Now and Then: Keds

Investment Piece: Keds

As fascinating as I find it that you can find trends that are “on point” now in your vintage shopping, I’m equally fascinated by styles that never really went away.

Take Keds. Yes, Keds. Those white (traditionally) sneakers that we all wore and loved?

My mom brought them up the other day- she was remembering a pair that she got in elementary school, with flowers on them, and how much she loved them. Mom wore Keds all throughout her school years, and on her dance team in high school. I also wore Keds throughout school, and on my dance team in high school. (My favorite pair we had painted with firecrackers and replaced the laces with ribbon. I was in 5th grade and OBSESSED. I think we still have them in the attic somewhere!)

Now? The little girls I play with down the street love their glitter Keds that they wear as Princess shoes. Somethings don’t change.

Investment Piece: Keds

When something stands the test of time like that, what can we say about it? Being so fascinated by how so many generations love Keds, I couldn’t help but look up Keds now. Would they be the shoes that I loved as a kid? Different for the kids now?

Looking around Keds, I fell in love with these shoes all over again. Yes, so many are the same as I remember: simple, white tennis shoes, perfect for any outfit. And there were new shoes that were exiting- larger soles, colors, patterns, collabs. They are both now and then. Such a big part of my childhood, and shoes as an adult I want to wear with everything.

Investment Piece: Keds

Did you wear Keds growing up? Do you wear them as an adult? Tell me all about it!

I’ve linked new and chic Keds below (I’m thinking I’m getting the rainbow sole ones!)

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