Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I know that this year has been a doozy, and perhaps your usual holiday plans have been waylaid. It’s hard. I keep reminding myself that having a roof over our heads, clean water, and the health of myself and loved ones means that we are rich beyond measure. I’m also so grateful for you, and this little corner of the internet that we share. No matter how you’re celebrating this week (and there is no right way), I hope that you’re feeling loved–and that there’s plenty of your favorite food!

Some “programming” notes. I’ll be posting sales picks (if that’s your thing) on my LiketoKnowit and ShopStyle accounts all through the weekend- follow me there for all sorts of shopping info! There’s a special holiday “ex files” headed your way Sunday, and Monday I’ll be rounding up sales you absolutely can’t miss! Then we’re off and running into the holiday season- making merry at home.

I’m so grateful for you, and for us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sale Round Up

This is traditionally a week where the holiday sales start, especially Friday through Monday. However, while this year has been hard in some respects, one of the good things is that sales are starting early. Way early. Below is a round up of some of my favorite current sales. Of course, as the week goes on this list will grow and if sale shopping is your thing the easiest way to stay on top of my sales picks is to follow my shopping picks here on site, or on the LiketoKnowit or ShopStyle apps!

While this holiday week is different, I hope that you’re safe and healthy and surrounded by love!

Happy Shopping!

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Investment Piece: Sale Round Up
Nordstrom has started Black Friday early and you can get deals on almost everything! You can shop my picks http://liketk.it/31Gtb>here

Investment Piece: Sales Round Up
Shop my picks form the designer sale at ShopBop here

Investment Piece: Sales Round Up
H&M started Black Friday with a pre-sale, where you can get up to 50% off style picks to last the whole season. Shop my picks here

Investment Piece: Sales Round Up
The Net-A-Porter sale has all the chic designers at affordable prices, shop my picks here

Investment Piece: Sales Round Up
Are you a Madewell Insider? Join today! It’s free! This week it gets you early access to their Black Friday Sales where you can get up to 50% off top picks. Shop my picks:

Investment Piece: Sales Round Up
Black Friday has also come early to Verishop and these are some of my favorite things!

Happy Shopping! Happy Eating! Happy Whatever it is you’re up to!

Sunday Chronicles: Holiday Behind

Investment Piece: Let's get in formation

We’re headed right into the holiday season. And in a year that’s been different, with much more time at home, and a holiday season that should be pared down, you would think that I might be on top of things. Ahead of things even.

Alas, I am behind. Holiday behind. Ever since my area began “Stay at Home” orders back in March, I feel as if my schedule, preparedness, and even dressing goes in cycles. It’s as if I can have 3 or 4 days of great work, outfits, and productivity. And then 3 or 4 days where I’m not completely worthless (we never are), but everything from outfits to crossing items off my do-to list is just more difficult. I’ve managed, hopefully well, but on top of that now is the holiday season.

This holiday season should be great! It has to be laid back, you have the perfect excuse not to do anything you don’t want to, and it’s a chance to start smaller traditions or cut out traditions you hate. Have chicken or steak instead of turkey. Eat pie all day! Whatever makes you happy.

(Another story is how one of my best Thanksgivings was spent alone! Low Key Holidays are amazing)

And while I’m not traveling, there are no big parties, and my family is working on paring down and being laid back, I’m still somehow behind. On work-from calendars and posts to too many little things to mention. At life- from bills and planing to holiday cards and the like. On personal things- doing my nails (which just makes me feel better) has been on my to-do list for weeks. Is that the most important thing? Nope, but is it telling that a task that brings me joy I just can’t make time for? I hope not.

If I were writing advice to you, I would say that this is a holiday season to focus on what makes you happy. That the cards and the calendars and all those things either get done or they don’t, and that the important thing is taking care of you. Why can’t I take that advice? Probably a completely different post.

Maybe, as this is the holiday season where we all slow down, we can agree not to be behind. That behind is something we’re making up in our heads. That whatever gets put up or sent out is the best and that if we spent days in pjs eating chocolate that it’s a valid celebration.

I’m trying to think like that. And trying to get things done.
How are you dealing with this holiday season? Are you behind? Are you somehow getting things done? How are you feeling about it all?

Any tips or commiserating welcome!

Wishing us all a week of productivity and amazing shoes!

Making Up Your Mind

Investment Piece: Making up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make up your Mind

The weather where I’m at hasn’t made up its mind. Sure it’s fall, but one day it’s in the 80s, one day it’s in the 50s. I’ve worn both shorts and a parka in the same week.

One of the things I’ve always loved about fashion is that you don’t have to make up your mind (just like the weather). You can be anything you like-and if you end up hating your outfit you can always change! So, when I saw these jeans- that didn’t make you choose between styles- I was intrigued. Chic black jeans. Destroyed skinny leg. Why make up your mind if you don’t have to? If you can be it all, why not be it all at the same time?

I was worried that they might be too much. What would I wear them with (everything. The answer is not to treat them as precious and wear them with everything)? Would they look crazy?
Ironically, a pair of jeans that didn’t make up its mind had me agonizing. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them, which made up my mind- I had to have them!

Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind

I don’t know about you but lately, in the midst of weather that won’t be one thing, and a global pandemic, I’ve found it hard to make up my mind at times. There are things that I feel like I HAVE to be– and I’m just too exhausted. Those stories you hear about high power executives that only wear black-while I would miss all my clothes, I get the relief of having one decision that you didn’t have to make.

These jeans, then, seem a little paradoxical. They couldn’t make up their mind, but in a time when big decisions seem overwhelming I was drawn to them. My rational? (Besides them just being chic) These jeans reminded me that we don’t have to choose- be one thing in the am(wear your yoga pants) and be another thing at night (no one is stopping you from putting on a ball gown). There are a ton of decisions and ways to make up your mind–but you don’t have to. And if you can have fun with that, embrace all the decisions and the in-Betweens, we all might be ok.

As well as have some amazing outfits.

So. Two tone jeans. A wrap over a tee (that you can take off later). And some of my fave shoes. For not making up my mind, I feel like these decisions went pretty well!

I’ve linked these exact jeans (fit note, there’s really not a lot of stretch!) and similar items for your shopping pleasure below!


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Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind

Fashion Stories: Thanksgiving

This year the holidays are different. And different can be ok! Staying home to stay safe is not bad! First off, it means that you can be in your pjs (luxe or not!) if that’s what makes you happy. Or, if you love it, you can dress to the nines. My go to? Combine the two! Wear a luxe nightgown with a fancy jacket (yes, even alone) or cardigan.
This year? I’m undecided what to wear, I’ll be with the family that I’ve been quarantined with- and I’ve had plenty of days where I have been happy to be in sweats. As it is a holiday, and an excuse to go all out, I’m leaning towards dressing up (just because!).

I would love to know: what are you wearing for Thanksgiving?

De-Constructing the Editorial

Investment Piece: Decontstucting the editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial

I think Editorial. In fashion. In life. I imagine outfits how they would look on runways, photo shoots, magazine spreads. Events can be like scripts to me. Outfit planning can be like styling.

It’s how I shop. It’s how I plan shoots. It’s how I work.
I’m a bit editorial. And I try not to make excuses for it.
There are upsides to thinking big (because you can always edit small)- and I love picturing AMAZING and BIG photoshoots, events, and shoes. Then, of course, working to make the big work.

When I first started this blog I had a friend who commented to me that he didn’t understand my pictures. I replied that I was basing myself on the Ralph Lauren ads of the 1980s. Remember them? Not only selling jeans and gowns, but they sold a lifestyle. I was only a child, but I remember wanting to live in the world that the Ralph Lauren ads portrayed.

The thing is that life isn’t editorial. I tend to shoot my outfits not in my life, but in set circumstances. But my outfits live in my life.

I know that you won’t buy this suit (from Target! Under $100!) and just sit in a garden somewhere.

But. You might:
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Wear the blazer over bike shorts, pj pants, or anything that works for you. It’s perfect for zoom, and then you can take it off to do anything from yoga to nap.

Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Or throw on anything from a sweater to a graphic tee with the pants to get the mail or run to the store or anything that requires you to be dressed for real, and not just from the waist up!

Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
I think big- in fashion spreads and stories. But live small- moments and Juxatipositons.

The older I get, the more I don’t want to sacrifice either- even when it’s big, I like picturing my outfits editorial first; but I need clothes that can live in my moments. If we’re all the star of our own stories we should dress like it, but be comfy on the house.

I think the answer is to shoot big, and make sure the outfit is comfy. That way you can do both- live the editorial and deconstruct it!

I’ve linked the exact suit and shoes! Xox RA

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for the support!

Sunday Chronicles: Woman In Gold



In another life I would have been an art thief– or an art investigator, insurance agent, etc.  I am simply fascinated by the value we place on art (it makes the living worthwhile) and the act of stealing art–and the act of recovering that stolen art. My interest began a few years ago when my mom and I began reading novels and non-fiction books about the subject–and I’m just hooked. The Gardner Museum Heist, Nazi theft of art, Monuments Men–all the stories are just spellbinding. So of course I fell in love with the story of Maria Altman who fought the Austrian government to reclaim the portrait of her aunt, Adele Bloch-Bauer, painted by Gustav Klimt and stolen by the Nazis.

The movie got lukewarm reviews–but I loved it. I think what happened during WWII was horrific,  but these are stories that we need to tell over and over again. The Holocaust was not only a mass murder of a people; it was a theft of people’s culture, homes, memories and was orchestrated by the Nazi government. I have jewelry, dishes, artwork in my home that are made special because those things belonged to my grandparents or were family heirlooms. I can’t imagine those items being stolen from off of my walls or off of my tables because of my religion. As much as the stories of the Nazis stealing from people can be down right upsetting, I found comfort in the justice that Marie Altman’s story contains. Art does make life bearable. While we can have debates about who owns what and museum’s roles in the care of art, in this particular case (and others like it) I don’t think that anyone can argue that the surviving families of the Holocaust, or those whose possessions were stolen by Nazis, should have their belongings returned.

So see the movie! Tell me what you think! I also read the book (pictured above)–it goes into way more detail, and also made me long to go to the opera in Vienna (I have shoes that would look great there). Also, because any excuse to shop, the Neue Galerie in New York (where Adele’s portrait now hangs) is selling this specialty lipstick set inspired by the painting. Of course I bought one and of course I love it!

Wishing you a week of amazing art, some history lessons, and of course fabulous fashion!





Investment Piece, non wedding, fashion blogger, high fashion, Valentino, Asos, travel, Megan Weaver, CA, TX
Loves, believe it or not, this amazing white dress is a wedding dress. But who says I have to wear it to a wedding? What about a non-wedding?

Investment Piece, non wedding, fashion blogger, Valentino, Gucci, train case, mink, Megan Weaver, CA, TX, high fashion
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, non wedding, mink, vintage, high fashion, Asos, Megan Weaver, CA, TX
As a woman who loves fashion but is not planning her wedding, wedding fashion can be a murky area. Wedding guest? I have ideas and dresses. Bridesmaid? House Party? I got you. Wedding dress? Not something I usually touch. But loves, let’s be clear there are wedding dresses, and then there are non-wedding wedding dresses. For multiple reasons, I won’t get into wedding dresses (unless we’re shopping for you and you want my opinion), but non-wedding dresses? If I find a dress that I love that’s white, should I not wear it? Even to a non-wedding?

Investment Piece, fashion blogger, non wedding, high fashion, Gucci, Asos, mink, vintage, Megan Weaver, CA, TX
Investment Piece, non wedding, fashion blogger, Asos, Gucci, Valentino, floral boots, Megan Weaver, high fashion, CA, TX

Confession time: there are non-traditional wedding dresses that I have loved and always been afraid to buy. But then, why waste good fashion? (Again, this is not about me running around in a Princess wedding dress). There are great white dresses out there, great train-ed dresses out there, great wedding dresses out there that don’t read wedding. And we’re big girls. So I decided not to care and got this “t-shirt” wedding dress from Asos. I just then made it non-wedding. I love it with the leather blazer and boots. And it looks just as great with a belt and wedges. I’ve found the trick if you’re going to non-wedding a “wedding dress” is to play against type. Add color and texture, don’t Princess it. But, by all means, rock it!

investment Piece, fashion blogger, non wedding, Asos, leather, Valentino, floral boots, Megan Weaver, high fashion, Ca, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, non wedding, Mink, vintage, Gucci, train case, leather, vintage, high fashion, Asos, Megan Weaver, CA, TX
Investment Piece, non wedding, fashion blogger, high fashion, Valentino, floral boots, Gucci, train case, mink, vintage, leather, Asos, Megan Weaver, high fashion, CA, TX

Let’s chat about these accessories. My fave Valentino boots (seen here, here, and here) add texture and color. The leather blazer roughs up the white, and adds edge? (Ok, maybe not, but that’s what we’ll call it) And this vintage mink muff! A great find on Etsy, I love it–it keeps my hands warm, adds a touch of class, and is statement piece. Then this vintage Gucci train case! I bought it from my go-to, Vesitaire Collective and it is perfect for traveling, making statements, and feeding my Gucci love.

Investment Piece, fashion blogger, non wedding, Asos, vintage, leather, mink, Valentino, Megan Weaver, high fashion, CA, TX

I like to think that I pulled off a non-wedding look. It didn’t feel like a wedding dress, and I didn’t get asked if I was running away from a wedding. It gives me hope that I can dip my toe into “non-wedding” wedding dresses and style them (because loves, there are some that I would love to style. I would love to know–would you dare wear a non-wedding dress? Did this read wedding to you? What’s your wedding style?

Shop my picks below!


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them! Thank you for your support!

Dressing for Others

Investment Piece: Holdiay Reds

Tis the season to talk about holiday dressing. What we’re wearing to Thanksgiving and holiday parties and Christmas and all the things. It’s usually one of my favorite times of the year!

It’s no secret that I LOVE dressing up, can be a bit loud in my choices, and am not afraid to go over the top. The holidays are a time when dressing like that is tolerated, even encouraged. So I love it!

Holidays look different this year, and I’m also a fan of keeping us all safe- so I’m ok with that! But beloveds, while I feel as if I’m supposed to tell you that you have to dress for yourself. And yes, you do. I don’t wear anything that I don’t love.


I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this holiday season one of the things that I’m going to miss the most is dressing for other people.

Investment Piece: Dressing for Others

I miss putting together outfits and walking into rooms and being seen. I miss compliments. I miss complimenting other people! We all know that there are times when women dress for other women, and I miss catching another woman’s eye and looking at each other’s outfits admiringly. Planning outfits for events and who will be there– I miss it all.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t come up with special holiday outfits.
But I also won’t lie to you about what I’m missing this year.

Investment Piece: Dressing for others

Maybe this holiday is one of the years where we share our outfits on social media (I also love complimenting people on IG too! It’s always so lovely when someone notices what you’ve put together!)

When I was a baby, we lived in Spain and part of how my mom entertained herself (and made me who I am today) was dressing me in a million different outfits and taking pictures of me. Yes, this has been my thing before it was a thing. And it made me think- if you’re like me and missing dressing for other people, what if we dressed for each other?!

Go ahead, plan that outfit, go all out! Take your pictures and share them- on Social Media, to friends, email me (cause I wanna tell you how good you look!). Holidays may be different, but we can still enjoy and share with each other.

So. Dressing for others. You in?


Investment Piece: Black and White with a pop

Knit. Set. Fall

Investment Piece: Knit. Set. Fall
Investment Piece: Knit. Set. Fall
Investment Piece: Knit Set Fall
Investment Piece: Knit. Set. Fall
Investment Piece: Knit Set Fall

It’s a new day, a new week, a new start for us all. There’s a crisp in the air, the holidays are coming, and I’m feeling good. So. What are we wearing?

We all know I love a set-they are the perfect combination of formula and creativity. (See here, here, here, and here for starters. Once an aqquaintance was complimenting me on my style (or I took as a compliment) and she observed that I love to chose statement or standout pieces- and I do, but I also love a formula set. I also love Juxatipositons, but sets aren’t the Juxatipositon with statement pieces that you may think.

The thing about sets is that they’re both formula-comforting and easy, and standout- there are endless possibilities for statements with them-pieces. As the weather turns and we get into fall, it should be no surprise that my new favorite go-to’s for fall are knit sets. Knit. Set. Fall. Has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Investment Piece: Knit Set Fall

After a season where lounge sets and sweat pants were the “it” thing, knit skirts feel like a breath of fresh air. They’re just as comfy- but twice as chic. It’s tempting to always pair them with sweaters, but they are truly a great base for everything from graphic tees, button downs, tank tops, silk blouses, and just about anything you can put on the top half of your body.
Another way to make a statement? Sweaters. They don’t have to be boring, between colors and cuts, sleeves and textures. They do look great with knit skirts, even if they don’t match (sets can also be a make-it-your-own!) but also go with everything from jeans to trousers to your sweatpants.
Make them fancy with shoes (it’s boot season and I’m leaning into that), or wear them with slippers.

Whether you chose formula or you chose stand out, knits can be whatever you need. Fall staple, but so much more.

Are you into knit sets? How are you mixing them?
I would love to hear all about it?


I’ve linked knit sets and similar boots for you. These are affiliate links, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them! Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Knit Set Fall