Now and Then: Christmas Pajamas

Investment Piece: Holiday PJs

The one tradition I love more than anything (even as an adult)? My family wears matching pajamas on Christmas morning. Sometimes we stay in our pjs all day, sometimes we change right away. However the holiday goes, we start by wearing the same (at least) pajama pants (and often the matching shirts).

Investment Piece: Holiday PJs
It’s such a simple thing- and yet, year after year it makes my holiday. The pajamas are our first official “gift”. Often, they are something the family plans together, and all years it’s fun to see what we all do with our holiday pajamas.

Investment Piece: Holiday Pjs

I’ve loved family Christmas Pajamas so much, I’ve written about them before (see here) and while this year I’m excited to share what we have planned, but am waiting till Christmas per family contract. While matching pajamas have been a family staple for years, I couldn’t find vintage sets.

As in I could find vintage pjs for one family Memembers, but not all of them.

However, even just the look and feel of several pajama sets can feel vintage. And the look of an entire family matching and making merry on a holiday? That can be very vintage!

Though I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again: do you and your family wear matching pajamas on the holidays? What traditions in your family are your favorite?

Below, I’ve linked more than one pair of holiday pjs that I think both you and your family will love!

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Investment Piece: A Merry Little Christmas

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