What are Our Stories For?

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As you probably know, the site has been hacked (apparently it’s a normal thing on WordPress and yes, we are exploring all the things to prevent it from ever happening again from switching platforms to more security to all the things), and yet- (as of now) we got it back! Yay!

In the frustration and tears and more than one screaming session (not proud of that but true), I got the advice to simply walk away from this site. From us. From our stories. It hit me like a punch. Not only because I’ve worked for years on this site. Not only because it’s my work- and what I like to think is my purpose- telling stories with fashion. But because it would mean saying goodbye to us (ironically without a goodbye), and I couldn’t do that.

For more than one reason- the stories, the work, the community- I couldn’t give up on this site, or us. But it did have me wondering- what are our stories worth? I continue to tell you that fashion is simply a way to tell our stories- and I believe in our stories. However, when it comes down to it, what do we do to protect our stories? To fight for them? What are they worth to us?

I am such a fan of our stories, I’m such a fan of fashion, I’m such a fan of us- when it came to it, I needed to face that these were things that I was willing to fight for.

Investment Piece: That 70s Vibe

Like anything else, it’s easy to say that something (stories, fashion, community) are important to you as long as those things come easily. When things are going our way? Everything works and everything matters. When things get tough? Maybe it’s that we learn what we’re made of (or what we really love to wear), or maybe it’s that we learn what our stories are for. I’ve always thought that fashion was a way to tell our OWN (aka personal) stories (that can be universal), and yet – our stories are so much bigger than that. Our stories are me. And you. And us. And all of our details and all of our generalities. Our stories (and fashion) are worth fighting for. After this experience, I truly believe that.

Investment Piece: Extra

I know that after these hacks we have to regain your trust. I know that it may have been upsetting to see the redirected scam site (it upset me too!). I promise that I will work to regain your trust, and to prevent the hack from ever happening again. I’m glad you’re here. I believe in us, in our stories, and in what we’re worth. I hope to see you again soon!


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