Sunday Chronicles: Rituals

Investment Piece: Rituals

I’ve been thinking a lot about rituals recently. When I think of rituals, I can’t help but think of church (specifically Catholic Church, even though I was not raised Catholic), but really, we all have so many rituals. How we wake up, and our morning routines are rituals. Our evening routines are rituals. How we pray. How we mourn. (Again, the church thing). So much of what we do as humans can be based on rituals. And I don’t know about you, but with the pandemic my schedule and my rituals are off.

I can tell you what sets me up for my best days-my rituals. Naming at least 5 things I’m grateful for, a couple of goals for the day, at least one HUGE cup of coffee, a walk, a hard workout. But lately, these rituals have been all over the place. There are days I’m ready to go at 7a, and days I sleep into 9a. (Don’t get me started on my sleep schedule in the pandemic). I’ve been thinking about how I could set a morning ritual- but so far nothing has stuck.

If you’re in the States, you can agree that our rituals for mourning (the huge number of dead) and the loss of so much (life isn’t back to “normal”) have gone completely out the window. Which makes mourning, on both a personal and a national level difficult. It can make functioning difficult.

So, if on many levels, our rituals are being disrupted, what do we do?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Do we do our old rituals half way? Come up with new rituals? Wait till we can do what we need?
Maybe? I don’t know

This is what I’m doing.
I’m trying to stick to the rituals that work for me- which means making my mornings work no matter what time I wake up. It means sticking to my rituals even when it’s just me and it’s imperfect.
I’m adapting. I’m trying new things, new routines, new rituals. Some are working and sticking. Some are not.
I’m waiting. I’m hoping there will be normal, we can mourn and do our rituals together. I’m not stopping our lives, but I’m holding space.

How are you dealing with your routines and rituals right now? Are they different? What do they look like?
I would love to know and learn from you!

Wishing us all a week of comforting rituals and amazing shoes! Xo RA


Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested

Work has changed. Yet, I’m still obessed with suits.

(See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here to start. Search suit in the tool box, the pages of suits that come up is a testimony to how I feel about the style!)

A vest suit is something I have always been fascinated by. Part vintage. Part ladylike. All chic.

Yes, you can use the pieces seperately. I have all sorts of plans for this skirt, and this vest goes with everything from shorts to jeans to dress pants.
But, together?
Chic. It feels both powerful and work like. And yet, ready to go see art and wine and dine. All at the same time.
Yes, this would look great under a blazer. (And add to the work look) But, I love the vest alone. It’s both incredibly feminine and a tad sexy, and yet professional. Add a scarf. Add statement jewelry. Leave it alone. All work. All make me feel like I’m “doing something”.

You might not be going into an office right now (you might also be over zoom meetings). You might not need to wear a suit. This is the “suit” option that lets you lean into all the things that can make you feel professional and all the things that make you feel casual and a little rebellious and a little ready for after hours. (And if nothing else, you can throw on the vest for zoom and everyone will think you’re suited up and you can really be in pj pants!)

Can we have it all? Maybe with a vest we can.

(Yes, I’m actively ignoring the vest craze in the 90s- though if you want to wear a vest over your tshirt with jeans it can also be chic! I just love the suit version so much more!)

I’ve linked some options for you below (including a 1970s vest pant suit that is so chic!)

Do you love the vest suit like I do?

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#TrendtoTry Combat Boots

If the grunge trend is back, I have mixed feelings. There are elements of grunge that I love- soft flannels, ripped jeans, slip dresses. And very randomly-combat boots.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

Combat boots seem like something I wouldn’t like, but in real life- I love them. These were an impluse purchase many, many years ago, but they’ve become one of my favorite pair of fall boots. And now that combat boots are in style again,I can’t help but recommend them to you!

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

The thing about combat boots is that they aren’t precious, so you don’t style them as such. Throw them on with anything- dresses or jeans. Don’t think about it. Throw them on and go. They are chic and easy and had a hint of toughness that I just love.

It’s best not to over think the combat boot. They probably do go with that–slip dresses, though I love them with variations of a shirt dress like this one. Any sort of jeans. With any sort of top. As a bonus- add a blazer or a trench coat to the outfit, it’s so chic.

(I also would wear these with a wrap coat as a dress!)

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

But, one of my favorite ways to wear these boots is with my leggings. They are the perfect boots to wear to the gym, to errands, to make leggings and a t-shirt feel like a statement. Since I don’t have to worry about them getting wet, or getting scuffed, I feel like I can just throw them on and let them be. Combat boots can be both the statement of my outfit and casual shoes.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

There is nothing your combat boots won’t go with, and I’ve found you some new ones that are so chic! I love the shorter ones, even though mine are tall. Any way you chose to wear them-tough, sweet, with dresses or leggings- combat boots may be the boots of fall. Are you trying this trend?


Note: this post may contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

What Might Have Been

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

I didn’t get in a pool all summer (if we’re not counting my little toddler pool). I didn’t go to the beach. There are outfits I didn’t wear, people I didn’t get to hug.

It’s been that kind of summer for all of us. There are things that we didn’t get to do (or wear) and the allure and romanticism of “what might have been” can be hard to let go of.
The outfit that you didn’t get to wear? It was perfect.
That event you didn’t get to go to? The time of your life.
What might have been is always addicting. It’s always going to be perfect and I can find myself longing for it, even when what might have been is long passed.
What do we do with all those things we didn’t do and didn’t wear?
How do we move forward?

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

Of course, you can wear whatever you like whenever you like (is there such a thing as time any more?). Re-schedule events. Create events and outfits that are so much better than what you had planned.
When you’re in the middle of what might have been, those solutions can seem a little far away.
I don’t have answers for all the things that might have been (the only things worse are the things that got away), but how I’m dealing with what might have been is planning ahead. There are things I missed doing (and wearing this summer), I can’t do anything about that (other than wear what makes me happy, which I’m on!) So how I’m handling fall is planning. It looks different. There are things are I can’t do. But-the boots I want to wear, I’m wearing (even just on the couch). The pumpkin carving? I’m doing across the street with my neighbors. The friends I miss? I’m scheduling Facetimes and sending letters and texts.

Maybe not.
But I’m doing what I can, and avoiding the regret of what might have been.

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Style Notes: this dress is homemade vintage from Selvedge Fine Vintage. Isn’t amazing how many people were able to make such gorgeous homemade dresses? The color is divine, and the fit is perfect! Shoes? Gabriela Hearst-I couldn’t resist the split sole (and you can find these second hand at affordable prices! I’ve linked some for you!)

What is the one thing that you missed that you can’t help but think about? What are you doing about it?


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

Sunday Chronicles: Behind

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

I was raised by women who believe in being on time. In fact, not on time, early. 15 mins early is on time? More like 30. I was a straight A student in high school, and was also raised to be prepared.

Both lessons I’ve tried to take into my adult life as much as possible.

Loves, I am behind. Not a little behind. Not 5 mins late. Behind, as in there are days when I wonder at what point am I catching up and at what point am I starting over?

The reason I’m behind? More than one. Family issues came to the forefront. In the middle of cleaning out my closet, planning more than one shoot, keeping the editorial calendar current, collabs current, personal life up, back pain, etc, etc. The last few weeks have been filled with feelings of overwhelm. And the knowledge that I’m behind, and would rather be ahead.

I’m not sure how to get in front once we’re behind. Do you? The following is what I’ve been doing, and it does help, though I’m sure that there might be better techniques (and if you’ve got them I would love to hear them!)

I’ve been honest
With clients, friends, family, whoever has asked. It’s not an easy thing to admit. That I’m behind. That I don’t think I can make that event, or deadline. That I need to push somethings back. That there’s a lot on my plate and I need some help. But. When I don’t admit it, the behind gets worse. And I’ve found that most people get it. My clients understand and need the extra time themselves! My friends and family understand I can’t make it, or pitch in and help. In fact, it’s made some of my relationships better to admit that I need a little help. Being behind as a good thing? Maybe.

I’m so behind there’s no way I’m getting everything done in a day. Or two. So, each day I’ve tried to limit my to-do list to 2 or 3 things I KNOW I can get done. I’m still aware of allllll the things, but actually getting things crossed off helps. And when I have too much to do I tend to do nothing. Weird? Maybe. But, true, for me at least.

Be OK with it
This may be the hardest thing. There are things I’m not getting done (though maybe I will at some point) and I’m behind. If I don’t like admitting it, I sure don’t like it. But. It’s where I am. The things that HAVE to happen, are happening. And I’m finding they all happen “on time”. And the things that may not get done? Maybe they don’t have to? I’m slowly and surely learning to be ok with that. It’s not easy, but it’s helping.

I would love to hear any and all tips you have about getting ahead once you’re behind!!

Wishing us all a week of not being behind and amazing shoes!

Add some Glam

Investment Piece: Add some Glam
Investment Piece: Add some Glam
Investment Piece: add some glam
Investment Piece: add some glam

Are you stuck in a rut lately? Between working from home and it being so hot, getting dressed hasn’t felt super exciting lately. I’m interested in being comfy and staying cool, nothing else has seemed really important.

And there are times that are like that. Sometimes, it can feel like life can narrow- in both good ways and bad-and when that happens, I try both just to focus on what’s happening and keep perspective. Life can be cyclic, ups and downs, and hopefully everything evens out in the end. Right? We all know I love a good outfit (and story), but there are times when getting dressed isn’t a priority. And forcing things never works. I’m learning, slowly, that the times when you can only do so much how you handle it is to do what you can, and when you can do more you add it on!

Maybe this is the time to focus on comfort and easy dressing. Nothing wrong with that at all! I’ve been living in this easy jumpsuit. It’s so comfy (and forgiving), and yet looks polished. From errands to Netflix binges and zoom calls, it’s been a go-to.


If it’s a time to venture out of the comfy rut, my secret is to add a little glam. Nothing big. Nothing forced. Just small details, letting me stay comfy. Yet feel special.

Investment Piece: Add some Glam
One of the easiest ways to add some glam right now? Articulated brooches. They go right over your shoulder, and add some glam to anything. T-shirts. Jumpsuits. Dresses. Your pjs. It’s special enough to brighten any routine, but takes zero effort.

That’s all the glam I can extend this week, and I’m finding it’s enough. Next week, who knows? Maybe I’ll go all out! This week, though,I’ll still to comfy and little details.

(Side note: this jumpsuit is a very heavy linen, perfect for transitioning into fall. For extra glam and transitioning, I recommend velvet shoes!)


I’ve found you some articulated pins (most under $30!) and have linked this jumpsuit and some shoes for you!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Add some glam

Fall Trends

It’s the time of year to be thinking about fall trends. This year is different, but there are still trends to be considered. Does this mean you have to?
Not at all. See here

But should you? Maybe? Maybe being at home gives you the freedom to really play with the trends. See what you like. See what fits into your closet.

According to sources these are the top trends of the fall:





We’ll be talking about these trends in the coming weeks. I’m excited to play. I’m excited to hear what you love.

Let’s chat about it!

Labor Day

Investment Piece: Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! If you’re in the states, I hope that you have time off (in all ways) and get to relax. If you’re not, I hope this weekend is full of amazing and relaxing moments. We here at Investment Piece are taking today and tomorrow off, we’ll be back Wednesday, Septemeber 9th with all new exciting content. From videos to new collabs, fall has so much I can’t wait to share with you! There are a ton of sales this weekend, and if you want to stay updated with my picks, please follow me on the LiketoKnowit app!

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Sales

Beloveds! While Labor Day celebrations might look different this year (no matter what, or where you are, I hope that this weaken is full of love and relaxation!), the good news is that the sales are still amazing!

I’ve rounded up a few of the sales I’m shopping here, and of course if you want to stay updated on all my picks feel free to follow me on LiketoKnowit as I will be updating constantly there!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Are you wearing your yoga pants and workout leggings a lot more like I am? These chic picks are on sale- and you get an extra 40% off with code FALL40

It’s still swim season! And from one pieces to bikinis, you can get an extra 40% off with code FALL40

Silk Sale
One of my favorite brands, Equipment, makes the softest silk and the chicest work pieces. Get an extra 40% off with code LD2020. These are some of my faves:

Shoe Sale
These shoes are perfect for fall, but they are on sale now! Use code LABORDAY30 for an extra 30% off!

Happy Shopping!

Summer’s Last

Investment Piece: Swim Suit Round Up

Labor Day, or the unofficial end of summer, is this weekend. While I know come next Tuesday, it will still be hot, officially summer, and there willl be plenty of time to wear all my summer faves, I can’t help but feel pressured to get all of summer in this weekend.

Investment Piece: Vintage swim

This summer has felt disjointed. With the US still being in various stages of a lock down, and my travel and schedule cut, my fashion has become both more deliberate and a little bit all over the place. Usually, I have a summer list of outfits that I can’t wait to wear, and days upon days where I wear white and swimsuits. This summer? Outfit planning has come in spurts, as have the wearing of white pants and swim. Even if I spend the next 6 days wearing nothing but swimsuits and white pants, I might not get my fill.

(Good news, I’ve personally decided that there are no fashion rules this year so even after Tuesday we can wear whatever we want. Everyone wins! Get on board ;))

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

But. Even if we don’t have to put certain clothes away on Tuesday, or rush into fall (though I do love fall), the season of summer (which I also love) is in its last. What do we do with it?

If I don’t let myself get overwhelmed by what I “should” be doing, or feeling like I have to cram all the things in, I’ve been thinking about what I love about summer and what I would like more of. Yes, swim suits, white pants, and the pool are a part of it. In summer, I also love putting on sundresses and reading in the afternoons while eating cherries or watermelons because it’s too hot to do anything else. I love watching movies, and getting so chilled that you have to put on a sweatshirt over your swim suit. I love the ease of both fashion and days that are long.

When I think about what I want for my summer lasts, I want outfits, food, company, and activities that make me feel good. What about you?


Investment Piece: Surprise Ending