What a difference 4 Years Makes

My loves! In 4 years we’ve gone from this:
Investment Piece: What a Difference 4 Years Makes
To this:
Investment Piece: Set Moments

There have been a few lows, so many highs, and a few times I’ve fought with technology. In some ways, this blog birthday feels a little surreal. I still see so much room for growth, so much I want to say, so much to share. The entire world is being affected by a virus and every day lives are interrupted, and everything from what to post to the future seems up in the air. I try to be as honest as I always can be, and when I don’t have the answers I like to say so, this is a time when I really don’t have the answers. When thinking about how to mark this anniversary, I thought about skipping it. I want to be a respite for your time, but don’t want to be insensitive. As I was thinking through all of that, I kept coming back to what’s important to me here at Investment Piece, and what I hope we offer you.

I’m so passionate about our stories. And that fashion is a means by which we tell stories. While writing this, I’ve changed 3 times and have told 5 stories. I want to continue to tell my stories, your stories, and hold space for other women’s stories. And if we all need to change a bunch of times in that space, so be it. 🙂

Fashion Inspiration
Since I was 2 I’ve been good at putting together outfits. I love it. And yes, I love to be a bit daring at times. But, what I hope I provide is an encouragement to dress in ways that make you happy. Copy my outfits! Take those ideas and run with your own! Fashion is both art and freedom, let’s embrace both ends of that, together.

Support Other Women
We need each other. And women are amazing.

All of this comes in different ways: our series, styling, shopping, and support. Each year, as I reflect on the blog’s journey and where I want to go, I become more and more clear on how these things fit into what we do here. I have no clue what’s coming, how the virus will affect business and fashion and us. There will be days when I’m unsure what to post, say, or do, I’m sure. Whatever happens, I hope I can come back to these things, that these core beliefs can guide us through. I’m so grateful you’re here, that we can manage this together. Here’s to many more blog birthdays!

Of course- any thoughts, series, stories you would like to see more of, please reach out at racheladelicia@investmentpiece.com.

Xxoo RA

Investment Piece: What a difference 4 years makes

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