Summer Cleaning


I spent this past weekend doing a little summer cleaning of my closet. This isn’t a new thing for me, I try to do clean outs about twice a year (for details and tips you can check out this post from January on my clean out process). Every time I do a big clean out I think that I do a great job of clearing out things that are no longer a fit for me, keeping things that bring me joy and are investments, and cultivating a great wardrobe. Then months past and I clean out again and I am amazed at what I hung onto. This time I made it a point to really clear out of the things I hung onto that no longer served me. Shoes that are stunning but never going to fit? Out. Low rise jeans when my natural waist is ridiculously high? Out. Items holding space for things I really want? Out. And I have to admit, it feels fantastic. And as I’ve cleared out, I’ve made a commitment to really try to be thoughtful in what I bring back in–again choosing pieces that bring me joy, fit well, and are good investments!

Now, what to do with the outs? As I talk about here I’m a big fan of selling your clothes. Consignment for your designer/more high end items. Places like Buffalo Exchange and CrossRoads for all the rest. And of course I’m a big fan of online consignment: TheRealReal, Tradesy, Poshmark and Vestaire Collective. In my research for selling I came upon some interesting tips about selling:
-Tory Burch is the third highest brand to retain value when selling (only preceded by Hermes and Chanel)
-Most items will not sell for what you paid for them, so while you can make some money, be open to price points lower than what you may have been expecting
-The better condition an item is in, the easier it is to sell
-If the item has tags on it, leave them on!
-Do some online/local research. See what similar items are going for and price accordingly

I hope this refresher helps you, and inspires you to clean out your closet! Fall is coming and we need the room for sweaters and boots!

Happy Thurday! XO RA

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