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Most of the time when there’s a big item I want, I save up for it, I savor the process of waiting and working towards a purchase. (It’s not only great for my budget, it’s great for the thrill of it!) However, sometimes things just fall into your lap, and I’m not one to turn down gifts from the fashion gods. I knew that Jaquemus had released these circle/square sandals and , like most of his offerings, they were just amazing and fun. But they were sold out. Instantly. I saw people offering to buy them off other people on Instagram. So I didn’t think about them, didn’t plan for them. Then I went to SXSW, happened to spend a bit of down time shopping, wandered into ByGeorge (a great boutique that carries lines like Jaquemus, etc, and can be shopped online! ByGeorge). They happened to have one pair. In my size. That fit like a dream. Fate? I like to think so.


So I went for them. And I’ve never regretted it. They have so much personality, they go with everything, they add a punch–and people stop and ask me about them. I love that the circle/square is both in the toe and the heel. I love the color. I love that it’s a statement without being over the top. I love that they are modern, and yet they go with my vintage.

I’m a fan of saving and enjoying the shopping, but I also think that great investments are waiting for us, and sometimes we just have to see them!


About the designer/line:Self-taught designer Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his namesake line at age 18, after moving to Paris from his native South of France. Thoroughly of-the-moment and full of personality, Jacquemus (a nod to the designer’s mother’s maiden name) approaches modernist French womenswear with an eye for deconstruction and an optimistic spirit. Bright primary and pastel colors and inventive geometric cuts feature in the label’s signature asymmetric crop tops, oversized trousers and overcoats, colorblocked knits, and futuristically shaped dresses. Jacquemus’ skill at infusing innovative shapes with an irrepressible sense of youth and femininity has won critical acclaim as well as a devoted following: the designer is the winner of a special jury prize from LVMH in 2015, and a finalist for the group’s Prize for Young Designers the year before. And you can shop him directly at Jaquemus

Happy Tuesday! XO RA

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