Pop of Color

Investment Piece: Pop of Color
Investment Piece: Pop of Color
Investment Piece: Pop of Color
Investment Piece: Pop of Color
Investment Piece: Pop of Color

Fashion as a way to cope? It’s what I’ve been trying. From making myself get dressed at least a few times a week, to choosing fashion that makes me happy, to colors-it’s amazing how my clothing choices have affected my moods. One thing that’s working? Pops of color! I may love the color black, it’s classic and a go-to, but lately I can’t help but be drawn to color. Pops of color in fact.

(Another thing that’s helping my mood. Getting outside. Also, all the spring green is a great backdrop for all of your color that you could be wearing!)

I love this shirt dress silhouette. Classic. Will last forever. Normally, I might opt for a number like this in a black, or a neutral. But. I couldn’t resist this red and pink dress. It’s still a classic, but the colors make it feel fresh, and cheery- something I could use right now. The pink and red are perfect for spring (and summer), and the cut allows me to lounge, I look great in all my zoom calls, and later they’ll look good when I’m out and about. Though, I have to admit, I love the way it looks against all this green. The only out and about I’ve been lately are my walks, and this dress lets me move for those, and let’s my color pops!

(Another plus for this dress? It was a shop small purchase! I got it at Beehive -they ship nationally! You can read about them here)

There’s no right way to feel right now. Or way to dress. I think it’s all ok. But, for me, pops of color and dresses like this one are making me smile. And happy. (Besides, in general pops of color are a great idea!) Are you willing to let your color pop?

I’ve linked similar items for you below! I highly recommend easy dresses and pops of color for this time!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Pop of Color

Sunday Chronicles: Connection

We’re entering week 3? 4? of isolation. I feel like I’m still dealing with, and adjusting to all the changes to my schedule, my moods, and my thoughts. It’s a rollercoaster. One thing that I kept thinking about this week- connections. There is so much pressure right now to be so productive and be in all sorts of contact with our loved ones and friends. Yet, I had a week where I needed some alone time. Ironic? Maybe. But how are you balancing connecting with friends, with yourself, and the community?

Let’s chat about it!

Wishing us all a week of comforting connection and amazing shoes! Xo RA

Do it All

Investment Piece: do it all
Investment Piece: Do it all
Investment Piece: do it all
Investment Piece: do it all

Did you like “know it all’s” in school? You know that kid that always had the answer and was a little “too much”? Not many people liked them. And that’s valid. This is not a post about know-it-all’s However, now that we’re older I’m a fan of a “do it all”. To me that means a piece in my closet that can do it all. Lounge. Work. Outings. Even if they’re too much, or just the right amount of enough, if something can take me from bed throughout my day, in every conceivable situation, I want it!

Especially at a time like this, I’m looking for pieces that are comfy from bed to online meetings to my virtual social times, and even to the grocery store.

Investment Piece: do it all
This dress? This dress is a do it all. From sleeping (yes, naps count!) to errands to everything in between, this dress is perfect. It feels pulled together and yet comfy. At this time, my outtings in this dress have been limited to errands and hot spots in my house (let me recommend a virtual happy hour, they’re the best!), but when we are out and about again, I’m confident that this dress will go great with heels and all the events! The best part? It’s under $50!

I’ve linked this exact dress and look here:
(Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

And now that you know I’m a fan of do it all’s, and we know I’m a fan of PJ dressing, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Sleeper. They make fantastic nightgowns, that double as dresses. In fact, they look a lot like the above dress! They’re perfect for lounging and look great on the town. I’ve linked some of my favorite for you:

Lounge. Do all the things in your house. All the things online. And later, you can do all the things outside your house. Do it all!


Basic Invite

Investment Piece; Basic Invite
While this is a collab with Basic Invite, all opinions below are my own!xo RA

Loves, a lot has changed in the past few weeks. For now, the best way for us to be together is to be apart; however, there’s a way to touch each other through the distance. Mail. A handwritten note. A mailed announcement. A party (even a virtual one) invitation. My grandma was a big believer in the handwritten word, I got a letter or card EVERY day when I was in college, and when I think about it, it still touches me.

Right now, the best way I can think of for us to touch each each is a note. To share big news? One of my favorite ways is to use Basic Invite. From custom stationary to photo cards to wedding and graduation cards, Basic Invite is one of the few websites to allow unlimited color options, with instant online previews. There are over 180 colors to choose from, and the site is so easy to use you can ensure that you’ll get the perfect stationary for your needs! (And if you want it, Basic Invite allows you to order a printed sample before you complete your final order!)

There are so many occasions to celebrate and so many cards with which to send love, but I wanted to showcase the stunning Graduation collection. This is normally the time to send out your graduation announcements and start planning parties. Due to our ununusual times, I know that many of these celebrations are delayed, changing to virtual, or on-hold. However, I still believe it’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments of those you love, and this collection from Basic Invite is a great way to keep your loved ones informed!

Investment Piece: Basic Invite

Graduation Invitation Template

Announcing your big graduation? Inviting people to celebrate your accomplishments? Basic Invite has 100’s of templates to share your news and celebrate with your loved ones. Use your picture or use of their designs, and make the custom Graduation Invitation your hard work deserves.

Investment Piece: Basic Invite

Graduation Party Invitation

Inviting people to a virtual or real-life party? Use one of Basic Invite’s party invitation templates to let your loved ones know when and where to celebrate you!

Investment Piece: Basic Invite

Graduation Thank You Card

Don’t forget to send a thank you! Use Basic Invite to customize the perfect thank-you for all your graduation presents!

Of course, there are also 100s of Wedding, Baby, Event, Business Cards, and more stationary templates for all of your needs at Basic Invite.

More things I love? You can choose from 40 colors to match the envelope to your invitation, this also includes 3 foil color options (both flat and raised), making sure that your stationary stands out. Basic Invite also provides social media links for you to request your loved ones addresses, stores the addresses, and prints the addresses on the envelopes free of charge! All you have to do is send out the mail.

At times like these, even when we’re apart, it’s important to be together. My favorite way to stay in touch is the mail, and I hope that you love Basic Invite for all of your needs, Graduation, and beyond to send your love. Use code 15FF51 for 15%off!

Find Basic Invite on your favorite social media platforms:
@basicinvite on Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Send your loved ones your Graduation Invites, Your Wedding Announcements, and all your love with Basic Invite! And don’t forget your discount with code 15FF51!


Investment Piece: Power
Investment Piece: Power
Investment Piece: power
Investment Piece: power

I planned this outfit before the “Stay at Home” order started. I was supposed to shoot it in a different local. We were going to chat about how much I love suiting, creative work wear, and styling yourself after editorial pictures.

A lot has changed.

I know most of us are no longer heading out to work, workwear is now whatever top looks best in Zoom, and most of editorial inspiration is lounge wear. I’m a fan of us staying in (let’s flatten the curve!) and we all know my soft spots for lounge wear of all kinds. I almost scraped this look and post.

Investment Piece: Power

But. I went ahead and put it on. And loves, I felt powerful. It was a little more than the feelings I shared last week about how getting dressed and using fashion made me feel. This was power. There is so much right now that feels big, and scary, and out of control. We can only do our part, yes, but this suit? It reminded me that I do have power. And it felt good.

Maybe you’re not putting on suits right now. I can tell you tying a scarf like this across your top is chic and will make a statement on all your online meetings. That now, or later, using your shoe buckles, ties, or the like over your pants made these basic black pants feel brand new. That even though these pieces were things I have had for years, I suddenly felt like I was a boss in some editorial picture. That anything you wear that reminds you of how amazingly powerful you are is a great choice.

This is not a post to convince you to forgo your lounge wear. Most of the time, I’m in mine too. However, if there are times when you are feeling overwhelmed or sad or angry or powerless, or any of the feelings that are coming up right now, remember that we are power. And don’t be afraid to dress like it.


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Power

Sunday Chronicles: Rountines

I started the Sunday Chronicles section of the blog so that there was a space where we, as a community, could share and grow things that weren’t directly related to fashion. Now, that the world is a bit tipsy turvy, I wanted to open up this space as a place where we can connect, share our feelings, and get through this together. Last week I asked how you are doing. This week, I’m asking what coping mechanisms are getting you through this time. Share, and I can share with the group. Or email me (racheladelicia@investmentpiece.com). Tell me what’s going on. I’m thinking of you and wishing us all a week of comfort and amazing shoes.


Fashion from a Distance

We’ve talked dressing gowns and pjs. And each time I’ve wondered: what are you wearing right now? As someone who normally works from home I can say this isn’t “business as usual”. And I can truthfully say that there have been days when I’ve just stayed in my pjs. But.

Last weekend I participated in two “challenges” with online friends. #formalfriday and #fashionbutmakeitdistance, both being an excuse to really get dressed, even for just a few minutes. And loves, it felt good. I’ve said that fashion is both a stress reliever and fun for me, and I meant it. When I’m sad I’m known to go put on amazing shoes, or plan outfits that I may never wear. It makes me happy. At the beginning of this week, I was a little down. It’s odd, I’m not worried about the blog (though let’s be honest, we’re all worried about work and money), but it felt so sad and I was worried about the people I love. What made me feel better? A walk where I planned outfits in my head. And I realized that there is a lot I can’t control right now, a lot that we all have to play by ear, a lot that’s wait and see. One of the things I can control? My fashion.

Yes, there are days when it feels good to stay in pjs. And there are days when it feels good to get dressed. I made a little promise to myself to get dressed this week, to play in my closet, to see where it takes me. Even if I only am dressed for a pic, even if it’s just a nice shirt with leggings, even if it’s just fancy pjs. Fashion makes me happy, and I can choose to be happy!

This is what I wore this week (you can catch today’s OOTD over on Instagram!)

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Jeans. Yes, putting on jeans felt like a big win. And yes, I spent more than a few minutes debating what shirt to wear (this is vintage Albert Nippon and I love the neck and the sleeves). Did I get a lot done? Yes. I also felt in charge, which was a nice change! These jeans are Madewell and I’m loving the fit!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a Distance
Shop this look: here

Leggings. But many looks. I shot a few videos, putting on a fancy top for each. I did chores and writing in a tank top as a top. And sports bra for barre and dance class. But my fave? This JAWS shirt. It always makes me feel like summer, the shirt has pockets!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a Distance
Shop this look here

I’ll be honest, loves, I almost didn’t participate in getting dressed today. Not that I didn’t get dressed, it was that I changed too much! We were getting our “stay at home” order on Wednesday night, so I needed to shoot a few places (more than one change), workouts (more than one change), and by the time I got home I wanted to put on sweats. But I had on makeup. And my hair was done. And we were having a “fancy” dinner. So I put on a dress. I’m glad I did, it made me feel good and made the day feel a bit brighter, rather than long!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a distance
Shop this look here

Today was an all over the place day! Workouts, grocery store run for my family and a neighbor, then taking over what I bought, etc. Yes, this is an exercise skirt, but I think the top makes it fashion. It made an errand more fun!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a distance
Shop the look here

What I learned from getting dressed all week? What I wear affects my moods. Fashion brings me joy, and joy can be an act of resistance. I somehow don’t mind changing a few times a day (I always have been this way), and picking out even casual things that make me feel good helped to ground me. Does this mean I’ll get dressed every day? Probably not, there are days I’m sure I’ll stay in sweats or pjs or my workout clothes. But this was a nice reminder the power that fashion has, and what fun it can be! Times are a little crazy, I know there are days when I feel like we’re going to be ok, and then days when I’m so anxious/scared/sad. And many days when I’m all of the above. For me, these outfits were a way to ground myself, to have some joy, and to connect. As much as I can, I’ll be using fashion for that!

Curious about what I’m wearing today? Check out my Instagram (@racheladelicia)! I would love to know: what did you wear this week?

Fashion Stories: Nail Art

If I truly believe (and I do) that our clothes tell a story, what do I think about nails?
I went to college with someone who’s dad sent her weekly money for her manicures, as he thought you could always tell a lady by her nails.
In the epic “Gone With The Wind”, there’s more than one reference to how a woman’s hand should look (soft and kept) and how they shouldn’t look (like she’s been working in a field).
Do our nails tell a story?

I think so. From color (I went through a phase where I would joke with my manicurist that I always got black as it matched my soul. It was after a bad breakup) to design (I’m partial to more graphics but I have a girlfriend who does hearts and they are always adorable!), our nails can tell a story. There was a time when I was religious about getting my nails done every two weeks. Then I got out of the habit, and went to just painting my nails solid colors at home. Recently, I had begun to miss some of the designs, and stumbled across gel strips (essentially stickers for your nails) that come in a ton of different colors and designs.

I love them as they are quick, last about 14 days, and I don’t have to go to the salon. And now, when so many of us are home, unable or unwilling to venture out, they’re perfect:

Do you love nail art? Still to colors? Have a favorite nail salon? Tell me all about it!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links, while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

You can shop these gel strips here:

Mani me :
here. Use code JOOY20 for 20% off!

Happy storytelling!

PJ Dressing: As PJs

I’ve always been a fan of pj dressing. And never been afraid to wear my pjs out:

Investment Piece: Trend to be Tie-Dyed
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: PJ dressing

In every post on pj dressing, I emphasize how you can wear “inside” clothes as “outside” clothes. And I stand by those stylings. However, at this point, we may just want pjs to wear inside. Even in bed, lounging, etc, it can feel good to feel “pulled together” or chic, even if you’re in your pjs. Maybe I should have just told you that pjs are a great thing to invest in, and that the right ones can make you feel amazing? I stand by that, too.

Investment Piece: slip into something more comfortable
Investment Piece: In my Robe
Investment Piece: Cinderella

What are your go to pjs? When it’s cold, I love to wear sweats, or flannel pjs. One of the most luxe pjs I have are a silk set that are flannel lined. They’re gorgeous and make me feel like a star. We know I have a thing for dressing gowns, I also have a thing for nightgowns. Silk. Cotton. Simple, a bit sexy. I love them all. And yes, during this time I may have been known to put a slip on under a kimono and call it a day.

I’ll also be honest there are days when my pjs are yoga pants and a shirt.

All pjs are amazing, and at times like this, when we might be spending a lot of time in our pjs, maybe they’re something to invest in.

I’m really curious: what pjs are you into? No matter what they look like, I hope in them you’re staying healthy, and taking care of yourself (that means mentally, too!)
I’ve linked some of the pjs sets I’m loving right now below!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: how to rock a pj suit, #suitup