a woman in white and black shirt dress with yellow polka dot ruffles at sleeve and black Mary Jane heels

So. This happened again. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. I’m looking into all options- but for now we are waiting for WordPress to update the admin email to me (not the hacker!) and until then I can’t in good consciousness post new posts as they will be corrupted. I appreciate you staying. I appreciate your support. If you’re in IT and have experience beating these kind of hacks, I would love to buy an hour of your time!
My beloveds, WordPress was hacked this week and we were briefly affected. While our info and yours is secure (thanks GoDaddy!), we’re taking today and part of the weekend to ensure that everything is scrubbed, updated and secure. We’ll be back on Sunday- and next week with amazing new outfits! Let this be a reminder to update your passwords ALL THE TIME!

Wishing us all a weekend of online safety!

Mom’s Style

I’ve been posting this on my mom’s birthday for a few years now- it’s become tradition. While my mom’s birthday isn’t till Tuesday, this is a big week for us- Mom’s birthday, my birthday, we celebrate my mom’s 50th college reunion this weekend as well as Mother’s Day. My mom and I are close, and yet different. However, as I get older I realize I’m more like her than I think, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Especially now, as some of us are apart from our families, I think about how the women in my life shaped me. I spent the past few years isolating with my mom- it wasn’t always easy, but I’m so grateful we did! Even though we spent the better part of the years not getting dressed up- I still learned about style from her over this past year. And yes, we’re getting dressed today! Hope whatever your relationship with moms are, this season lands easy. Xo RA

InvestmentPiece: Mom's Style

Loves! It’s my Momma’s birthday! (on Tuesday!) If you haven’t caught on, my mom and I are close, and I can’t begin to describe how much I love her, and how appreciative I am for all she does for me. Mom is a CPA and teaches accounting, she’s our CFO, and while that’s completely different from her creative daughter who thinks shoes are a necessity (I mean I need shoes, I occasionally want to eat); Mom’s style has influenced me and helped me become the fashionista I am today. So, what did I learn from Mom’s style? Glad you asked!

Stay True to Your Style

No matter the trend or what “you’re supposed” to do, sticking to what you love and what works for you is something to be admired–and makes you look stunning! Mom is a big fan of navy. She is known for her love of navy suits, shoes, and bags. There are years when navy is “in” and years when we’ve had to search for navy for Mom. That doesn’t matter to Mom, even when the styles she loves aren’t in she sticks to them. There’s a classic-ness in that, a commitment. That’s not to say Mom doesn’t try new things, but I’ve learned that you don’t need to be a slave to trends, that sticking to things you love is something to be commended, and when you find something that fits you–hang onto it!

Proper Undergarments Matter

Mom and I have had a lot of events recently and at everyone Mom has mentioned that she thinks I might need a slip. (Side note: I have slips, I’m not great at wearing them) Here’s the thing though: Mom may have a point. Lining, slips, proper garments: our clothes fit better when we make sure these things are taken care of. Proper fit is important (Mom is big on that too) and to ensure that the fit flows, proper undergarments help. (And let’s be honest, no one likes the look of lines!)

Invest in Your Suit
Something Mom and I agree about whole heartedly? Your suit, be it an actual suit, jeans or yoga pants, is something to invest in. Mom, being an accountant, is a fan of actual suits and made it a point to invest in good ones each year. Now that she’s in a place where she’s good on suits, Mom is having fun filling her closet with tanks, tops and blouses (both classic and trendy) to wear with her suits. However, she’s always adamant that her suits are high quality, she checks seams and linings, that it’s where she spends her money. And loves, I agree–what you wear the most should be where you invest your money.

Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize

Mom is a more conservative dresser than I am, yes. However, Mom is not too conservative for a great accessory! I can’t remember a time when Mom didn’t leave the house without a scarf, jewelry, pins, or gloves. We do a high tea occasionally, and Mom is always on point with her hats (and gloves!). The lesson? You can always be playful, and the details are always a place to have fun!

While Mom and I may have different opinions about certain fashions, but my Mom has some amazing style, and I’m so grateful she taught me all she knows!

Have some champagne to celebrate!



woman in black strapless top, pants, leopard corset in front of rock formationa woman in black strapless top, black pants and leopard corset in front of a rock formation
a woman in black strapless top, black pants and leopard corset in front of rock formations
a woman in black strapless top, black pants, leopard corset in front of rock formations
a woman in black strapless top, black pants, leopard corset in front of rock formations

This is part:
While I know that fashion month (or longer?) can often be full of designs that aren’t always practical in our day to day (and we shall be chatting about this more! However, I must say that that so many of the recent Paris shows were full of looks that I would wear any day- from skirts with blazers to silk tops and sleek pants!) that there are always elements from any runway that we can incorporate into our outfits. For me, this season were the corset details. The tie up (pro-tip it’s so much easier to get someone else to lace you up. If it fits properly, a corset won’t be painful, and if it’s for fashion, any corset can be adjusted for you, as long as you don’t care if there is a gap in the ties. I love that means that you can take what’s a fashion corset and wear it over anything (just adjust it!).
SO, this look is part what I love about fashion month.
Also part:
A bit retro. Not lacing the corset all the way, wearing it over more than one thing, gives it just a bit of a peplum-which feels both retro and modern. I love that it’s a bit playful, while being fashion. Also, this was fun. I felt fun in this outfit. I wanted to wear this outfit all day, and then to dinner and then to drinks, and then again in the morning.
And then part:
The shirt under the corset? Actually it’s a strapless bathing suit. I can’t overstate how much I truly believe that swimsuits make the best bodysuits! A must have foundation in your closet? A basic (if you’re comfortable strapless) black swimsuit to wear with everything. One (me) could argue you use a ton of swimsuits that could be used as bodysuits, but let’s start with black. This strapless one has served me so well- I wear it with almost everything from shorts to skirts to pants to under corsets. These pants? High waisted. Which is great for me, as I have a super high waist. But. Even if you’re not high waisted, a bit of a higher waist can: make crop tops a bit easier to style, add a bit of sophistication to any blouse, and make sitting super comfy. These heels? A spurge at the time, but my go-to black heels. The peep toe, the heel-a bit Barbie, a bit high end, a bit goes with everything.

And totally: an outfit I’ll go to again and again, or wear the corset over everything from tops and pants like this to dresses to knits- and everything else. Inspired by the recent runways, but this corset was a piece I’ve had for years (I did find you similar below). Corseted? Yes. But only in the best ways.

I hope that the total of all your parts -inspired by whatever strikes your fancy- brings you so much joy this weekend. Again, I’ve linked options to recreate this runway inspired look below!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in black strapless top and pants and a leopard corset in front of a rock formation

Ex Files: The One Who Stole a Dog

Investment Piece: The One Who Stole a Dog

It’s my monthly dating horror stories, my attempt at being Carrie Bradshaw, and hopefully a bit of cathartic release for us all. If you’re in the mood to really suffer I recommend My ex’s Friend, Dumped Before an Event, and The One Who Asked For His Money Back. You can also search Ex Files in the search bar. A friend of mine let me know that he spent a day reading all of these back to back- and that it was funny and horrifying! Of course, all names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent. Be careful out there!


The One Who Stole a Dog

Note: this happened to a friend of mine, it’s not my story. Turns out I’m a cat person! This is told with her permission but details changed to protect everyone involved (yes, he’s famous which makes it even funnier. I can’t tell you who it is, but I can tell you if he wanted a dog he could get a dog!)

Stephanie met Jeff online, and clicked right away. From hobbies to sense of humor they seemed to be meant for each other, at least for a few months. Slowly, things began to be not as shiny as they seemed. Stephanie was obessed with her dog, a mini terrier, and Jeff had begun to let it come out that he was not as big a dog fan as he originally let on. As it also turned out, Jeff was not as successful and liquid as he led Stephanie to believe. And while that wasn’t a “problem”, Stepahnie was beginning to resent being asked out to drinks and meals with his friends so that she could foot the bill.

Things came to a head when Stephanie asked Jeff to watch her beloved dog while she attended a work event. The plan was for Stephanie to leave her beloved dog at Jeff’s one afternoon, attend her work event, and return late at night. She would then spend the night with Jeff, and she and pup would go home in the morning. Of course things went perfectly till they didn’t. Stephanie’s event went late, she ended up getting a hotel room as the drive to Jeff’s was over an hour. Jeff got upset and threatened to break up via text for not “putting him first”. Stephanie asked to table things till the morning when she would come get her dog.

The next morning, when she arrived, Jeff told Stephanie that he didn’t have the dog- that Stephanie’s assistant had already picked up the dog. Yet, when Stephanie called her assistant, her assistant didn’t have the dog. Then Jeff wouldn’t let her back in his house. Then, Stephanie’s sister sent her a picture of Jeff on a dating app posed with Stephanie’s dog, claiming the dog as his own. The pictures were also on Facebook captioned “Look at my new dog!”

Stephanie banged on the door to no avail. Then she got her lawyer on the phone, put him on speaker and refused to leave Jeff’s property till she got her dog back. Which she finally did, after TWO HOURS!

Needless to say, the break up stuck and hopefully no one has trusted Jeff to watch their pets since!

Moral of the story? Don’t leave your pets without a contract?


A new year, new me?

Close up of a woman in a tan sweetheart neckline sweater and grey maxi skirt in front of a white background

I got a lot out of the holiday break – rest and more that I can’t wait to share with you. Perhaps it’s Mercury in Retrograde, or just luck, but the beginning of the year isn’t going my way. My at home spin bike (which to be fair, I went cheap on), bent (with me on it) sending me flying across a room and into a bookcase, screwing up my back (hopefully not for long!). Then on the first day of the new year our Internet went out, and getting it back was a process! The big news is that I’m aok and can’t wait to be in new fashion with you for the new year! Short term? The new year (for us) is being pushed back a bit! Meet me here on Friday for new outfits and posts. I want to hear all about your holiday and what you’re wearing for the new year!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

A woman in a white jumpsuit lounges on a piano by a Christmas tree

I’m taking the rest of the week off to be with family, eat, and shop sales. You can shop with me in either the ShopStyle or LTK apps (and of course I’ll be posting on IG). New posts here will be back on Monday. In the meantime, I hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving, that you get some rest, that you wear something comfy and chic and that you get all the deals that make your heart happy!

I also hope that you take some time for you and those you love!
I’m so incredibly grateful for you!

I’m also loving these pearl jewelry keepsakes for my loves during the holiday seasons: Pacific Tasman Holdings Pty Ltd

Summer Fashion

I’m still under the weather but am dreaming about swim, summer, and how we can all beat the heat. In
the meantime enjoy this video of swim styles

Hopefully, I’ll be back to myself asap, and will break down some current swim styles.



Investment Piece: Day Off

In the US we’re celebrating MLK Day (and it’s a great day to support Voting rights and love your neighbor!), some of us have the day off- some of us don’t. Last week I began feeling a bit under the weather – so far it’s been all allergies, but in an attempt to stave off everything else and not spread anything around, I’m staying in bed. Resting. Preparing. Shaking things off. You can shop my sale picks in either the @shop.LTK or @shopstyle apps. I’ll be back and hopefully feeling better by Wednesday.

Be kind and wear your best shoes out there!