Birthdays, Runways, and New

Investment Piece: Birthdays, Runways,and New

Loves! Today is the day! Well, maybe not THE day, but it’s my birthday, so it certainly counts as a day.
Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their birthday as they get older? Like, I want to be celebrated and have an excuse for new shoes and champagne all day. BUT, making a big deal out of your day just seems weird.

So, this year? I’m celebrating me, in a low key way. You might find me at the pool with some rose (all day). Or at the shoe counter. Or treating myself to a nap. I may throw together a shindig, I may spend the evening reading. I’ve given myself my birthday off, so I’m excited to see where the day takes me.

As for life? Have I mentioned this week is always a bit nutty? Yesterday was mom’s birthday! We celebrated with some margaritas and some shopping. (The above pic was from Saturday when I celebrated Cinco and the Derby and had a great time).

Such a great time that my dear friend William won “Best Dressed” at the Derby Party!

Investment Piece: Birthdays, Runways, and New

Besides family and graduation and all sorts of events this week, I’ve been lucky enough to get to see some amazing runway shows this week!

Investment Piece: Runways, Birthdays, and New
Investment Piece: Birthdays, Runways, and New
Investment Piece: Birthday, Runways, and New

This is what I love about a great runway show, even if the style presented isn’t in line with yours, it’s inspirational. Most runway looks were designed for the runway, not real life. Does that mean you can’t wear a runway look in real life? Not at all. There are quite a few runway looks that I would rock. However, maybe over the top is a bit much for you. The question then becomes, what can you take away from the runway show? From accersories to feel to actual pieces, runways always let you imagine new ways to wear your clothes. What is fashion if it’s not fun? And on these runways I got a lot of inspiration that you will be seeing soon.

Investment Piece: Birthdays, Runways, and New

As for new? The above is what I’m thinking of buying myself for my birthday. Birthdays deserve new. And I love this piece that not only celebrates my birth month but reminds me to bet on myself. How’s that for a new year?

What are you doing today? You have my permission to take the day off and drink rose!