Sunday Chronicles: Living in Chaos

It’s not Sunday, so it must seem odd to read a Sunday Chronicle. Right? However, for me, this entire summer has been odd. I’ve literally been living in chaos. From helping my mom deal with my grandma’s apt (boxes) to moving all my homes (boxes) to settling into temporary digs to breaking my toe this week (yes, ouch!). It’s been chaos. And some chaos is great! A lot of chaos, is overwhelming. With clothes and things spread out, I’ve been out of wack, and I’m not going to lie, this venture of ours has been hard to shoot. Living in chaos takes it toll. So, I couldn’t help but look back at this and remind myself that chaos is nothing that I haven’t conquered before.

The good news? The boxes are almost dealt with (for now). Next week there’s all new content, and it’s amazing. This weekend all looks from Instagram will be updated and shoppable here, on Shopstyle, and on Pintrest. Have I beaten chaos?

For the moment, it feels like it. In the meantime: a look back at living in chaos.


I’m moving (more on that in a coming post) and am completely overwhelmed –if nothing else because my apartment is currently filled with boxes, furniture, and varying stacks of items to take, sell or store. This makes my little Type-A, really organized, neat heart anxious. Let’s be honest–moving and packing are draining, and I have a hard time relaxing when things aren’t in their place.

This isn’t to say I’m used to everything going swimmingly all the time. I’m no stranger to bad days (both hair and personal), outfits that don’t work (even with prior planning), and the general mess that life can bring. And I’m a control freak (in the best way!)–and I’ve always used keeping things neat (and my work outs) to feel like I had some sort of power over what was happening in life. So living in a state of constant unrest is not just super settling. So what do?

There is no right answer right? Or if you know one please share! What I know is I’ve been working on keeping my sanity – my schedule, my to-do list, my priorities. My things might be in boxes but that’s no reason to stop functioning as myself; as much as I can I’ve been doing what I need to do for self care- workouts, seating aside time for relaxation and friends, etc.

Let’s be honest, I wish life wasn’t complicated. I wish here were times and situations that didn’t make us uncomfortable. I wish things were always smooth. But. the uncomfortable and unsmooth times allow us to grow. They prepare us, make us strong, make us better. And if that’s the endgame, a few weeks with boxes is nothing, right? Right. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Wishing us all a week of good change, no boxes, and amazing shoes! XO RA

Sales and Such

Loves! It’s August. We’re hot, we’re tired, we are in need of something new. It’s aok–we’ve earned it. Also, with these sale prices, we’d be crazy not to treat ourselves.

Listen, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Deal? I’ve rounded up some of the things I’m lusting for-from the Nordstrom Sale to a Fall Date night look to just the best new things on sale this week!

Nordstrom Sale
Loves, this deal of a sale is coming to an end. Special prices on Fall items go up on 8/6. That’s Monday. Yes, you have all weekend to shop, but let’s not waste time!

Investment Piece: Sales and Such

The above look is everything I love about the Nordstrom sale- great basic (jeans) with a fall staple (blazer) and a bag that you can make a statement. Below are my general picks from the Sale. This is one event you don’t want to miss (so many great deals), so let’s get to stocking up!

Fall Date Night
Investment Piece: Sales and Such

I can’t take credit, the above look was sent to me in an email from Moda Operandi; but I can’t get it out of my head. The dark floral is perfect for fall (it is coming) and the shape of the top is such a show stopper (and these pants are such a basic!)

Is this look on sale? Technically no, it falls on the “such” spectrum. However, I’ve also linked “on sale” items. These exact pieces can be pre-ordered in the Attico trunkshow on Moda Operandi.

(Read about how I love Moda here and my take on dark florals here and here ) 

Weekly Sales Picks
The Nordstrom Sale isn’t the only party in town, and fall date nights aren’t the only outfits on my mind. Shop my sales picks below!

I’d love to know: what’s in your bag?


And loves, a little programming note: we’re working on amazing content for fall! New and old series, some special things, and listening to your input (you can always reach me at Through August you can get content here on site and on my social media channels (@racheladelicia)! In Septemeber we will update you with our new and improved publishing schedule!

Feature in Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Feature in Influential Magazine

Loves, as you may know, one of the best perks of this job is getting to meet you, and getting to work with people like those at Influential Magazine. (And the shoes) It truly is a joy to get to meet people who love what they do, work with them, and grow our community. Recently, I was honored to be featured in Influential Magazine. I’ve linked and copied the interview below, make sure that you give the magazine a follow-their content is so insightful!

Investment Piece: Feature in Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Influential Magazine

Investment Piece: Influential Magazine

You can find the whole issue here and follow Influential Magazine at online and on Instagram @influentialmagazine.

I love getting to know you and sharing little bits of myself with you! Interested in a collab? Email us at

Happy Shopping this week, loves!

Sunday Chronicles: Sex and the City

Sex and the City TV series (1998-2004) starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes –

Yes, my loves, it’s another take on Sex and the City Why did this one show affect so many of us so deeply?
It’s not just the amazing fashion that the show showcased; although, you could make the argument that it was the first fashion blog, and the fashion was fresh, amazing, provocative, and more than a valid reason to tune in. Blogs, Instagram accounts, my closet are a testament to the fashion presented. Manolos became a household name because of the show; it had an impact. I won’t go into the fashion here (though I will tell you I loved Man Repeller‘s take on updating Carrie’s best outfits), not because I don’t love it, but because SATC was so much more than fashion. (I also won’t debate Adian vs Big, because as someone who’s dated assholes, it’s some times nice to see an asshole change. Fiction is great!)

I was in my 20s when SATC came out (yes, I will still claim to be in my 20s, I’m great at math), and SATC was the first time I got to see a women centered show address women like me. Women who loved their friends, careers, and men, but whose love lives didn’t fit in the “box” imposed on them, and the men weren’t the center of the show. I was an actress with 4 jobs scraping by in LA, it was a breath of fresh air to reconginze myself in a TV show, and be told that all the things that I was (am) were reasons for celebration, not shame. (I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but representation matters) I’m from the South and grew up the the expectation that marriage and kids were the story for women (I realize this is not a Southern story, but the burden of being a woman, but it is bad in the South), and a show where single women (who were thriving) were accepted as normal was stunning.

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: In defense of SATC

This show had such an impact on my life. While I could go on forever about why I love it, I will spare you. Instead I offer my main takeaways from Sex and the City. Yes, I may be trying to live my life like Carrie, but if it’s with the following lessons, is that a bad thing?

Female Friendships Matter
At the diner, after yet another breakup, Charlotte utters the enteral line, “What if we were each other’s soul mates? Then, we could let men be things that come and go”.
This line cut me, and has defined many of my friendships. Till this point, any show about a woman was about finding love; or the woman was already married, or a mother. How amazing is it to think that maybe the people to get you through your life are your friends? (And how true). Is it that the women on the show, or me, don’t want to find love? No, not at all. But maybe it’s the realization that no matter your romantic situation, the real loves of your life are the friends who come into your life and stay and love you. Seeing this spoken and shown repeatedly on SATC let me know that it was ok that I wasn’t married, and that being married isn’t the last word on being loved. This was revolutionary.

It’s Ok to Live Your Own Way
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Sex and the City

Women Not Apologizing for it. I loved all the things that the women on SATC refused to apologize for, from expensive shoes to sex drives to mixing shorts and fur coats. Have you ever counted how many times a day you say sorry? Or worry about how you’re coming off? Or maybe you apologize for making life decisions that are different than someone else’s? Seeing women owning who they were, and not being sorry for wanting what they wanted was eye opening for me. Related? Carrie’s career was taken seriously. To this day, there are times when explaining what I do is difficult. Both men and women can assume that I’m just “playing” and “not really working”. Do I have this career because of a TV show? No. But, seeing someone representing careers that I was pursuing being unapologetic about not having a “traditional” career or schedule empowered me.

The Women Failed
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Sex and the City

They questioned themselves. They questioned their friends. They failed, they succeeded. The women cried on each other shoulders and celebrated each other’s successes. They had bigger problems that just break ups, and sometimes things didn’t work out. My loves, that’s life. No matter who you are or where you live, there are issues (and not just of Vogue). It’s hard. We all mess up. Sometimes it’s ok, and sometimes it’s not. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charolette are the first characters I can remember not getting it right all the time, and not being villains. They were just figuring out their lives. Isn’t that what we’re all doing? And yet, did seeing women do it change things for you? It did for me.

I asked a question: Why did this show affect so manny of us so deeply? I have more takeaways, favorite outfits, favorite moments. Yes, the show was flawed and would be a different, more diverse show if it were done today. Yet, so many of us drop what we’re doing and watch it repeatedly. It sticks with us, we chat about it, talk about what character we are (my take: the ladies were almost archtypes and we all have a little of each of them in us). Why?

Sex and the City gave us women who were messy, complex, simple, searching, winning, failing, loving, fighting, and making it up as they went along. They were human, and all that goes with that label. I think this show meant so much to us, because we saw ourselves in it. And my loves, that is a beautiful thing.

I would love to know, are you a SATC fan? Why?

Wishing us all a week of messiness and amazing shoes! XO RA

Classic Repeat

Investment Piece: Classic Repeat
Investment Piece: Classic Repeat
Investment Piece: Classic Repeat
Investment Piece: Classic Repeat

Loves, we all know that one of the most often posed questions I get is : “Do you re-wear your outfits?”

And, as usual, the answer is a resounding yes. (Note: some party dresses, and do I love a good party dress, are more difficult to rewear, but I make it work.)

This dress? It’s a classic repeat. I originally got it a few (at least 3) years ago, and put it up when we were brand new here. (OMG, we’ve come so far, right?). I wear it often, but perchance I wore it the other day and when the 5th person stopped to ask me about it, I was reminded of what a classic it is. So, I had to repeat it.

What I love about this dress? (Because let’s be honest, you could get a denim dress anywhere). The details. The neck and the back and the slits, you show just enough skin to keep it interesting, but not too much. (Goldilocks would be jealous of your balance). It goes great with heels, equally great with flip flops. Not to mention, it’s cool enough for summer (how is it over 100 already?).

Investment Piece: Classic repeat
Investment Piece: Classic Repeat
Investment Piece: Classic Repeat

My take? Your closet should be filled with classic repeats. Yes, fill in with special pieces that make your heart sing. There’s never a reason to say no to a party dress. However, when you have your pick of classic repeats, you always have something to wear. So, what makes a classic repeat?

Classic repeats can be a couple different things. A basic that you can wear over and over, in multiple ways. OR an outfit that makes you feel great and you can wear over and over. Same thing? Maybe. Either way, a classic repeat is timeless and some thing you can’t help but repeat. This dress is one of mine. What’s one of yours?

Even though this dress is a few seasons old, I found some similar looks for you! Happy Shopping!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While I may earn commission from them, it does not affect the price for you. Thank you for your support! XO RA

Investment Piece: Classic Repeat


Many of us have been affected by the deaths in the news this week. Beyond that, this week was choke full personally- events, changes, and work. I work hard to provide you with great content (and I’m excited about some things coming). However, every time I sat down to write a post for today I got stuck. There’s so much to say, but nothing to say. I really wanted to address depression and anxiety , but it felt so overwhelming. I wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Sex and the City”, but it felt done. There are drafts upon drafts saved. You deserve content that isn’t forced, I want to bring you content that lets you not only see my style, but let you see a little bit of me.

So, today I’m taking a break. We’ll be back tomorrow, and maybe this week I can make progress on all the things I wanted to say to you. Today? We rest. We work. We break.

It would be a great day to check in on a friend.

Wishing us all a little break and amazing shoes! Xo RA

Disclosure and Privacy Policy

Investment Piece

Loves, this week you may be hearing a lot about GDPR compliance and what businesses (this one included) must do to disclose all the information you need to make decisions about where you shop, and what that business is doing with your information. While GDPR “law” only applies to the European Union, I care about your privacy in the States, and around the world. Therefore, today we are down to get the site compliant with all privacy laws. We are also posting our Disclosure and Privacy policy below. These will always be available on our site, and if at any time you have a question you can email me at

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Memorial Day Sales!

I know, I know. Memorial Day isn’t till Monday. However? Sales start now.

(Really they should give us the week off to shop. And funding for our shopping. It seems like the right thing to do.)

All week I’ll be interrupting your regularly scheduled day and sharing some of my Memorial Day Sales picks with you. Trust me, you don’t want to wait till Monday to shop these goodies!

That collective sigh you heard? Everything everyone wants from Net-A-Porter is on sale with their Memorial Day Sale. And you need to be shopping! Below are my favorite picks for today. I reserve the right to update these as the week goes on, and I shop more.

Net-A-Porter Memorial Day Sales:

That Memorial Day sales are starting the Tuesday before is great news. Even better news? The ShopBop sale is just getting started. What this means for you? You can bet that I’ll have even more picks for you as the week goes on!
ShopBop Memorial Day Sales:

Loves, I can only promise that this week is going to get better (in terms of sales at least!). Each day you’ll be getting more Memorial Day Sales picks; and make sure you’re connected to us on Facebook and Instagram (and Pintrest!), as I’ll be posting items and picks on those mediums as well!

Stay cool out there and happy shopping!


Note: This post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Happy Mother’s Day

Investment Piece: Happy Mother's Day

I hope today is a day where all types of mother’s in your life get celebrated. I hope there’s champagne and love and rest. I’m off celebrating my mom, and we come back tomorrow with new content!

Also, I know today is hard for many people. If you’ve lost a mom, aren’t a mom and would like to be, or any other combination, I hope that today brings you peace and love. There are so many different types of moms, and so many different kinds of love. I’m wishing you the kind you need today.

Happy Mother’s Day!