your hairline (light blush or bronzer) pulls everything together
-If you have deep set eyes (and most of us do) eye liner is more effective on the water line- just make sure your eyeliner is waterproof to prevent smudging.
-Take care of your skin:drink enough water and moisturize
-Use the proper tools. Remember the small the brush the more intense color it will leave on your skin
– Check your reflection from the side before you leave the house
-Apply as much of your eye make-up as possible with your eyes open


I’d love to know- what make-up tricks do you swear by? What are your make-over stories?

John can be found giving make-overs and classes at Chanel counters nationwide and on Facebook!

Happy Thursday! XO RA

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